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[Christmas penguin] Julekalender. The Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group has put up a Linux Christmas calendar which makes available a new "Christmas present" each day. It's all in Danish, but worth a look anyway.

A mailing list for Linux StarOffice users has been set up on eGroups. Head over to the mailing list web page to see the discussion or to sign up.


Photos from the Bangalore IT.COM 99 Linux Pavillion. The Linux Pavillion at IT.COM 99 in Bangalore, India was a great success. Now, there are over 400 photos from the event up on the web documenting the event. Worth a look.

Pictures from LinuxTag. Alan Cox has put up a set of pictures from LinuxTag in Bremen.

December 9, 1999



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
123 Session Module 0.1 A session module for the Roxen Web server.
ACPLTea 0.16 Java-based com system ACPLT/KS for process control engineering
Adonthell 0.1.a CGI role-playing game
Airmid 1.1 A GNU/Linux rescue disk.
Akkord 0.1 Advanced KDE Commander
ALSA driver 0.4.1h An alternative implementation of Kernel sound support
APSEND v1.2 APSEND 1.2 A TCP IP/UDP/ICMP packet sender.
Ari's Yahoo Client 1.0 A text-based Yahoo! Messenger client.
asNews 0.5.3 Simple news retrieving software which shows the news on your desktop
asp2php 0.73.3 Converts Active Server Pages (ASP) to PHP3 scripts
Asterisk 0.1.0 An Open Source PBX for Linux.
AtDot 2.91.0 Web based e-mail system
atexit.py 0.1.3 A Python module that implements the atexit() function.
AUDPBACKDOOR 1.00 A UDP-based remote shell.
aumix 1.30 Color text mode sound mixer with GPM support
autoresponder 0.2 An autoresponder creator and configurator.
Bastille Linux 0.93 beta A comprehensive hardening program for Redhat Linux 6.0.
BLADE 0.8.0 Broad Language Aided Document Environment
BladeEnc 0.89 Freeware MP3 Encoder
Bochs 991114a Portable x86 PC emulation software package
botnet 0.22 Communication package for making IRC bots (or even clients)
BusyBox 0.38 A suite of tiny Unix utilities, for building rescue disks and embedded systems.
BW whois 1.4 A whois in perl that works with the newly mangled whois system as of 1 Dec 1999.
Bynari TradeMail 0.1.3 Enteprise email, information management for Linux
Calculator 0.10.0B Simple Command Line Calculator
CapsiChat 0.21 Multi-user Internet chatbox/haven
cdrecord 1.8a34 Allows the creation of both audio and data CDs
centerICQ 2.0.0 a textmode-based ICQ clone for Linux
ClanBomber 0.98c Bomberman clone for ClanLib (X11 for now).
cle 0.4 Command Line Editor
CodeGuide 2 A Java IDE
comics.pl 1.1 A Perl script to download all of today's online comics.
Conglomerate Prerelease XML document system.
Connect 1.2.1 Client-server to easily share (open/close) one ppp link among a small network
CoreLinux++ 0.2.0 A set of C++ class libraries to support common patterns in software development.
Courier-IMAP 0.19 IMAP server for maildirs
Coyote Linux 1.03 A single-floppy distribution for sharing an Internet connection.
cpp1 1.008 Experimental chess program, successor to `bullucks'
csnes9x 0.9.10 A command line snes9x launcher.
CSpotRun 0.8.1 A reader for documents in the Pilot DOC format.
csvdump 1.3 Dump, process, and mail a MySQL table.
Cyrus IMAP server 1.6.20 Full featured IMAP server
Cyrus SASL 1.5.13 generic client/server library for SASL authentication
DayDream 2.09 Daydream BBS version 2.07
dc20 1.1-1 A user friendly package for the Kodak DC20 camera.
Dead Link Check 0.4.0 Finds information on validity of HTTP references.
Defendguin 0.0.1 A Linux-themed Defender clone.
Dejafilter 0.06 Content-filtering CGI-based proxy script for Deja.com queries
DeleGate 6.0.5 alpha Multi-purpose application level gateway (proxy)
DemoLinux 1.0pre4 A Linux OS demonstration CD.
dep.pl 1.15 Check dependencies of multiple files.
Diablo 1.25 Fast and efficient NNTP newsfeeder software
diald applet 0.0.2 A GNOME panel applet to control diald
Disc-Cover 0.9.5 Generate covers for audio cds non-interactively using cddb
DNRD 2.6 Proxy DNS server for home networks with multiple ISPs
dnscvsutil 0.3 Maintain DNS zone files under CVS control.
Doc Toolkit 1.1.3 E-text tools for Palm Computing platform users
Download Area 2.0 Pack of CGI scripts that makes specific
Dump/Restore 0.4b11 Utilities to dump and restore an ext2 partition
ecasound 1.6.8r8 Sound processing, multitrack recording and mixing
Ecology-HOWTO 0.4 Linux as a mean to protect our environment.
Ecomready Eshop 1.1 A complete e-shop solution with front-end and administration.
Eddie 1.3.4 Robust, clustering, load balancing, high availability, web server tool.
egrep-finger 1.29 Extended finger program using extended regular expressions
EJBoss 0.9 Enterprise Java Beans application server for Linux
eMixer 0.05.3 MP3 Mixing Software
Endeavour 1.08 Linux/X File and Image Browser
Energymech 2.7.1 Bot for irc with eggdrop like features to manage a channel
EnlightenDSM Free Cross platform systems administration and monitoring tool.
Entity 0.5.0 Build graphical applications using XML and Perl or Python.
Event Calendar 1.1 PHP/PostgreSQL-based online event calendar
exec.c 1.0.4 sys_execve backdoor which logs user commands.
Exegetical Fish Monkey 2.8 A Python-based dictionary server.
EZ/X 1.0 Robust, Fast, Conformant XML and XSL Processor for Java
FastGL 1.71 A very wonderfull C/C++ graphics library
fastjar 0.90 Fast jar file creator written in C
fileutils 4.0k The GNU file management utilities
Flock 0.1.0 A small terminal locker with fortune support.
fmscore 0.91 freshmeat daily newsletter parser (Mail::Freshmeat) and scorer
freecolor 0.7.1 Colorized free command with graphs
freemed 19991203 Free medical management software in a web browser
FreeMWare 19990829a Provides virtual computing for Linux.
FreeSCI 0.2.5 Re-implementation of the Sierra Creative Interpreter
FreeVet 1.1.0 A Y2K ready Animal Clinic System
FTP4ALL 3.008 FTP server program for UNIX systems
FtpLocate 1.50 FTP sites search engine
fwlogstat 1.0 A Checkpoint Firewall account log analyzer.
Fworld IRC Operator Services 2.1.1 IRC Operator Service with features to rival that of Undernet's.
gamp 0.1.10 An ncurses-based MP3 player for Linux.
geektalkd 1.20 Simple, yet extendable chat server
Geektools Whois 2.24 Intelligent Whois client
Generic NQS 3.50.7 The Leading OpenSource Batch Processing System For UNIX
GeneWeb 3.01 A combo web interface and genealogy program combined on steroids
gIDE 0.1.6 GTK-based Integrated Development Environment for C
Gifsicle 1.16.1 Command-line tool for creating, editing, and optimizing GIFs and animations
Gift 1.7 Meta-Graphical Editor
GlobeCom Jukebox 3.2pre5 Music jukebox with integrated CDDB aware ripping and groupware functionality
Gnapster 1.1 GNOME Napster client
gnome-napster 0.3.2 A GNOME napster client for MP3-sharing.
gnome-o-phone 0.4 Internet telephone with a gtk interface
gnome-pilot 0.1.46 Palm Pilot integration for GNOME
GNU Backgammon 0.02 A backgammon playing and analysis program.
GNU Keyring 0.5.1 Securely store digital secret keys on your Palm handheld computer.
GnuPG.pm 0.04 Perl interface to the Gnu Privacy Guard
GNUware SourceIT! 1.5 A low cost CD containing over 1000 free Linux and UNIX programs.
gPhoto 0.4.2 GNU Digital Camera download software
gProjectGenerator 0.1.0 A GNOME source-tree generator.
Groovy Java Database 0.1 A Java object-oriented database
gTans 1.0 Tangram puzzle game
Gtkfxp 0.2 An FXP client for GTK.
GtkGraph 0.5.2 Graphing calculator for X
GtkTiLink 0.37_1.94 A TI calculators <-> PC communication program using a GTK interface
Hitchhiker 2000 0.1 An astronomy program which shows the planets and their orbits
HTMLDOC 1.8.2 Converts HTML to indexed HTML, PostScript, and PDF
htsserver 0.5.3 Server application of the multiplayer trading game Holsham Traders
icewm 0.9.53 Window Manager designed for speed, usability and consistency
icqlib 19991208 ICQ interface library
Imoria 4.85.11 dungeon game like rogue, nethack, moria, etc.
IRIS Performer for Linux 2.3 A high-performance 3D scene graph-rendering toolkit.
irmctl 0.2.2 Control daemon for non IRDA ir receivers
iroffer 1.0 Standalone, compiled fileserver for IRC
isapnptools 1.20 ISA plug and play configuration utility
isdn_scripts 1.31-1 ISDN configuration tool
isp-watcher 2.0.1 A perl script which monitors lines at an ISP for disconnects.
jac 0.10 Command line CD Player
Java Assistant 1.6 Java Class/Package Browser + front end to mocha and any decompiler
JavaORB 2.2 A free Java implementation of CORBA 2.2
jbpe 991201 Java back-propagation neural network editor
JX Development Suite 1.0 Integrated Development Environment
KBML 2.2 JavaBeans serialization using XML
kdc2tiff 0.20 Convert from Kodak .kdc file to .tiff or .jpg
KDevelop 1.0 KDevelop is a new C++ development environment for Unix/X11.
kgconfig 0.02 Gtk configuration utility for the Linux kernel.
Kgutenbook 0.4.4 KDE port of the perl app gutenbook, to download, and read etexts from Gutenburg
kicq 19991208 ICQ clone for KDE that looks like Mirabilis' ICQ client
kmuser 0.9.4 User-Administration-Tool for the KDE-Desktop
KMySQL 1.2.1 A MySql client for KDE.
knetstart 0.8 Simple Ethernet card setup with network map
KRunning 0.3.0 A database manager for your private running events
KSnes9x 1.1 KDE frontend for Snes9x
KStella 0.1 A KDE frontend to the Atari 2600 emulator, Stella.
LANdb 0.75 Provides network managers with a means of cataloging network connections.
LaTeX2HTML 99.2beta6 Converts LaTeX documents to HTML.
liblcd 1.0.0 Library to control the functions of serial LCD displays
Lift Off Java Installer 0.1 An installer for Java applications.
LinCVS 0.2.2 A graphical frontend for the CVS-client.
LingoTeach 0.15 A very simple language-teaching program.
Linux Napster Client 0.8 beta Application that locates and downloads MP3s.
Linux Vacation 1.2.0 An automatic mail-answering program for Linux.
Linux-HA 0.4.6b Heartbeat subsystem for High-Availability Linux project
Linuxconf 1.16r10 Sophisticated administrative tool
lm_sensors 2.4.4 LM78 and LM75 drivers
log4j 0.6.2 Fast and flexible logging tool written in Java.
Logcheck 1.1.1 helps spot problems and security violations in your logfiles
logsurfer 1.41 Log check/auditing tool with multiline capability
LoopLinux 1 Small linux distribution that can be installed on a existing Dos/Win95/98 system
LxA 0.0.3 Linux appliance construction set.
Maelstrom 3.0.1 Excellent 'Asteroids' type game with sound, 3D objects, and more
MagicPoint Gallery 2.0 A gallery of MagicPoint presentation templates
mailshift 0.05 Utility to transfer UNIX mailboxes to a Windows POP3 server
makeconf.makefile 0.2 A Makefile-making script.
makeself 1.5.2 Script to create self-extractable gzipped tar archives
man-pages 1.28 The Linux manpages collection
marks 1.2 A set of ksh/bash utilities for bookmarking directories.
Melange Chat Server 2.02 Beta2 Chat server written in C including a Java-client
memtester 2.81 Userspace memory-testing application for Linux/Unix.
MicroC InstallBrowser 1.0 An easy Linux application installer. Builds easy-to-install application CDROMs.
Milo 2.2-14 The Alpha-Linux bootloader.
MiniMate 4.0alpha4.0.1 Administration tool for MiniVend
MiniVend 4.0 alpha3 Powerful freely redistributable shopping cart package
MP3info 0.5 A simple utility to read and write MP3-TAG info.
mpg123-mysql 0.2 MySQL support for mpg123
mreport 0.7 Maillog Report Generation Utility
Muddleftpd 1.2.2 A small, fast configurable ftp server that can run without root.
N64 Controller Driver Module 0.14V N64 controller driver module for the Linux joystick driver.
NAMG 0.2.1 Downloads mail from a NetAddress account and forwards it locally
netpeek 0.0.4 GNOME/GTK-based network packet sniffer
nettest 1.3 Notifies you if your network connection goes down audibly or through email
nscache 0.2pl1 Simple manager and browser for Netscape(tm) cache directories.
oc (onecopy) 0.0 A directory synchronizer using links.
ODBC-ODBC Bridge Provides ODBC access from Unix to remote ODBC data sources
OpenBSD-ftp 1.0 Linux port of the OpenBSD ftp client
OpenVerse Visual Chat 0.7-4 Free Multiplatform Visual Chat software written in Tcl/TK
Oracletool 0.97 A web based tool for Oracle DBA's written in Perl.
ORBit 0.5.0 Thin/fast CORBA ORB
ozone 0.3.3 A Java-based object database system.
passwdd 0.10 Password synchronization server/client
PCI Utilities 2.1.1 Utilities for diagnostics and cofiguration of PCI devices
pcmcia-cs 3.1.5 A complete PCMCIA or 'PC Card' support package for Linux.
pdftohtml 0.1 A PDF to HTML converter
Perl Mailer v1.2 E-mails the contents of any form, while doing basic data validation and auth.
pgp4pine by Marcin Marszalek 3.0 Bash script that allows using PGP under PINE
PHP Color Scheme Demonstration 0.0.0 A simple color scheme system for PHP.
PHP filemanager 0.02 A simple Web-based filemanager/text editor written in PHP.
PHPGem 1.2 A generator of PHP-scripts for working with tables on SQL-servers.
phpMyAdmin 2.0.5 Handles the basic adminstration of MySQL over the WWW
phpSysInfo 0.6 phpSysInfo will display things like Uptime, CPU, Memory, etc.
phpTopsites 1.0 A Topsites script written in PHP for MySQL.
playmp3list 0.71 color mp3 playlist player
pmidi 1.2.4 Command line midi player for ALSA
pngcrush 1.2.1 Optimizer for PNG files that can also delete specified chunks
portfwd 0.7 Forwards incoming TCP connections and UDP packets.
PortSentry 1.0 Detects and responds to port scans against a target host inreal-time.
PostScript::MailLabels 1.0 A Perl module for generating mailing labels.
PowerPak 991203 An attempt at a high-level game SDK
PPPOEd 0.4 PPP over Ethernet
Project Lightbulb 1.0 beta Project Lightbulb uses distributed computing and a genetic algorithm to find pat
psiconv 0.6.1 Psion 5 file conversion utilities and file format documentation
PTlink Services 1.6.0 IRC Registration Services
Public Bookmark Generator 0.5 Generate a public bookmark (selected items) out of your bookmarks
pxtools 0.0.5 Collection of tools to convert a Paradox-database
PyGCS 1.3.8 A very stripped down MUD-like chat-server written entirely in Python.
Pyrite 0.9.0 Palm Computing platform communication kit for Python
Q10 1.02 A basic Qt GUI for manipulating X10's Firecracker devices
QIR 0.2 An IRC Quake 3 server-status reporter.
Qpopper 3.0b23 POP3 server
QtEZ 0.85 Qt based rapid application development environment
qtmixer 1.2 Soundcard mixer program
QtVu 0.3.21beta2 An image viewer heavily inspired by ACDSee
quietrun 0.1 A shell scriptlet to run commands with silence on success.
Rasca 1.3.1 Extended MP3 Player.
remoted 1.0 Interprets X10 MouseRemote commands through the serial port.
Report Magic for Analog 1.2 Create tabular reports and graphs from Analog web statistics.
Resin 1.1.b4 JSP (Javaserver Pages) engine
reXgrep 1.0 Graphical interface to grep.
ROBODoc 3.1c Documentation tool for many programming languages
RpmLevel 1.2-1 Adds extra maintenance and reporting capabilities into RPM databases.
rshproxy 1.0.0 Application level gateway for rsh, rlogin and rexec.
Ruby 1.4.3 An object-oriented language for quick and easy programming
sawmill 0.18 Extensible window manager
sawmill.el 1.7 Emacs mode for editing sawmill code and interacting with sawmill
scdbackup 0.5 Simplified CD backup for Linux.
Scene 0.1.5 Inventor and VRML toolkit.
Scinom 0.10 News/Forum Web Site (Slashdot Clone)
ScryMUD 2.0.8 Original MUD Server and Java Client
SDL 1.0.0 SDL is a library that allows you portable low level access for graphics/sound
selectwm 0.2.1 A window manager selector
sendmail-tls 0.21 SSL/TLS Wrapper for sendmail (and other MTAs)
setup 1.1 Graphical installer for Unix applications based on GTK and XML
sfront 0.49 Translates MPEG 4 Structured Audio to C
Simple Web Server 0.4.0-devel Simple web-server
simscomputing.Test Bed 0.16 Tool for writing unit tests for your Java code
Sirobot 0.7.2 A Web fetch tool similar to wget.
slackjaw 3.1sql Bot for FirstClass server chat rooms
SmallEiffel -0.77Beta#5 The GNU Eiffel Compiler
SML/NJ 110.25 Compiler, development environment, and libraries for Standard ML
smtm 0.6.0 A Perl/Tk ticker for global stock markets.
Smurf Sound Font Editor 0.46 Sound Font editor
Solfege 0.4 GPL'ed eartraining for Gnome
Space Racer 0.2.0 An OpenGL Car Game
spam.pl 0.12 Perl script for sending automatic complaints on spam
SPIRO Linux A Linux distribution that is easy to install and use
Sportal 1.9.5 A file watcher with a GTK frontend.
Stubby 1.0 Creates stubs for dynamic link libraries.
Superficie 0.7.0 A program for basic 3D surfaces viewing and manipulation.
Syncal 0.8.3 Syncs an ical calendar with a Palm Pilot DateBookDB
syslog-ng 1.2.3 A portable syslogd replacement with enhanced, flexible configuration scheme.
T.U.T. 1.1 A simple UDP and TCP tunneler with RC4 encryption.
tableau 1.49-BETA Perl CGI program to generate and edit HTML tables based on CSV files.
tclPov 0.2.1 POVRay frontend for rendering POVRay scenes.
Tcl_Gtk 0.03 Gtk extension for Tcl
TermBaum 1.1.5 Java Library for function parsing, calculation, and derivation.
termix 0.5 A DOS terminal-like console telnet client for BBSes.
Terraform 0.4.8 Interactive digital terrain (height field) editor/viewer
THCNET Message System .04b A PHP Web message system.
The Crime Project 0.1 A Perl IRC bot that pastes text from IRC to the Web.
The GOTE converter 0.4 Automatic GTK Objects To Eiffel converter.
The PHP Text Graph Script 0.1.1 A text bar-graphing script.
The Witty CD Player 0.0.4 CD Player with oversampling
Thix 0.3.7 A POSIX-compliant operating system.
tiny cobol 991103 Cobol'74 compiler
tinyproxy 1.3.0 A small, lightweight, easy-to-configure HTTP proxy.
tkspong 0.2 Perl/Tk frontend for spong
tnef 0.8 Decodes application/ms-tnef attachments.
ToutDoux 1.1.3 A project manager.
ToyFDTD1 1.03 Open source 3d FDTD code
ToyFDTD2 1.0 An alternate memory allocation scheme for ToyFDTD.
trafshow+rvnamed 30a3+x Asynchronous DNS patches for trafshow
TreeMultimap 1.0.1 A Java class derived from java.util.TreeMap which allows nonunique keys
txt2pdf 2.5 A very flexible and powerful PERL5 converter from text files to PDF
UltimateIRCd 2.7.7-DarkSide Advanced IRC daemon based off the DAL DreamForge daemon with many new features.
Ultra Power Rubix Cube Max II 1.0.1 A Rubick's cube system for Linux.
upgrade 0.2.1 Uploader for HP49 ROMs.
Uptimed 0.1.0 Uptime record daemon keeping track of the highest uptimes the system ever had
UPX 0.94 powerful executable packer
USBView 0.5.0 USB device and topology viewer
V2_OS 0.51b A fast 32-bit operating system for the 386 and up.
vcs.py 0.1.5 Save/restore console contents using vcsa(4).
ViewCVS 0.1 Tool for viewing CVS repositories using a Web browser
VLAN 0.0.7 802.1Q VLAN implementation for Linux
vsa 0.9.4 Visual Sound Analyzer
VxTools 0.2 A set of command-line tools for accessing the Veritas Filesystem.
waterfall spectrum analyzer 0.6 XMMS visualization plugin
Web Secretary 1.3.2 Web page monitoring software
Web Testing Framework M8 A framework for automated web testing
WebEvent 3.21 B2 WebEvent is web calendar software for your web site.
WebKNotes 0.5123 Web based knowledge notes database written in Perl.
WebRAT 0.8 Remote Administration Tool
WebRFM 0.3b CGI file manager supporting WebDAV and other HTTP extensions
WebRun 2.3 Simple Java application distribution tool
Wind/U 4.3 for Linux 4.3.1 Libraries for porting Win32/MFC applications to native UNIX.
wmakerconf 2.4 GTK based configuration tool for WindowMaker window manager
WN 2.2.3 A simple, robust Webserver whose design emphasizes security
X ARCHON 0.50 A clone of the classic ARCHON game
X-Chat 1.3.8 GTK+ based IRC client, similar to AmIRC (Amiga).
X-TrueType Server 1.3 An X server and/or an X font server that can handle TrueType fonts directly
x2vnc-wheel-patch 0.2 An implementation of wheel mouse functionality in x2vnc.
XAOL 0.1 A library providing an API to code America Online clients.
xastir 0.1.3 X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting Project
XCmail 1.0.1 MIME and POP3 capable mailtool for X11
XDBM 0.9.5 Database Manager designed specifically to hold XML data
Xdialog 1.0 An X11 version of cdialog.
XFMail 1.4.4 Email client for X11 based on XForms
xhangglider 0.94.0 X-based program that makes hanggliders fly in the background of your screen.
xlHtml 0.2.4 XLS to HTML converter
xlnotice 0.2.1 Login time public notice board for X
XMagick 0.0.1 Integrate ImageMagick with any X application.
xping 2.1 A graphical display of system liveness using ping.
Xplanet 0.43 An Xearth wannabe
XShipWars 1.25 Space oriented highly graphical network game system.
XTL - Externalization Template Library XTL Externalization Template Library R1.1 A C++ template library for object externalization.
Xwhois 0.4.0 Small and fast GTK+ X11 client for the internet whois network services.
xzgv 0.2 A GTK+/Imlib-based picture viewer for X.
Yacas 1.0.20 Yet Another Computer Algebra System
YaMMS 0.25.2 Yet another Mpg123 Music Selector
yank 0.1.0 Yet another notekeeper.
ydSLitProg 0.0.2 Prototype for an SGML-based literate-programming tool
Zebra 0.82 Route Server and Route Reflector daemon
Zope 2.1.0 Web application platform used for building high-performance, dynamic web sites.

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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