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From: Bill Kent <bkent@triton.net>
Subject: LOCAL: Inital Meeting of the Midland Area Linux Users' Group
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 21:22:42 GMT


The initial meeting of the Midland Area Linux Users' Group,
will be held on October 19th at 7:00pm in Conference Room A
at the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library in Midland, MI.

Currently we have no mailing list or Web presence.  I'll be
maintaining a distribution list until we can get something setup.

Directions:  The library is at 1710 W. St. Andrews.  Really it's
just off of Eastman Ave., right by the Center for the Arts and
the Dow Gardens.  Go in the main entrance and down the
stairs on your right.  Straight down the hall and make a right
just before you reach the children's section.  If you need more
information, just drop me an e-mail.

Here's what we've got for an agenda so far:
   1.  Introductions
   2.  Group setup
           -Is the name okay?
           - Day / time okay?
           - What do we want out of the group?
           - mission statement and/or goals (if any)
           - Web presence / e-mail list
           - "Officers" (a.k.a. I can't do it all)
   3.  Technical Q/A

I was planning on some sort of presentation, and I might still be
able to do one, but it looks like that will have to wait until next

If you plan to attend, please let me know.  The conference room is
somewhat limited in seating, and I'll need to make some kind of
arrangement if we exceed it's capacity.

Invite your friends.  Invite your relatives.  Bring your significant
other.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Bill Kent
Midland Area Linux Users' Group

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