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Date:	Mon, 20 Mar 2000 10:22:20 -0800
From:	Jun Sun <jsun@mvista.com>
To:	linuxppc-embedded@lists.linuxppc.org, rtl@rtlinux.cs.nmt.edu,
Subject: [ANNOUCE] interrupt latency measurement tool

At Monta Vista Software, we developed a tool that measures the maximum
interrupt blocking times in standard Linux.  The results can be used to
interrupt latencies, to detect timing problems, and etc.  The purpose
is to help adopt standard Linux into embedded real-time systems.

We tested the tool on a few systems.  The resutls and the analysis can
found on the same web page.

All source code are open and GPLed.  So are the results and analysis.

Your feedbacks and contributions are always welcome.

The URLs :

1. the tool introduction page

2. some background notes about our Linux real-time characterization



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