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From: "WinLinux 2000 Press Release" <info@winlinux.net>
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Subject: Press Release: WinLinux most popular on Download.com
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 18:20:37 -0300


WinLinux: most popular on Download.com

October, 12 1999 - The final beta version of WinLinux 2000 reached the
20,000 downloads mark on October 10 through CNET Download.com. Only 5 days
after being listed on the shareware portal the beta version is the most
popular Linux software with about two times the number of downloads of the

WinLinux 2000 is the first Linux for Windows users and it features a full
Linux system that can be installed and configured from within Windows 95/98
and that automatically detects and configures most of the computer hardware.

The software was released on September 21 by JRCP and the company had
problems to keep its servers  running in the first week due to the
overwhelming interest in the product. With several mirror sites in the US
and also in Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong the company says that now is
able to provide the bandwidth required to distribute its software.

According to Mr. Dinamerico Schwingel, 30,  JRCP CTO, the final version of
WinLinux 2000 is expected to be ready in November including updates and
suggestions from more than 3,000 registered beta testers around the world.

More information about the product is available on the web at
www.winlinux.net. CNET Download.com website is www.download.com and WinLinux
2000 is listed in the Linux section.

Further contact must be addressed to info@winlinux.net


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