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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 14:58:15 -0700
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Subject: GNUware PackageIT! 1.0 announcement

GNUware is proud to announce the release of PackageIT! 1.0 containing

the over 500 megabytes of Linux programs in RPM format for use on most
any Linux machine supporting RPM.

For a low price you can quickly and efficiently install over 400 popular
Linux programs.  The GNUware PackageIT! 1.0 CD contains such widely used
programs as the latest Apache, KDE, Window Maker, GNOME, MySQL and GNU
programs along with the very latest stable kernel.  This is the initial
release of the PackageIT! CD and we are looking forward to feedback for
additional programs to include in later releases.

All the RPMs found on the CD, for want of standardization, are designed
to work with the latest RedHat Linux release , but they may also run on
other flavors of Linux as well.

This release is designed for Linux users in locations where large
downloads may be costly or inefficient.  We speak German, Portuguese,
Spanish and a smattering  of Russian.  Feel free to email us in any of
the above languages, though our reply will most likely be in English.
You can browse the contents of
the PackageIT! CD at the GNUware web site before purchase.  Look for us
at http://www.gnuware.com/

You may also purchase both the PackageIT! and the SourceIT! CD together
for a discounted price of $18 for US orders or $20 for non-US orders.
Please see the web site for additional information.

Feel feel to contact us with any questions, queries or suggestions.  We
can be reached at support@gnuware.com  If you are interested in a 6 CD
subscription for a reduced price, be sure to email us.

The GNUware Developmental Team
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