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Subject: Ziatech and Intel Sponsor Applied Computing Software Seminars
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 11:42:39 -0700

For Immediate Release

New Software Seminar Series from Ziatech with Sponsorship by Intel Focuses 
on Real-Time Operating Systems for Applied Computing Solutions

Wind River Systems (Tornado, VxWorks), QNX (QNX, Neutrino) and MontaVista
(Linux) involved in one-day seminar series in San Jose, San Diego, Tokyo,
Dallas, and Boston.

San Luis Obispo, CA, September 20, 1999 -- Ziatech Corporation, with
sponsorship from Intel Corporation, is hosting a continuing series of
one-day seminars focusing on real-time operating system solutions for
applied computing applications, it was announced today. Beginning in late 
October, the 1999 Applied Computing Software Seminar Series will feature 
presentations from leading software companies, including Wind River Systems 
(VxWorks, Tornado), QNX Software Systems (QNX, Neutrino), and MontaVista
Software (Hard Hat(tm) Linux), in addition to presentations by Ziatech and
Intel. The seminar series begins in San Jose on October 29, and continues
in San Diego (November 4), Tokyo (November 8), Dallas (November 30), and
Boston (December 2). Each one-day session begin with registration at 7:30
a.m., includes lunch, and concludes at 5 p.m.

Following an introduction from the sponsors, each participating software
company will provide an overview of its operating system. These overviews
will center on software issues of common concern to developers of applied 
computing platforms - including high availability, security, real-time 
performance, portability, scalability and true cost of ownership. Example 
applications will involve CompactPCI platforms and Intel Architecture

"Operating system and software issues play a major role in the design of 
high-performance, embedded Intel Architecture solutions for applied 
computing applications," said Tom Franz, Vice President and General
Manager, Intel's Applied Computing Products Division. "Seminars such as the
one we are sponsoring with Ziatech give our customers up-to-date
information on the wide variety of operating systems and services available
to support the embedded Intel Architecture used in Ziatech products and
others." The 1999 venue continues Ziatech's ongoing seminar series started
several years ago to provide technical insight into CompactPCI, the high
performance architecture invented by Ziatech in 1994. CompactPCI has become
an increasingly popular computing standard supported by hundreds of  
manufacturers and selected by major industry players building
telecommunications and Internet equipment. Intel participated in last
year's seminar series, which focused on CompactPCI applications using Intel
Architecture processors and Microsoft Windows NT. 

"The 1999 Applied Computing Seminar Series expands the focus of our
previous seminars to include a broader range of real-time operating systems
and to address the related issues facing OEMs using the CompactPCI
architecture for system design," said Jim Eckford, Vice-President of
Marketing for Ziatech Corporation. The pre-registration fee for the 1999
Applied Computing Software Seminar Series is $79. The fee is $99 when
registering the day of the event. More information on the seminar and
on-line registration is available by visiting 
 on the World Wide Web. You can also call 800-441-6311.

About Ziatech Corporation
Ziatech Corporation is the leading innovator of applied computing solutions 
for telecommunications and Internet applications. The company supplies 
Original Equipment Manufacturers with solutions ranging from single board 
computers to fully integrated systems designed for mission critical 
applications. Ziatech offers the industry's most comprehensive product line 
of CompactPCI, a standard it created and continues to enhance through 
advancements such as multiprocessing and high availability technology. An 
ISO 9001-certified company, Ziatech partners with one of the world's
largest contract manufacturer of electronics, to build computers that meet 
international certification requirements and the highest standards of 
quality. Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, Ziatech operates a
worldwide network of representatives and distributors, with sales offices
throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. More detailed information on
Ziatech is available on the World Wide Web at 

Contact Information:
Phil Nash
Ziatech Corporation
Phone: 805.782.4500 x6044=20
E-Mail: phil_nash@ziatech.com
Web: http://www.ziatech.com