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Subject: eSoft Announces redphish Software Agreement with Intel           
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 09:57:36 -0700


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redphish to Provide Intel OEM Developers a Complete Linux-based 
Appliance Solution

BROOMFIELD, Colo., March 21, 2000 - eSoft Inc. (Nasdaq: ESFT), the company
that provides edge of network Linux(tm)-based software and services, today
announced Intel Corporation has signed a redphish agreement for Intel's
Entry-level Communication Appliance Reference Design platform. The
implementation of redphish(tm) supports Intel's recent initiatives in
various technology segments including communication appliances, a key
component of eSoft's business offerings. 

"eSoft is very pleased to work with Intel as a software provider for
Linux-based communication appliance solutions," said Jeff Finn, president
and CEO of eSoft. "Our collaboration with Intel further validates eSoft's
redphish business strategy and enables our company to reach a much broader
group of customers."

The redphish agreement includes collaborative sales and marketing of eSoft's
software for Intel's Reference Design platform. redphish with Intel's
Reference Design platform  provides developers substantial time-to-market
advantages for delivering complete communication appliance solutions to
their customers. redphish's availability on an Intel platform will also
provide Intel's OEM developers with a mature, embedded software stack that
fully exploits the power of the Linux operating system.  In addition, OEMs
can also engage eSoft's engineering services to enhance and extend the
software for a customized look and feel.

About eSoft Inc.
eSoft Inc. was founded in 1984 with headquarters in Broomfield, Colo. eSoft
provides a family of Linux-based software and services that enable small- to
medium-sized businesses to harness the full power of the Internet. The
redphish program provides service providers, manufacturers and Internet
Service Providers with a comprehensive solution for their customer's edge of
network requirements. Edge of network software solutions combine Internet
appliances with web services and provide a bundle of benefits to the
customer such as Internet appliance software, advanced Internet
applications, a value-added platform for remote IT services and
business-to-business applications. Contact eSoft at 295 Interlocken Blvd.,
#500, Broomfield, Colo., 80021, USA; 303-444-1600 phone; 303-444-1640 fax;


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