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To: Chris LeDantec <Chris.LeDantec@netbeans.com>
Subject: Re: any news on progress?
From: Juergen Kreileder <kreilede@issan.cs.uni-dortmund.de>
Date: 17 Sep 1999 19:21:51 +0200

>>>>> Chris LeDantec writes:

    Chris> I've noticed that porting work seems to have arrived at a
    Chris> plateau. The status pages haven't seen new material in a
    Chris> while

You didn't really check this, did you?
Especially the JCK page has been updated several times in the last two

$Date: 1999/09/16 05:59:57 $

$Date: 1999/09/05 07:04:44 $

$Date: 1999/09/12 20:24:03 $ 

    Chris> I was just curious where things stood, what future plans
    Chris> are (continue work on 1.2 or scrap it in favor of picking
    Chris> up 1.3)

We are getting close to a _real_ release of 1.2.  1.1.8 also will take
advantage of the progress we've made with the native threads vm.  Work
on additional APIs and the plugins already has been started (the 1.1
plugin will be released with the JDK 1.1.8).
And as soon 1.2 has been released we'll start working on 1.3.


Juergen Kreileder, Blackdown Java-Linux Porting Team

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