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Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 13:07:05 -0500
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From: Kam Hashim 
Subject: InfoExpress:  Press release


InfoExpress Announces that Sybase has Standardized its Remote Access
Program with the Company's Remote VPN
Los Altos, CA - March 15, 2000 - InfoExpress, a leader in secure extranet
and remote access solutions, today announced that Sybase, Inc. is building
its global remote access program around the InfoExpress VTCP/Secure virtual
private network (VPN) solution.  The InfoExpress VPN will provide easy
remote access and connectivity for 5,000 Sybase employees, contractors and
vendors.  With the InfoExpress VPN, remote users can connect to the Sybase
internal web site for sales presentations, resources and project
information, Lotus Notes and voicemail access, and other Windows
applications. =20

Sybase first started using the InfoExpress VPN two years ago after
utilizing an expensive dial-up 800 number for its remote access needs.  In
addition to its nominal cost per session in comparison to dial-up charges
of $6-$7 per user per hour, the InfoExpress VPN was chosen for its ease of
installation and use and the fact that it uniquely provides the ability to
share corporate resources with employees, partners, and customers, without
requiring community members to adjust network, computer, or application

Many Sybase employees work out of customer sites and need to be able to
traverse the customer firewall in order to access corporate resources.  In
most cases, they are able to connect their machine to Sybase through the
InfoExpress VPN without making changes to the firewalls.

"InfoExpress' VPN allows us to provide secure access to corporate resources
for our large mobile workforce and to partners and customers," said Barry
Evans, Systems Security Administrator at Sybase, Inc.  "The VPN encrypts
sensitive information over standard TCP-based connections, rather than
requiring the support of additional protocols, which would in turn require
firewall reconfigurations throughout a host of partner sites.  With
InfoExpress' VPN, it makes no difference whether the user is internal or
offsite - they have complete access to all corporate IT resources."

Sybase is also beta-testing InfoExpress' new personal firewall product to
protect home users behind DSL and Cable connections.  Sybase has seen a 50
percent increase in high-speed connections for remote users in the past
year, and plans to continue to work with InfoExpress to meet the needs of
its ever-expanding remote user base.  =20

Sybase has purchased four InfoExpress VPN servers, which run on Red Hat
Linux 5.2 (Nasdaq: RHAT).  Configured for high stability and security, the
servers function in an East Coast/West Coast failover mode.  User access is
primarily through Windows-based laptops.

About InfoExpress

InfoExpress is a leader in secure remote access and extranet solutions.
InfoExpress develops and markets the FireWalker VPN Suite=99, based on a
remote user and extranet VPN with a personal firewall that enables
organizations to provide safe access to authorized resources over the
Internet for employees, consultants, business partners, and customers.  For
more information about InfoExpress, please visit the InfoExpress web site
at http://www.infoexpress.com, or send email to info@infoexpress.com.
InfoExpress is headquartered at 425 First Street, Suite E, Los Altos, CA
94022. Phone: (650) 947-7880; Fax: (650) 947-7888.


FireWalker VPN Suite is a trademark of InfoExpress, Inc.  All trademarks
are the properties of their respective owners.


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