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Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 14:53:40 -0400
From: Raja Vallee-Rai <rvalleerai@sable.mcgill.ca>
To: java-linux@java.blackdown.org
Subject: Clarifications on the benchmark results.

Hello again,

I took for granted the notation that I used in the results.  It might be
confusing for anyone who hasn't seen it before.  Here are some

The first column are in seconds, and are the execution times for the
benchmarks under the Sun JIT.  All the other numbers are ratios
comparing their execution time to this base execution times.  This ratio
(base time / new time ) can be called "speedup".  So a speedup of 2.00
means that it's twice as fast.

For example: compress takes 65.61s to run with the Sun JIT.  With the
Sun intepreter its speedup is .15, so that's a really big slow down
(more than 6 times slower).   But with IBM's jit the speedup is 2.42. 
So IBM's JIT is more than twice as fast as Sun'sJIT.

This should clear up any confusion.


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