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From: "wmatlack" 
Subject: Moreton Bay Partners with Progressive Systems
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 11:28:57 -0800


 Leader in embedded Linux thin server platforms and leader in commercial
Linux firewalls will deliver unprecedented security for the home and small
business markets.

Contacts: Peter Cronk
						Moreton Bay LLC
						Phone: (408) 441-6492
						Email: peterc@moretonbay.com

COLUMBUS, OH AND SAN JOSE, CA, (March 20, 2000) - Moreton Bay LLC, a leading
provider of embedded Linux Internet VPN routers, and Progressive Systems,
Inc., a leading vendor of Linux-based network security solutions, today
announced their joint development of an embedded firewall appliance solution
based on the Progressive Systems Phoenix Adaptive Firewall, the only
firewall for Linux that is both ICSA and Linux Labs certified, and the
Moreton Bay NETtel embedded Linux Internet VPN router. Targeting the cable
and DSL markets, the combination will allow small business and home LAN
users to address their growing concerns about Internet security by
establishing Internet gateways and network security with unprecedented
flexibility and affordability.
With the Phoenix Adaptive Firewall on the NETtel platform, Moreton Bay
enhances its Internet VPN router product and will provide a full strength
firewall solution to the burgeoning home and small business markets. The
joint development team will bring   the Progressive Systems enterprise-level
Phoenix Adaptive Firewall to embedded Linux, running on the NETtel thin
server. This embedded Linux firewall product will join other Phoenix
offerings from Progressive Systems on the Cobalt RaQ and Qube platforms.
With this product, Progressive will offer a complete suite of firewall
appliance platforms to serve the security needs of customers of all sizes,
from home users to large corporate headquarters.  The development will
leverage Moreton Bay's renowned embedded Linux and hardware expertise with
the extensive security experience offered by Progressive Systems.  The final
product will carry the Phoenix Adaptive Firewall brand name and will be
available through the worldwide channel and sales organizations of both
 "The home and small business market is growing faster than any other
segment," said Peter Cronk, VP Business Development of Moreton Bay. "This
market segment recognizes the need for security, but to date the solutions
have been either unaffordable or insecure. The combination of NETtel and
Phoenix fills this space with an affordable embedded Linux appliance.  With
this product, Progressive Systems is poised to make a significant mark on
the SOHO security Internet appliance market."
In addition to the firewall component, the NETtel family of routers provides
remote access ports and is VPN enabled. Cable, xDSL, ISDN TAs and V.90
modems may be used in connection with a NETtel.
 "The NETtel's open embedded Linux design will allow us to integrate a
security payload and deliver an out-of-the-box security solution that is
simple to use and that provides a superior level of protection," said David
Dawson, VP of Business Opportunities at Progressive.  "Affordability and
functionality are the main drivers in the SOHO market and only an embedded
platform will deliver an acceptable solution.  Because of Moreton Bay's
experience with embedded Linux and because of the reputation of the NETtel
box, Progressive is extremely pleased to enter this development
Award-winning partnerships
Because it is targeted to the SOHO market, the Progressive's Systems
partnership with Moreton Bay will complement its established partnership
with Cobalt Networks, giving Progressive two award-winning Linux hardware
platforms for its firewall.  Most recently, Cobalt and Moreton Bay received
best-of-show and runner-up best-of-show awards respectively at LinuxWorld in
Australia, held March 6-10..  This recognition within the Linux industry
further assures customers of the strength and reliability of Progressive's
family of firewall appliances.
About the NETtel
Moreton Bay's open standard-based design, and extensible architecture
enables resellers and developers to easily integrate, deploy, and support
Internet and server-based applications. The NETtel embedded Linux Internet
VPN router provides the core Internet connectivity server and VPN services
upon which software developers can build their solutions.
About Phoenix
The Phoenix Adaptive Firewall gives businesses an enterprise-class,
network-layer firewall that combines state tracking with anti-attack
features to secure network assets.   The Phoenix protects networks by
performing a detailed inspection of all aspects of incoming packets and
distributes them according to rules determined by the network
administrators.  The firewall also includes anti-attack features that
disable networking probe attacks commonly used by crackers and offers secure
remote administration through a Java GUI.  The Phoenix Adaptive Firewall,
the first commercial firewall to support Linux, is the only firewall on the
market to be certified by both the ICSA and Linuxcare Labs.

About Progressive Systems Inc.
Progressive Systems, Inc. is a leading vendor of Linux-based network
security solutions. Beginning with its initial flagship product, MorningStar
PPP, Progressive has been delivering quality security products to the Linux
and UNIX communities since 1996. Progressive Systems enterprise-level
products are used by customers worldwide who operate mission-critical
applications. The company's Phoenix Personal Edition Firewall for Linux may
be downloaded for free and is currently deployed by over 20,000 individual
Linux users. The Phoenix Adaptive Firewall is available directly from
Progressive Systems or its worldwide network of resellers as either an
appliance on the Cobalt RaQ 2 and Qube platforms or as software for most
commercial Linux distributions, including Caldera, Red Hat, S.u.S.E., and
TurboLinux.  Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Progressive Systems also has
offices in San Francisco, CA. Further information is available at
http://www.progressive-systems.com or by calling (800) 558-7827 or +1 (614)

About Moreton Bay
Moreton Bay provides innovative communications solutions that ensure secure
Internet access and link computer networks and peripherals. The company has
been established for three years and has offices in both the US and
Australia. Moreton Bay provides embedded Linux appliances and edge network
devices that securely and simply interconnect office computers to the Web.
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