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Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 19:12:35 +0100
From: Gael Duval <gduval@mandrakesoft.com>
To: lwn@lwn.net, announce@linux-mandrake.com
Subject: Linux-Mandrake 7.0 (Air) is available.

MandrakeSoft is pleased to announce the immediate availability of
Linux-Mandrake 7.0 (Air).

The new graphically-enhanced Linux-Mandrake 7.0 (Air) operating system
has just been released and is now available as a free download from
our website at www.linux-mandrake.com and from many mirrors across the
Internet. The complete packaged edition, available for sale in early
February, contains more than 2000 applications, new manuals and 100
days of support at the price of $55 US.

Altadena, California - January 13, 2000 - MandrakeSoft continues to
contribute to the widespread use of Linux as a powerful operating
system for both high-end servers as well as personal workstations.
With their goal of introducing Linux to as many new users as possible,
a company-wide effort has been focused on ease-of-use issues resulting
in the development of many new graphical tools, utilities and

« This latest version of Linux-Mandrake is an important step in the
evolution of MandrakeSoft and is the result of many months of research
and innovations. For example, we are happy to offer the first Linux 
distribution which integrates a hard-disk partitioning and resizing
system into the installation process. Our new partitioning application
DiskDrake removes a major obstacle in the installation of Linux when
another operating system has previously been installed. », said
Jean-Loup Gailly - CTO MandrakeSoft.

Benefits for new Linux users: 

Linux-Mandrake 7.0 now includes all the graphical tools that users
expect for a simplified system installation. These tools include:

- DrakX, our new open-source graphical installation procedure utility.
DrakX provides several levels of automated installation for the
various skill levels of users. DrakX also allows users to configure
their Internet connection during the installation process with full
support of ADSL and RNIS technologies. Additionally, nearly 50
different languages are available in DrakX!

- DiskDrake is our new hard-drive partitioning tool which is
incorporated into DrakX. DiskDrake allows any user to easily create,
modify and re-size disk partitions using an entirely graphical
interface. A completely automated option is also available for
inexperienced users.

- The very latest Linux Kernel (2.2.14) which has been enhanced with
the « Supermount » utility eliminates the clumsy mounting/unmounting
process for removable devices such as CD-ROMs and floppy disks.

- The very latest XFree86 (3.3.6) supports many of the latest video
cards such as: Matrox G400, S3 Trio 3D, SAVAGE 3D, Intel i810,
GeForce, ATI Rage 128, etc.

- DrakConf is our new desktop configuration panel which enables users
to easily configure and modify hardware devices such as video cards,
keyboard, mouse (including USB keyboards and mice). DrakConf also
includes the new Lothar utility which is a set of tools that offers
auto-detecting and configuring of additional hardware devices such as
sound cards, network cards, etc. 

- High level of internationalization with 50 languages available.

- Many desktop enhancements and customizations that greatly simplify a
user's experience of learning Linux for the first time. Additional
features such as immediate access to a Windows partition, if installed
on the same machine, provide a much requested feature. Complete and
easy to read documentation is available.

Benefits for power-users:

In addition to the new graphical tools, Mandrake 7.0 provides new
concepts and features that will make it the system of choice for

- Several pre-configured « Security Levels » are now available at
installation time to ensure that your Linux system suits your needs.

- A customized system kernel « kernel secure » is available for
servers that need to be secured. 

- « RAID » disks support.

- « SMP » multi-processor support.

With Linux-Mandrake...

- You have a choice of 9 different pre-configured graphical interfaces
(including the popular KDE and Gnome environments).

- You benefit from Pentium-class (and higher) optimizations which
result in performance gains of up to 30%!

- You can install Linux directly on your Windows partition using «
Lnx4Win ».

- You benefit from the MandrakeUpdate tool which lets you update your
system easily and automatically using the Internet. You'll find
MandrakeUpdate a great help for staying current with the latest
security releases.

- You have an extensive choice of applications such as Gimp (Image
processing), Sketch (Vector drawing), Netscape Communicator (Internet
Browsing), Apache (Web Server) with many extensions such as PHP, LDAP
server and client, MySQL and PostgreSQL (RDBMS)...

- You can use all the applications packaged for Red Hat Linux as
Mandrake continues to be compatible with Red Hat.

The Linux-Mandrake 7.0 PowerPack offers ever greater value. The
PowerPack contains a total of 6 CD-ROMS. Disk 1 is our bootable
installation disk, Disk 2 contains complete source files of the
installation applications, Disk 3 contains Extra applications, Disk 4
provides source files of the Extras CD, Disks 5 & 6 contain commercial
applications including the popular and MS Office compatible office
suite StarOffice 5.1a. The 7.0 PowerPack also includes a newly written
installation guide and user's manual. Completing this package is 100
days of technical support by email.

About Linux-Mandrake:

Linux-Mandrake is the flagship product of MandrakeSoft Inc. Mandrake
is one of most complete and easy to use Linux operating systems
available for both servers and workstations. Mandrake continues to be
fully compatible with Red Hat Linux. MandrakeSoft keeps its
technological edge by actively participating in the rapid development
of Linux;  improving existing functionalities and contributing new
ones. Linux-Mandrake specializes in customizing Linux for the
workstation and simplifying the use of Linux for both beginners and
advanced users.

Linux-Mandrake was awarded "Best Linux Product of the Year" and "Best
Linux-Distribution/Server" at LinuxWorld Expo' 99. 

About MandrakeSoft and The Open Development Model force:

Born of the Internet, with offices in both USA and France,
MandrakeSoft attributes the development of its Linux distribution to
the contributions of thousands of developers throughout the world
linked by the Internet. This world-wide effort is constantly adopted
and improved by MandrakeSoft's own technical teams to provide one of
the most complete and simple graphical Linux operating system

The company has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the US
publisher MacMillan, and a distribution agreement with Kasper. In the
months of July and August 1999, the Linux-Mandrake/MacMillan Edition
achieved #1 retail sales in the US by claiming over 50% of all Linux
OS purchases.

Web: http://www.linux-mandrake.com