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Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 09:17:50 -0600
From: Alan Robertson <alanr@bell-labs.com>
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: Heartbeat 0.4.5 released


Heartbeat 0.4.5 is now officially relased.    Here are the highlights:

Added strong packet authentication, restart via SIGHUP (or -r flag), serial
port locking, run time memory usage reporting, enhanced and cleaned up
logging, made startup and shutdown cleaner, allow the user to (optionally)
specify which interface will take over a given IP address instead of
inferring it from the route table.  Fixed the only known bug of any
significance, and a couple of others never reported for good measure.

Generally, a ton of good things were added.  Thanks to everyone who
contributed bug fixes, testing, and feature code.  The detailed changelog
entry for this release is at the end of this mail.

This release looks pretty good from my testing.  Let me know what you find
out.  You'll find it here:

You'll have to upgrade all the nodes in pretty much in a flash cut because
of the authentication stuff.  On the other hand, this release will make
this easier to do because of the restart capability.


	-- Alan Robertson

  + Mijta Sarp added a new feature to authenticate heartbeat packets
        using a variety of strong authentication techniques
  + Changed resource acquisition and relinquishment to occur in
       instead of in the start/stop script.  This means you don't
       have to use the start/stop script if you don't want to.
  + Added -k option to gracefully shut down current heartbeat instance
  + Added -r option to cause currently running heartbeat to reread
config files
  + Added -s option to report on operational status of "heartbeat"
  + Sped up resource acquisition on master restart.
  + Added validation of ipresources file at startup time.
  + Added code to allow the IPaddr takeover script to be given the
        interface to take over, instead of inferring it.  This was
        by Lars Marowsky-Bree
  + Incorporated patch from Guenther Thomsen to implement locking for
        serial ports used for heartbeats
  + Incorporated patch from Guenther Thomsen to clean up logging.
        (you can now use syslog and/or file logs)
  + Improved FreeBSD compatibility.
  + Fixed a bug where the FIFO doesn't get created correctly.
  + Fixed a couple of uninitialized variables in heartbeat and /proc/ha
  + Fixed longstanding crash bug related to getting a SIGALRM while in
        or free.
  + Implemented new memory management scheme, including memory stats