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From: "Armin Fourier" 
Subject: Press Release ProSyst: Free EnterpriseBeans Server for Linux
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 18:03:09 +0200
Organization: HFN

Press Release

ProSyst: Free EnterpriseBeans Server for Linux

Cologne, Germany, September 20, 1999 - Effective immediately, Cologne-based
Java middleware specialist ProSyst Software GmbH is offering a free,
unlimited usage developer version of its EnterpriseBeans Server for Linux
over the Internet. Implemented purely in Java, EnterpriseBeans Server is a
platform-independent application server that affords comfortable
development, integration, deployment and management of Java applications
for Linux environments. The product supports the Enterprise JavaBeans, Java
Message Service, Java Transaction Service, Java Mail, Java Servlets, Java
Server Pages, JNDI, JDBC, as well as HTTP Server, FTP Server and NNTP
Server standards. The development tools included with the server consist of
EJB and service wizards, a source editor, compiler, as well as a test and
debug environment. Integration with other tools, such as JBuilder, Visual
Cafe, Rational Rose or Together from Object International poses no
problems. The Developer Edition EnterpriseBeans Server for Linux is
available for free Internet downloads at www.prosyst.com. From October
through December 1999, ProSyst will be raffling off a total of ten PSION
Series 5mx Pro handheld computers with Java Virtual Machine to interested
developers. This allows Java applets to be used and Java applications to be
adapted on the PSION handheld.


ProSyst Software GmbH
Daniel Schellhoss
Mathias-Brueggen-Str. 148
D-50829 Cologne

Tel.: +49-221/95339-30
Fax: +49-221/95339-40
E-Mail: info@prosyst.com

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