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Subject: Macmillan Linux Secure Server announcement
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 14:10:02 -0800

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Macmillan Ships Linux-Mandrake Secure Server 7.0
Secure Server 7.0 Provides Professional Web Server Administrators with a
Secure Linux Web Server

INDIANAPOLIS - March 27, 2000 - Macmillan USA, the Place for Linux,
(www.placeforlinux.com), announced Secure Server 7.0 for professional
server administrators.    Macmillan's new product is a secure Linux web
server built within the new Linux-Mandrake(tm) 7.0 operating system.
With Secure Server 7.0, managers of mid-level traffic web sites will
have a secure server solution.

Secure Server 7.0 provides graphical tools for easy Linux installation
and disk partitioning.  The Apache-based web server utilizes RSA's
BSAFE SSL-C technology - the best technology available for encryption
and security.  Secure Server 7.0 is designed for the Linux professional
responsible for managing an e-commerce, intranet or any web site
requiring security.  Additional tools, utilities, and documentation
round out the product, providing more value and functionality.

"Secure Server is another advancement for the Linux operating system.
Macmillan is dedicated to growing and strengthening the Linux community
through powerful, affordable and easy-to-use software offerings, " said
Steve Schafer, Senior Software Title Manager, Macmillan USA.  "There are
a great many professionals responsible for web sites with mid-level, yet
no less important, traffic.  Secure Server 7.0 is the ideal solution for
experienced administrators who need security and wish to take advantage
of Linux for easy management and total reliability in their web sites."

"RSA Security recognizes the prevalence of Linux as a web server
platform," said Scott Schnell, Senior Vice President of Marketing for
RSA Security.  "Macmillan's Secure Server 7.0, with the added protection
of RSA BSAFE software, integrated through RSA Professional Services, is
an excellent choice for professional Web site managers who want the
peace of mind of security within the robust Linux environment."

Macmillan's Linux-Mandrake Secure Server 7.0 includes BRU Personal
Edition, the award winning backup solution from Enhanced Software
Technologies, which provides flexible backup and restore functionality.
Secure Server 7.0's AutoUpdate feature enables administrators to
automatically update their systems via the Internet.  Macmillan has also
included its Linux Library with over 3,500 electronic pages of Linux
reference guides, written by Macmillan Linux experts.  LinuxCare
provides unlimited free technical support for installation.    

Secure Server 7.0 is available now at an MSRP of U.S. $149.95.

System Requirements for Secure Server 7.0: CPU Intel Pentium and
compatible processor (Pentium/ MMX/PRO/II/Celeron/III, AMD K6/K6-2,
Cyrix 6x86/M-II), 16 MB RAM required, 64 MB recommended.  600 MB disk
space minimum, 1.5 GB+ recommended.  3.5" floppy drive and a CD-ROM

Macmillan USA is a unit of Pearson Technology Group, the world's largest
provider of consumer and professional computer, information technology,
engineering and reference content.  As one of the industry's leading
innovators in both print and digital formats, Macmillan's imprints
include Macmillan Software, Que, Sams, Hayden Books, BradyGAMES Strategy
Guides, Que Learning Systems, and Macmillan Lifestyle, publisher of the
best-selling Complete Idiot's Guide line of reference books.  Pearson
Technology Group is an operating unit of Pearson Education, the world's
leading education publisher.

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