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Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 17:13:10 -0400
To: lwn@lwn.net
From: Laura Imsho/The Devon Group 
Subject: Objectivity Expands Redundancy Options for Telecom
  Applications with Objectivity/DB Hot Failover

	Contact:	Kristi Furrer
			Objectivity, Inc.
			(650) 254-7170

			Jeanne Achille
			The Devon Group
			(732) 671-0757

Objectivity Expands Redundancy Options for Telecom Applications with Objectivity/DB Hot Failover - Objectivity Adds to Fault Tolerance and Data Replication Options to Objectivity/DB Providing More Choices to Achieve Five 9s (99.999% Uptime) -
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., (September 20, 1999) - - - Objectivity, Inc., the leading provider of distributed, scalable object databases, today announced the immediate availability of Objectivity/DB Hot Failover, a new option that provides support for the types of redundant processors, which are common in telecommunications applications. The Objectivity/DB Hot Failover option provides database redundancy between two machines. It is a perfect fit for the 2-machine types of architectures found in high-availability telecommunications applications such as network management, PBX and computer telephony. With Objectivity/DB Hot Failover, the loss of one machine will go unnoticed by applications and all databases will be resynchronized after re-connection of the failed machine. The new option is a 2-machine extension to the functionality currently provided to networks of three or more computers by Objectivity's Fault Tolerance and Data Replication options. Objectivity's unique Data Replication option uses synchronous replication techniques to guarantee that all on-line copies of the database are identical. Continuous database availability is then ensured with a failover transfer mechanism that allows the application to continue to operate despite the failure of one of the database replicas. When the database replica comes back on-line, it is automatically resynchronized. Objectivity is a leading provider of object storage technology to the telecommunications market. Objectivity/DB is presently used by telecommunications industry leaders including Ascom, Ericsson, Hekimian, Marconi, Motorola, Nortel and Siemens, among others worldwide. "We developed the Objectivity/DB Hot Failover option to provide flexibility for our customers needing redundancy in smaller configurations," said David I. Caplan, president and CEO of Objectivity. He added, "Objectivity/DB now offers our customers the ability to build high-availability telecommunications applications for 2-machine architectures." More About Objectivity, Inc. Objectivity, Inc. is the leading provider of distributed, scalable object databases with unrivaled support for mixed-language development and mixed-hardware environments. Objectivity boosts developer productivity, shortens time to market, and provides the ideal platform for mission-critical applications requiring continuous performance and adaptability to future technologies. Objectivity, Inc. is headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA. For more information, contact Objectivity by e-mail at info@objectivity.com, on the World Wide Web at http://www.objectivity.com or by calling (650) 254-7100.
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