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Coverage of Linux Expo '99

Linux Expo '99 has come and gone. Jonathan Corbet was there representing the Linux Weekly News; here is what he sent back:
  • Thursday coverage, including Bob Young's keynote, SourceXchange, network traffic control, free beer found at last, and the sad story of the "Simply Supported" poster.

  • Linux administrator certification. Two competing organizations - both of which want to be in the business of certifying Linux administrators - showed up at a BOF session.

  • Friday events: the homeless Pacific HiTech models, Ted Ts'o on standalone device drivers, and Jon "Maddog" Hall on Beowulf clusters in the real world.

  • The Day of the Zenguin, a meeting with Scott McNeil and Bodo Bauer of Zenguin, a Linux startup which wants to change how software is distributed and managed.

  • Saturday coverage which includes notes from John Paul's keynote (even though it wasn't on Saturday) and Paul Everitt's talk on why open source companies should get venture capital.

Other Linux Expo coverage that we have been able to find out there:

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