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KDE Development News

Mon 13 Mar 2000 - Sun 18 Mar 2000

New KDE Icons. The KDE artists team has been hard working as ever in coming up with new icons and other graphics for KDE2. Check out Torsten Rahn's screenshot of the icons for the Konqueror toolbar and (Rivyn) Casey Allen Shobe's screenshots of many other applications.

Redhat KDE2 RPMs. For those who missed it last week, Bernhard Rosenkränzer of Redhat informed the group of the availability of experimental KDEs RPMS for Redhat 6.2. Be warned that KDE2 is still in development when trying out these packages. Check out http://people.redhat.com/bero/experimental/ for the downloads.

KDE 2.0 Programming Book. David Sweet announced this week that a new book on programming for KDE 2.0 will soon be published. The contents will be covered under the Open Publication License, and a copy will be placed online for download once it has been completed. Many KDE developers have contributed so far, but there are still a few chapters remaining. Those interested in getting paid to write OSS documentation should contact David at dsweet@kde.org.

KHTML Help Request. Lars Knoll is requesting assistance to finish a few essential features in khtml such as text selection, printing support, and keyboard navigation. Although he's currently working on his thesis, Lars offered his assistance to anyone willing to help. Contact him at Lars.Knoll@mpi-hd.mpg.de.

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