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From: Mads Dydensborg <madsdyd@diku.dk>
Subject: CONFERENCE: SOSP'99 - Call For Participation
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 20:55:41 GMT


                   SOSP'99 - Call For Participation

                         17th ACM Symposium on
                Operating Systems Principles (SOSP'99)

                         December 12-15, 1999
             Kiawah Island Resort, near Charleston SC, USA




The biannual ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles is the 
world's premier forum for bringing together researchers, developers, 
programmers, vendors and educators of operating system technology. 
Academic and industrial participants present research and experience 
papers that cover the full range of theory and practice.

SOSP 17 continues the tradition of previous conferences, focusing on 
the design, implementation, analysis, and deployment of operating 
systems. It includes a broad set of high quality, relevant, 
interesting papers, covering a wide range of topics, platforms, and 
environments. We chose research that advances the state of the art 
into new territory, continues a significant research dialogue, or 
reflects on practical applications of the community's knowledge. 
Many contributions emphasise the OS community's contribution to the 
closely related fields of computer architecture, data communications, 
programming systems and languages, and applications. The Symposium 
attracts attendees with diverse backgrounds, and we explicitly 
present papers not only in the ``traditional core'' of the OS field, 
but also in the interface to these areas and others.

There will be a poster session and a work-in-progress session; in 
each case presenters will be chosen from brief proposals submitted to 
the program committee.  Details are available on the web site.



The Symposium will be held at the beautiful Kiawah Island Resort, an
exquisite beach-front getaway.  Participants will stay in a cluster of
villas near the conference center, a short walk from the beach. Kiawah's
miles-long ocean beach is one of the finest in the world.  Its golf
courses are world-class.  The island is laced with miles of paved bike
paths, and bike rentals are available. The historic city of Charleston
is approximately 30 minutes away by car. Bring your family!



Registration information etc. are available at the conference web
site. Early registration deadline November 8.


CONFERENCE PROGRAM AT A GLANCE (6:00pm Sunday - 12:00 Noon Wednesday):

Sunday, 12 December:
        - General reception

Monday, 13 December:
        - Client systems
        - Real time
        - File Systems
        - Poster Session
        - Panel honoring Marc Weiser

Tuesday, 14 December:
        - OS Kernels
        - Work in progress
        - Invited speakers / panel
        - Distributed systems
        - SIGOPS business meeting

Wednesday, 15 December:
        - Distributed systems
        - Networking


Work in progress session:

A traditional informal SOSP-style WIP session will be held on
the Tuesday, with roughly 5-minute slots.  Speakers will be
selected from submissions that are: 

  * no more than 2 pages long
  * handed to a member of the program committee by 1pm on
    Monday of the conference

The WIP selection process will aim for informality, and
emphasize focussed, thought-provoking or late-breaking
results, rather than a blow-by-blow description of a body of
work.  For the opportunity to provide more in-depth coverage
of the latter, consider submitting a poster.


Poster session:

A poster session will be held on the Monday evening.  The
current plans are for there to be a rapid, low-overhead
reviewing process for poster submissions.  More details will
be forthcoming by November 1.  Expect there to be slightly
more formality than for the work-in-progress sessions, but not
much.  We will probably be asking for a sketch of at most 2
posters (reduced to fit on 8.5" x 11" paper) plus up to 2
pages of "speaker notes" to accompany them.



Separating key management from file system security
  D. Mazieres, M. Kaminsky, M. F. Kaashoek, E. Witchel
    (MIT Laboratory for Computer Science)

Building reliable, high-performance communication systems from
  X. Liu, C. Kreitz, R. van Renesse, J. Hickey+, M. Hayden*,
  K. Birman, R. Constable
    (Cornell University, *California Institute of Technology
     and +COMPAQ Systems Research Center)

Progress-based regulating of low-importance processes
  J.R. Douceur, W.J. Bolosky
    (Microsoft Research)

EMERALDS: a small-memory real-time microkernel
  K.M. Zuberi, P. Pillai, K.G. Shin
    (University of Michigan)

Integrating segmentation and paging protection for safe,
efficient and kernel/user extensions
  T. Chiueh, G. Venkitachalam, P. Pradhan
    (State University of New York at Stony Brook)

On the scale and performance of cooperative web proxy caching
  A. Wolman, G.M. Voelker, N. Sharma, N. Cardwell, A. Karlin, H. M. Levy
    (University of Washington)

Elephant: the file system that never forgets
  D.J. Santry, M.J. Feeley, N.C. Hutchinson, A.C. Veitch*
    (University of British Columbia and *HP Laboratories)

Energy-aware adaptation for mobile applications
  J. Flinn, M. Satyanarayanan
    (Carnegie Mellon University)

Active network vision and reality: lessons from a capsule-based system
  D. Wetherall
    (University of Washington)

The interactive performance of SLIM: a stateless, thin-client architecture
  B.K. Schmidt, M.S. Lam, J. D. Northcutt*
    (Stanford University and *Sun Microsystems Laboratories)

EROS: a fast capability system
  J.S. Shapiro*, J.M. Smith, D.J. Farber
    (University of Pennsylvania and *IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

Soft timers: efficient microsecond software timer support for network
  M. Aron, P. Druschel
    (Rice University)

File system usage in Windows NT 4.0
  W. Vogels
    (Cornell University)

The design and implementation of an intentional naming system
  W. Adjie-Winoto, E. Schwartz, H. Balakrishnan, J. Lilley
    (MIT Laboratory for Computer Science)

Design and implementation of a distributed virtual machine for
networked computers
  E.G. Sirer, R.Grimm, A.J. Gregory, B.N. Bershad
    (University of Washington)

Cellular Disco: resource management using virtual clusters on
shared-memory multiprocessors
  K. Govil, D. Teodosiu*, Y. Huang, M. Rosenblum
    (Stanford University and *HP Laboratories)

The Click modular router
  R. Morris, E. Kohler, J. Jannotti, M. F. Kaashoek
    (MIT Laboratory for Computer Science)

Manageability, availability and performance in Porcupine:
a highly-scalable cluster-based mail service
  Y. Saito, B.N. Bershad, H.M. Levy
    (University of Washington)

Borrowed-Virtual-Time (BVT) scheduling: supporting
latency-sensitive threads in a general-purpose scheduler
  K.J. Duda, D.R. Cheriton
    (Stanford University)



The SOSP'99 conference is sponsored by ACM SIGOPS

The SOSP'99 conference is generously supported by the following firms:

        - Compaq Research
        - Hewlett-Packard Labs
        - IBM Research
        - Information Sciences Research Center, Lucent Bell Laboratories
        - Mercury Computer Systems
        - Microsoft Research

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