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From: Sean Reifschneider <jafo@tummy.com>
Subject: COMMERCIAL: October KRUD -- $4 Updated Linux Dist. based on RedHat 6.0
Date: Thu,  7 Oct 1999 22:02:22 GMT



The October 1st release of Kevin's RedHat Uber Distribution (KRUD)
is now available (yes, we're still saying "Redhat" :-)).  Every month
Kevin merges in the latest and greatest errata (those which aren't
totally broken anyway) into a standard RedHat distribution (currently
version 6.0).

Usually, RedHat only releases a few new packages right after we release
KRUD, but this month it's an entire new release (6.1).  Once 6.1
stabilizes, you can look forward to a KRUD based off 6.1.  However,
since the majority of machines we've tried to install 6.1 on have failed,
we're going to stick with 6.0 right now.

What ever will you do with the time you save not having to find, download,
and apply the latest errata to your newly-installed system?  "FreeCIV"
and "PySol" are included as possible answers to just that question.
Updates/Extras now number over 170 packages (see web site for exact
package list).

   Updates/Extras Include:
      Mesa, PyPAM, XFree86, aalib, acroread, apmd CD-ROM burning and MP3
      tools, EPIC, freeciv, TrueType Fonts and TT Font Server, glade,
      gtk+, GNOMEhack, kernel, lftp, Matt's Traceroute, Pilot-link,
      pyGnome/pyGtk, SAMBA, Speak Freely, VNC, WWWoffle, XEmacs, XMMS,

CD-ROMs available for $4US (includes domestic shipping and handling)
or a years subscription for $44US.  Also available without crypto for
international orders.

For more information or to order: http://www.tummy.com/krud/

tummy.com -- We take the finest RedHat and turn it into KRUD.
 "Engineering Tablets?  Does that mean if I swallow one, I'll be an engineer?"
                 -- Evelyn Mitchell
Sean Reifschneider, Inimitably Superfluous <jafo@tummy.com>
URL: <http://www.tummy.com/xvscan>; HP-UX/Linux/FreeBSD/BSDOS scanning software.

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