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See also: last week's Announcements page.



Linuxcare has put up a page comparing Linux word processing systems. There's also a form for readers to input their own reviews.

LinuxLinks.com presents its checklist for newbies - a page of information on how to get started with Linux. It's in FAQ format, with questions like "what is the best Linux distribution?" and "how do I download Linux?"

The tenth issue of PerlMonth is now available.

Linuxer is a new magazine, in Chinese which covers Linux and BSD. (Thanks to Ambrose Li)


Andover.Net announced that it will sponsor the Geek Pride Festival being held in Boston from March 31 through April 1.

Here's a press release hyping the upcoming Linux Business Expo in Chicago. "On April 19, John A. Johnson, Director of Information Services for Papa John's International, Inc., will discuss the pizza restaurant's migration to the Linux environment."

Web sites

internet.com has announced the addition of a Chinese version of LinuxStart.com, and a new French news feed as well.

User Group News

Swedish/Danish SSLUG recently welcomed its 5000th member.


Wirex has three jobs, one for a Linux Developer, a Compiler Specialist, and a Network/VPN Engineer.

March 16, 2000



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
5DT Data Glove Driver 1.02 A Linux/Unix/Win32 driver for 5DT Data Gloves.
ACS 0.5.4 GPL licensed multi-line voice response telephony platform
Address Book 1.1-LeMay A very simple Web-based, MySQL-backed address book.
Aegis 3.21 Transaction-based software configuration management system
AeroMail 1.26 PHP based e-mail client
AfSoek 0.2 Afrikaans computer term search tool
AirTraffic 0.1 An air traffic controller game.
aKtion! 0.4.1 KDE video player based on xanim
Alexandria 0.0.2 A Java source code/CVS manager.
Algae 0.1a A C++ matrix math library.
Allen Bradley Ethernet utils 0.1.7 Simple utilities for Allen Bradley Ethernet PLCs
ALSA driver 0.5.6 An alternative implementation of Kernel sound support
AoNettool - Alex's own Nettool 0.9a revision 2 A graphical frontend to finger, whois, traceroute, nslookup and ping.
Apache 2.0a High performance, UNIX based HTTP server
apachedb 0.09 Logs Apache transfers into a mysql database.
APSEND 1.51 TCP/IP packet sender
Artec As6e Scanner Driver 0.4.0 A driver for the Artec As6e parallel port scanner.
ascpu 1.9 A CPU load monitor.
BAIM 0.5a A BitchX AOL Instant Messenger plugin/module.
BASHISH SR1 A modular Bourne-shell theme engine.
bbkeys 0.3.1 A key-grabbing tool for Blackbox 0.6x.0.
bcnu 1.21 Powerful Web-based client-server system monitoring
BEAST/BSE 0.3.2 A music composition and audio synthesis tool.
BibleReader 0.2.1 Bible browsing program using Gtk
Big Brother 1.4b Highly efficient network monitor
Binary Grabber 1.3.4 Automated tool for downloading binaries from UseNet newsgroups.
BioMail 0.50 A program to send new references from a Medline database to its users.
Bluetail Mail Robustifier 2.0.1 Unix clusters specifically for email
bOmb! 0.1 A networked Bomberman clone written in Java.
boxes 1.0 ports Draws any kind of box around some given text
bras 0.99.2 rule based command execution with Tcl
BsdScan 0.5.1 Simple port-scanning utility
BTW Calculator 0.0.3 Beta 1 A program that adds taxes to a price.
BW whois 2.2 A whois in perl that works with the newly mangled whois system as of 1 Dec 1999.
Cardfile 2.0 A simple curses-based flatfile database.
Cawfee CGI SDK 0.12 A C++ CGI library.
cdrecord 1.8.1a02 Allows the creation of both audio and data CDs
CD_Aud 0.86 A CD-ROM audio-playing class for C++.
CGI Fortune Cookie 1.1 A Random Fortune viewer CGI.
Circus Linux! 0.0.2 A clone of the Atari 2600 game.
class.overlib.php3 0.4 A PHP class to easily construct popup windows.
class.tree.php3 0.2 A PHP class for easy construction of expandable list trees.
CLISP 2000-03-06 ANSI Common Lisp interpreter, compiler and debugger
code2ref 0.07 A reference generator for C/C++ header files.
CodeCommander 0.3.20 Multi language programming IDE.
Comanche 2.0b1 Multiplatform configuration manager for the Apache web server
Common C++ 0.9.0 A portable environment for C++ threads, sockets, etc.
Common UNIX Printing System 1.1b2 Internet Printing System for UNIX
Condor 6.1.12 A distributed batch system that takes advantage of idle cycles of computer
CONFIG:: 0.99.09 Cached and Pre-parsed file reading.
console othello 0.03 The Classic Othello Board Game
console-apt Console APT AptFind is an ncurses interface for finding and installing packages using APT.
CoreLinux++ 0.4.11 A set of C++ class libraries to support common patterns in software development.
Corewars 0.9.5 A simulation game.
ctheme 0.8.3 A console palette tool for themes and effects.
curl 6.5 Command line tool for getting data from a URL
daemontools 0.70 A collection of tools for managing UNIX services.
DBIx::AnyDBD 0.97 DBD Abstraction Layer
dbm 0.12 A command-line based DBM file editor.
Deadman's Redirect 1.2.2 A feature-added PHP redirect script.
Deltree 2.2.3 A Windows Recycled.bin-like program under UNIX.
Diablo 1.29 Fast and efficient NNTP newsfeeder software
DialControl 2.7.0 Remote control for Internet/WAN connections of a masquerading server.
Disc-Cover 1.0.0 Generate covers for audio cds non-interactively using cddb
dissipate 0.1 An SIP library.
dnscache 0.93 Domain Name System tools.
doxygen 1.1.1 A documentation system for C and C++
Dr Geo 0.8.4 Interactive geometry program.
Drall Allows users to access their directories and files remotely via a web browser
DreamBot 0.0.6 pre6 IRC Bot written in Perl
dribble 0.0.3 alpha A simplistic workflow library.
dsniff 1.6 Sniffing utilities for network security testing.
Dump/Restore 0.4b16 Utilities to dump and restore an ext2 partition
DynamicJava 1.1.1 Java source interpreter
dyndns_s alpha 0.2 A daemon/client combo for updating named records with dynamic IPs.
E-FancyLauncher 0.7 Enlightenment button launcher epplet.
E-SETImon 0.2.3 SETI@home progress monitor epplet
Ecomready Eshop 1.2 A complete e-shop solution with front-end and administration.
eiffel-fftw 0.1 An Eiffel interface to FFTW.
ELE 0.4 Realtime audio effects and sample looping.
Ellipsis 0.2.1 A C++ library for parsing VRML.
Empire 4.2.7 Complex internet multi-player real-time wargame.
envelope 0.53 Envelope Printer
Epona 1.0pre2 Nick, chan, memo, and bot IRC services.
etherape 0.2.7 etherman cloneto graph net activity in real time.
Etherboot 4.4.4 Source code for making TCP/IP boot ROMs to boot Linux and other OSes
eyep-updater.sh 1.1 A shell script that updates your IP for eyep.net dynamic DNS.
ez328boot 0.04 A bootstrap debugger for Motorola 68EZ328.
fancylogin 0.99.6 A powerful login program.
Fastresolve 2.5 Fast log file IP address resolver and utilities
FaxMail 0.03 efax utility to forward the faxes as jpeg images to your e-mail.
feh 0.6.4 Fast image viewer / indexer / montager which uses imlib2.
fetchmail 5.3.3 A free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail retrieval utility.
Finder 0.1.6 A utility to find files.
FreeAmp 2.0.5 Open Source MP3 player
FreeBSD 4.0-RELEASE A stable secure open source operating system.
gASQL 0.5.1 A frontend to administer a Postgres database.
gbiff 0.4 An xpbiff replacement program.
GCO 0.2.1 A database for keeping track of your comic collection.
GCoo 1.1 Send an email to yourself or play a sound at a specified time.
gd 1.8 A library used to create PNG images
GDAM 0.918 Geoff and Dave's audio daemon, dj mixing software.
GDancer 0.1.12 A dancing Space Ghost XMMS plugin.
GEXml 0.03 A graphical XML editor.
GKrellM 0.9.6 System monitor package
glFtpD 1.19 FTP Daemon for Linux. Great program for an ISP or anyone!
GMatH 0.2 Computer Algebra Environment
Gnapster 1.3.7 GNOME Napster client
Gnews Alert 0.2 Semi-Real-Time news alert for the GNOME
Gnofin 0.8.0 A simple GNOME checkbook application
gnome-passwd 0.1.0 A GNOME program for changing passwords.
gnome-python 1.0.52 Python interfaces to gnome-libs
GNU Phantom.Home Beta0.62a Home Automation
GNU Phantom.Security 1.00 Computer Controlled Security System
GNU shtool 1.4.8 Shell Script Collection
GnuCash 1.3.2 A program to keep track of your finances
go-moku 0.4 Console based Networked GO-MOKU aka Five in row game.
Goal 0.1 General purpose libraries for C++ programmes
gocr 0.2 Optical character recognition software.
Gorm 000215 Graphic Object Relationship Modeler
gPS 0.7.2 GTK-based process status reporting like ps, top and task manager
gpstrans 0.35 up/download track,routes,waypoints-data to/from Garmin GPS
GQL 0.0a0.2 Generic C++ SQL interface library.
GRacer 0.1.5 A 3D motor sports simulator.
Groups, Algorithms, and Programming Groups, Algorithms and Programming (GAP) 4.2 A computer algebra system for discrete mathematics.
gruftistats 0.2.1 IRC web stats generating program
gShield 1.5.4 Godot's Modular Firewall
GSokoban 1.0 A GNOME implementation of the Sokoban game.
Gsysboard 20000310 GTK+ application which show informations in real time about the system.
GTimer 1.1.5 Scheduler for your personal activities
Gtk-- 1.2.0pre1 C++ interface for the popular GUI library gtk.
gtk-manix 1.0 A Pacman-style game for GNOME.
GtkExtra 0.99.3 A widget set for GTK+.
GtkExtra-- 0.5.3 C++ wrappers for GtkExtra, for use with Gtk--.
GtkFortune 0.10 GTK+ Based frontend to Fortune
gtkmail 0.9.1 gtk-- mail client
Guppi 0.34.3 GNOME application for plotting and analyzing data
Gutenbook 0.1.8 The original Perl/GTK+ application for reading Project Gutenberg Etexts.
Gxrio 0.04 A graphical Rio utility.
Half-life Admin MOD 0.70 A plugin mod to Half-Life.
Heise Newsticker Backend for PHP 0.3 A PHP-Backend for Heise Newsticker.
Hextego / TkHextego 0.0.1 A two-player Hex-based Stratego game.
Hissim 1.1 A history generator for WorldForge.
HPFind 1.20 A script to search user directories for webpages.
htdump 0.9t A WWW automation and debugging tool.
Hugo 1.1.0 Moving map software for UNIX/Linux
ICI 2.1.4 A dynamic, interpretive language with C-like syntax
id3tool 1.1e Command Line tool for editing ID3 tags on MP3s.
IDS 0.1 CGI that produces image galleries on-the-fly.
ImView 0.3 Image viewer for scripts
InfraRed-HOWTO 2.11 How to use the software provided by the Linux/IrDA project.
Install-Sendmail 5.3.1 install-sendmail will configure sendmail and fetchmail for you.
IRC2WEB 0.3 A gateway for the IRC protocol to several WebChats.
irssi 0.7.28 GTK+ based IRC client with GNOME panel support
irXxD 0.11 A library for sending/receiving infrared remote control codes.
isdn-config 0.6-10 An ISDN configuration tool.
ispdb 0.1 An ISP customer billing system.
ivtools 0.8.1 Application frameworks for drawing editors and spatial data servers
j 0.2.1 A programmer's editor written in Java.
jdbtool 0.3 GPL Java Graphical Debugger
jEdit 2.3final Powerful text editor
jpilot-Mail 0.0.2 A mail plugin for jpilot.
JRobots 0.9 A programming game implemented in Java.
jrt 0.2 Retrieve astronomy related postscript journal articles
juice 0.03b User friendly dialog-based frontend for mpg123 and other players.
Karchiveur 0.80 A little archiver for KDE, like ark but more powerful
Kazlib 1.17 Robust ANSI C data structure library.
kcd 4.16.0 Directory change utility.
KEasyISDN 0.5 Frontend to isdnctrl and onlinecounter.
Kexx 1.1.2 Shoot'em up for Linux/Win32/BeOS
Kgutenbook 0.5.4 KDE port of the perl app gutenbook, to download, and read etexts from Gutenburg
khrono 1.2 A watch/timer/countdown utility for KDE.
kmpg 0.5.4 A mp3 player for the K Desktop Environment.
Knight Rider MP3 Player 0.5-2 An interactive car MP3 player.
KShell 0.3 Wrapper to shell that restricts hosts, ttys, multiple logins and more.
kTFXshell 2.6 KDE frontend for tfmx-play
KVolume 0.1.2 A KDE-panel volume control
KWebGet 0.4 Download and Mirror-Utility for the KDE-Project
KWMount 0.5.0 A frontend for Samba.
lagoodbc 0.1 An ODBC driver for the lago database.
LANdb 0.90.1 Your entire network in a Web-based database application.
Lanlord 0.3 A dhcpd lease reporting program. Uses CSS to modifiy report
LDE lde 2.5 A Linux disk editor with ext2 and other fs editing.
LeanEdit 1.6.6 XML editor written in Java.
Ledcontrol 0.2.0 Shows info on your keyboard's LEDs.
less 352
lftp 2.1.10 Sophisticated command line based FTP client
libgaudio 1.2 A game audio library.
libglade 0.12 XML-based runtime user interface loader for GNOME
libiconv 1.2 Character set conversion library, portable iconv implementation
libnatl 0.0.1 A network audio tuning language (NATL) parser.
LibPenguinPlay 0.1.0 A game utility library.
libxml 2.0.0 The libXML library.
Licht 1.1 An X11 client/server DMX lighting application.
Lift Off Java Installer 0.2.2 An installer for Java applications.
LinkChecker 1.1.1 LinkChecker is a URL link checker
Linux Preview Headlines Browser 2.0-1 Headline browser for the popular spanish Linux news site NCC
Linuxconf 1.17r6 Sophisticated administrative tool
lm_sensors 2.5.0 LM78 and LM75 drivers
lomega 1.01 Iomega tools supporting Zip, Jaz, File Manager, Trashcan, and Backup.
Lout 3.19 Document formatting system
Lynx 2.8.3dev.21 Fully-featured, text-based World Wide Web browser.
MadHouse Forum Manager 1.06.0 A flexible forum manager.
mail2news-easy 2.4-3 Converts mail to news and news to mail.
maildrop 0.99.1 maildrop mail filter/mail delivery agent
MailStudio 2000 3.0 Free web based e-mail server solution
makeHTML 0.06 Script for generating HTML code
mary 1.0a51 native code optimizing Forth compiler for PIC microcontrollers
matrixfortunes 0.1.0 A fortune file with quotes from The Matrix.
mcrypt 2.5.1 A replacement for the old unix crypt(1). Uses several block algorithms.
mdate 1.0.5 A freely-available mayan date program
medown 03152000 An efficient download utility for a list of mirror URLs.
MemoPanel 1.7 A tiny memo applet on the GNOME panel.
mibfm 0.1 A utility for transferring files to/from iButtons.
Micq 0.4.4 Publically available ICQ clone for the console
MindTerm v1.2pre5 SSH-client in pure Java, includes stand-alone ssh- and terminal(vt100)-packages
MiniVend 4.02 Powerful freely redistributable shopping cart package.
Mino 0.6.3 An XML parser.
MisterHouse 2.11 Home Automation with Perl
Modicon Ethernet Library (MEL) 0.0.1 An ethernet library for Modicon PLC's
mod_backhand 1.0.8 Local-area, heterogeneous web cluster load balancing module for Apache.
mod_layout 1.1 Layout module for Apache.
mod_perl 1.21_03 Brings together the fullpower of Perl and the Apache HTTP server
mod_repository 0.3 An Apache module that creates a file repository.
moon-buggy 0.4.1 A game in which you drive a car across the moon.
MP3info 0.7 A simple utility to read and write MP3-TAG info.
Mp3Jukebox 0.4 Internet/Web-based Mp3Jukebox
MP3VoiceControl 0.0.1 voice-controlled MP3 jukebox
mpatrol 1.1.1 A library for controlling and tracing dynamic memory allocations.
Mptn 0.3.0 Regexp-like pattern matching library
MTXL 1.4.4 A media changer control program for SCSI tape changers, jukeboxes, etc.
MultiNet 2.2 An easy IP-address switcher.
Mutt 1.1.9 Small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operatingsystems
MuX2d 0.2.1 WYSIWYM editor for MusiXTeX.
mwForum 1.0.0 Web-based discussion forum
MySQL Import 1.0 Imports data into MySQL with a Web browser.
MySQLMailer 1.0b2 A local delivery agent with MySQL lookup.
MyThreads-Links v0.5.5 Yahoo like links manager writen in PHP/MySQL
nano 0.8.8 Pico editor clone with enhancements.
NCO 1.1.46 Operators for netCDF and HDF self-describing data files
NeoMail 0.65 A Web-based interface to user mail spools on a system.
Netrek: Multiplayer Battle Simulation Game 3.0.2 A 16-player graphical real-time battle simulation.
new 1.0.0 A simple template system.
NewsPic.sh 1.1 A news reading shell script.
NFC 0.9 Extensible client/server chat program written in Java.
NFTP 1.62.b3 Powerful, full-featured FTP client
NMPEG 0.02 control for use with MPEG decoder
Nucleus XFonts 0.67 A fixed width font package for X
oftpd 0.1.2 Yet another anonymous FTP server.
omniORBpy 1.0 pre 2 CORBA ORB for Python
OpaL Database Administration Tool 0.1.0 Database Administration Tool
OpaL Mirror Tool 0.1.2 Web mirror tool
OpenMuscat 0.1.0 High performance probabalistic search engine library.
ORBit-Python 0.1.1 Python bindings for ORBit.
Outlook2Ical 0.1 Convert MS Outlook Caledar to Ical (.calendar).
Overflow 0.1.0 A visual scientific programming environment.
OWSKiller 3.0.4i-Cocoon Replacement for Oracle Web Server based on Java Servlets
Paw 0.50 Perl ASCII Widgets
pgp4pine 1.74 An interactive program for using PGP with Pine.
phone-list 0.1.9 Company Phone list for LDAP and PHP.
Phorum 3.1 RC1 Phorum is a web based discussion software written in PHP
Photo Collection 0.1 A web-based picture organizer.
Photoseek 0.1.8 A Web-based image cataloging and management system.
PHP Picture Voting Booth 0.0.1 Let your website visitors vote on pictures
PHP4-Beta4pl1 + Japanese libgd patch 0.2 A Japanese patch for PHP4+libgd to enable use of Japanese characters in images.
phpMyChat 0.7.1 chat system based on PHP and MySQL
phpSched 0.4b Schedule creation and maintenance for shift based departments
PicMonger 0.9.0 Scans Usenet newsgroups for UU- or MIME-encoded binaries and decodes them.
playlist 2.0 Generates lists in plaintext and HTML for a directory tree of music files
playmp3list 0.92 A console-based MP3 player frontend for mpg123.
pmc 0.5 A Perl/GTK mail client.
PMTS: Templates for Tiny Websites PMTS 1.1 Simple and extensible webpage template system
pngcrush 1.3.6 An optimizer for PNG files that can also insert or delete specified chunks.
Polarbar Mailer 1.16a A POP3/IMAP4 GUI Java email client.
popa3d 0.4 A pop3 daemon which attempts to be extremely secure
portfwd 0.10 Forwards incoming TCP connections and UDP packets.
Postfix 19991231-pl05 The Postfix MTA
PostgreSQL-php Shopping Cart 1.0 PHP shopping cart for PostgreSQL
Powertweak-Linux 0.1.10 System performance enhancer.
pppdropper 0.0.3 A line-usage-based PPP connection dropper.
PresTiMeL 0.5 A tool to create HTML presentations.
printerdb-utils 1.1-1 Editing functions for RedHat's printerdb configuration file.
PSXDEV 1.0 release 6 A development environment for the PlayStation.
PTimeTracker 1.5.1 Track the time spent on different activities.
PTlink Services 2.1.3 IRC Registration Services
pwcheck_mysql 0.2 MySQL password authentication for the Cyrus IMAP server.
Pybliographer 0.9.7 tool for bibliographic databases manipulation
pycmail 0.0.6 An incoming mail sorter written in Python.
pyle 0.1.7 A WikiClone.
PyNcurses 0.1 A Python binding for ncurses.
Python Remote Procedure Calls 1.1 Python classes for easy client/server programming based on SocketServer.
QDMerge 0.54 A utility to generate documents from a template and data files.
Qpopper 3.0b36 POP3 server
QpThread Library for C++ 1.0.0 Thread library for C++ with support for signals, exceptions, timer etc.
QScheme 0.3.2 Really fast, small and easy to interface Scheme interpreter
QStick 0.6 Send keyboard messages to X from Linux-supported joysticks.
Quanta+ 0.99 HTML editor for KDE
Quiz Cards 0.1 A Java flash card application.
rch 0.2 An rc script handler.
RealPlay 0.0.41 A Linux console interface to SidPlay, including STIL support.
RealPlayer 7.0 beta Plays streaming audio and video over the Internet
Recall 0.4 Framework for replicated fault-tolerant storage servers.
Remind 03.00.21
Replicator 1.4 Automatic replication of a Debian GNU/Linux installation.
Restaurant Guide 1.2 A PHP/MySQL eatery ranking system.
ripple 0.5 Water Ripple X Eyecandy
Rlab 2.1.05 Mathematical program similar to Matlab
rol_demo 0.01 Modeling package for interactive 3D graphics.
Romanian KDE-1.1.2 translations 1.1.2BETA3 Romanian PO files for KDE-1.1.2
rp-pppoe 1.7 A user-mode PPPoE client.
RPM 3.0.4 Red Hat's package management system
rpmlint 0.10 rpm error checker.
rprint 0.09 A remote printing tool.
Saint 2.0 beta 2 Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool
sawmill 0.25.2 Extensible window manager
SCAIN 2.0 alpha A simple crypto algorithm.
SCREEM 0.2.3 Site CReating & Editing EnvironMent
sendfaKs 0.4 A wrapper for sendfax
SendIP 0.0.3 A commandline tool to send arbitrary packets.
series 2.0.2 SERIES iteration package for Common Lisp
SETI@Home Client 2.03 Distributed SETI data-analysis client
setup 1.2 Graphical installer for Unix applications based on GTK and XML
sfront 0.57 Translates MPEG 4 Structured Audio to C
sharesecret 0.1.0 A utility to split or join a secret using a threshold algorithm.
SICKnotes 0.6a A Web-based inventory, configuration, and knowledge base.
Simple Web Server 0.5.1 Simple web-server
Sing Along Disc Player 3.0.1 CD player with spectrum analyser, oscillator, mixer and remote DB support
Site Studio 1.0 Online template-based Web site creation tool.
siteupdate 0.3 Perl scripts to ease site synchronisation
slackjaw 3.5 Bot for FirstClass server chat rooms
SlashWatch 0.8 A PHP news-grabber from news sites, stored in a MySQL Database.
sn 0.3.2 Hassle-free usenet news system for small sites
SNAC 0.2 SNAC's a Neat Algebraic Calculator
Snoopy 0.92 Snoopy is a PHP class that implements web client functionality.
SoundTracker 0.5.0 A music tracker for X / GTK+
Spruce 0.5.18 Simple email client coded for X with the Gtk widget set
sqlsession 1.0 A PHP library for MySQL-based session management and variable registration.
Squidtaild 2.1a6 Squid monitoring program with plug-in filter support.
SquirrelMail 0.3.1 A PHP4 Web-based email reader.
sr 0.1.0 PHP script for Site Reviews
srecord 1.5 A collection of powerful tools for manipulating EPROM load files
Stella 1.1 An Atari 2600 VCS Emulator
SUBTERFUGUE 0.1.2 Framework for building tools that observe and play with the reality of programs.
SuckMT 0.50 A multithreaded suck replacement.
swapd for Linux 0.1 A dynamic swapping manager for Linux.
SXP 0.061 Simple XML Persistence Library for C++
syslog-ng 1.4.2 A portable syslogd replacement with enhanced, flexible configuration scheme.
tab_merge_pdf 0.1 Merges tab-delimited data into a PDF document with forms.
tcpdump2ascii 2.00 Perl program which decodes tcpdump hex output to ASCII
TeXmacs 0.2.4b W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. technical text editor
tfmx-play 0.2 A player for TFMX music modules (an Amiga game music format).
The Exchange Project Preview Release 1 An online shop project written in PHP.
The Harbour Project Alpha Release 32 An open source, cross platform xbase compiler
The Nebula Device 2000-03-14 A free, portable game engine.
ThoughtTracker 0.5.1 Knowledge base application storing arbitrarily linked notes.
threads 2.0.2 A C++ library for working with threads under Linux.
Timer_q timer_q 0.9.0 Shared C library for creating timed events (doesn't use alarm()).
Tk 42 0.2.1 A networked 42 (dominos) game.
Trf 2.0p6 Filtering channels for Tcl, MAC, Encryption, Error correction, various encodings
TWIG 2.2.3 A web-based IMAP client written with PHP3
twin 0.2 A text-mode window manager and terminal emulator.
txtbdf2ps 0.7 A script that prints plain text to PS using a BDF font.
ucspi-tcp 0.87 TCP client-server command-line tools.
UdmSearch 3.0.9 Fast WWW search engine for your site
ULW 0.5 Analyze custom Apache logs for hits by User-Agent and Remote-Address.
unifdef 1.0 Removes #ifdef'd lines.
unixODBC 1.8.7 Provides ODBC 3 connectivity for Unix
unsquid 0.2 Dumps Squid cache files, preserving site layout.
Uptime Client 4.10 Keep track of your uptime and compare it with other hosts.
Uptimed 0.1.4 Uptime record daemon keeping track of the highest uptimes the system ever had
Vide 0.2.2 File manager with vi keybindings
vsound-patch 2 A patch for vsound, a 'virtual audio loopback program.'
VTun 2.1b3 Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks.
wakeup 0.0.2 An interactive MP3 alarm.
Watchdog Service Cluster A modular multiple-platform High Availability system.
Watchdog Service Cluster Light A High Availability system for Linux.
WaveLAN/IEEE driver 1.0.4 A kernel network device driver for WaveLAN/IEEE wireless network card.
Web Designer 0.1.0 An HTML editor built in C with GTK
Webalizer 2.00-6 Web server log analysis program
webcamII.pl 0.2 Graphical frontend for webcam tools
WebPrint 0.01 Print files via the Web.
webshout 0.96 Control shout playlists via CGI.
Webwatcher 0.1.2 A tool for helping to manage web content.
WeirdX 1.0.9 A pure Java X Window System server
wget_worker 1.04 release 5 A Perl script that uses wget to download from the Web in parallel.
wmpinboard 0.99 Window Maker pinboard dock-app
wmScoreBoard 0.20 Shows sports scores on the WindowMaker Dock.
wmtheme 0.6.1 A window manager theme utility.
wmusic 1.2.2 a remote-control DockApp for xmms
wordtrain 0.4.3 Vocabulary trainer
WreckedNet IRC Services 1.1.5 Channel, nick, memo, and oper services for IRC Networks
X-Chat 1.4.1 GTK+ based IRC client, similar to AmIRC (Amiga).
x-wvdial 0.16 An X11-based frontend for wvdial.
XawTV 3.10 TV application and a few utilities
Xcdda2wav 20000313 An X frontend for cdda2wav.
XDC 0.4.3 X Client for DialControl
XEBOT 0.7.00 Visual GUI application builder and self contained execution environment
XFree86 4.0 Freely redistributable implementation of the X Window System
XLoadtime 2.1 A replacement for xload.
XMail 0.34 An SMTP/POP3/popsync/finger server.
XML Parser for Java 3.0.1 XML Parser & Generator for Java
XML::Node 0.10 Simplified interface to XML::Parser
xmms-tfmx 0.1 A TFMX input plugin for XMMS.
XPilot 4.2.0 A multi-player 2D client/server space game.
xpuyopuyo 0.3.4 Tetris-like puzzle game with AI
XRally 0.9 An X11 clone of the Rally X arcade game.
xrate 0.0.4 A transfer-rate measurement utility.
xremote 1.3 Tool for grabbing mouse and keyboard of another display.
XRolyPoly 1.5 A GTK+ addressbook.
XShipWars 1.33e Space oriented highly graphical network game system.
Xskat 3.2 Skatordnung card game, playable against humans or the computer
XTux Mar 11 Humorous Arcade game for X
xxdiff 1.4.1 A graphical file comparator and merge tool.
Yams 0.6.1 An e-commerce package written in Perl and utilizing a MySQL database.
YAWMPPP 1.1.1 Yet Another Window Maker PPP dock applet
YConsole 2.06 A graphical console for controlling Y Sound Servers.
YumfK 0.5 A libmikmod/mpg123/MySQL frontend.
Zebra 0.85 Route Server and Route Reflector daemon
ZMech 1.3.00 State machine development tool
Zombie 0.71 Library and server for developing networked apps/games.

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