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Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 02:50:27 -0600
From: Sair Linux and GNU Certification News 
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: Sair Linux and GNU Newsletter

Dear Sair Linux & GNU Supporters:

Much  has happened since our last mailing.  Sair's complete Linux
and GNU Certified Administrator (LCA)  level  of  exams  are  now
available  worldwide  and  our  self-study  guide for Linux & GNU
Installation and Configuration has sold close to 40,000 copies--a
reprint  for  10,000  more  has been ordered to meet overwhelming

As always, Sair would like to thank the Linux community  and  our
network  of trainers, training centers and advisory board members
for their regular feedback  and  participation  in  our  program.
Together  we will continue to build on our combined successes and
make certain that quality,  comprehensive  educational  materials
are available for Linux.

There's a lot that follows, but it's worth the read!!

Sincerely, The Sair Linux & GNU Team


                        Sair Linux & GNU
                         Notes and News

         Sair Linux & GNU Acquired by Wave Technologies

In  a  continuing  effort  to bring quality Linux training to the
marketplace, and  to  focus  on  implementing  standards  through
certification,  Wave  Technologies  International  Inc.  (Nasdaq:
WAVT) has acquired Sair, Inc.

"This relationship between Sair and Wave Technologies  fits  hand
in  glove,"  said  Ken  Kousky,  president  of  Wave technologies
International.   "Sair  Linux  and  GNU  training  materials  and
certification  program  are  well-recognized  in  the market.  By
combining Sair's comprehensive materials with Wave's  established
administrative and distribution network, we are confident that we
can provide the highest quality and most effective Linux training
and certification program in the world."

Sair,  founded  in  1992, is the only company currently providing
live  Linux  certification  exams.  The  Sair   Linux   and   GNU
Certification  is comprised of three levels, each containing four
exams. Sair has a contract with Sylvan Prometric for delivery  of
the 12 Sair Linux and GNU exams, which are available in more than
140 countries. "To date, four exams have been released," said Dr.
Tobin   Maginnis,  president  and  founder  of  Sair,  Inc.  This
completes the first of the three  levels  of  certification.  The
three  levels  include:  Level  I  - Sair Linux and GNU Certified
Administrator (LCA); Level II -  Sair  Linux  and  GNU  Certified
Engineer (LCE); and Level III-Master Sair Linux and GNU Certified

"We are very comfortable with combining  our  efforts  with  Wave
Technologies,"  said Maginnis. "Wave is known in the industry for
developing and  implementing  quality-based  training  materials.
They  also have the corporate infrastructure to make certain that
Linux certification reaches its fullest potential."

"Wave  also  has  developed  key  relationships  within  the   IT
industry,"   Maginnis   continued.    "This  merging  of  efforts
represents a  big  step  in  building  cooperative  relationships
necessary  for  preventing  fragmentation  within the open source
community over certification."

"This collaboration will provide long-term stability for Linux  &
GNU  certification  globally,"  Kevin  Seddon,  vice president of
operations for Sair said.  "Wave  appeals  to  an  international,
quality-based  market  that  recognizes the need for training and
Sair's mission is to provide the Linux market with  comprehensive
training  and  certification.  We believe strongly that the Linux
community and business in general  will  benefit  from  this  new

"Wave   Technologies   sees   a   real   need  for  training  and
certification as more and more companies implement Linux in their
e-commerce and other business strategies," said Mike Smith, Linux
product manager for Wave Technologies. "Our acquisition  of  Sair
allows us to enhance our Linux development."

"Our commitment to certification training, and specifically Linux
certification,  is  strengthened  by  this   acquisition,"   said
Christine  Atienza,  vice  president  of business development for
Wave Technologies. "Sair Linux and GNU Certification is the  only
fully functioning Linux certification available; Wave is proud to
stand at the forefront of Linux certification."

Wave's Web site is located at http://www.wavetech.com


   Compaq Chooses Sair Linux & GNU Certification and Training
Contracts with Sair, Inc. to Develop Compaq's Linux ASE Program.

Compaq Computer Company has announced it will utilize Sair  Linux
&  GNU  Training  Material  as a base to develop its internal ASE
program. The Compaq ASE program is designed to educate  and  test
Compaq  employees  on  how  Linux  works  specifically  on Compaq
hardware. As indicated above, Compaq has listed Sair Linux &  GNU
training  material  as  a  prerequisite for the ASE program. Sair
will consult with Compaq and assist in  development  of  the  ASE
program  and  will  utilize  its  own  Sair  Linux & GNU training
material to structure the ASE program.


  Sair Linux & GNU Self-Study Guide Exceeds Sales Expectations.

Sair Linux & GNU textbook, Installation and Configuration,  which
leads  to  the  Sair  Linux  & GNU Installation and Configuration
examination offered through Sylvan  Prometric,  has  sold  40,000
copies.   An additional print run is scheduled to meet increasing
demand.  The textbook or self-study guide  is  available  at  all
major retail bookstores online and at traditional retail outlets.


Sair to Train Compaq Accredited System Engineers,  Resellers  and
                      Developers Worldwide.

Several months ago Compaq Computer Company contracted to become a
Sair Linux & GNU Authorized Internal Training Organization (ITO).
Compaq  has  now  asked that Sair utilize its network of training
facilities throughout the country and world to  provide  training
for its internal and external personnel.

Sair's  comprehensive  Linux  and  GNU training and certification
will be a prerequisite for Compaq's internal ASE program and will
be  the  training  of choice for its reseller channel members and
network of developers.

Compaq has begun to order material and classes will begin in  the
coming  months.  Sair  will  initially assist in coordinating and
conducting training.  The first training will take place in March
at Compaq's corporate headquarters in Houston.


           Sair Linux and GNU is turning up the heat.

After  several months of development, the second training course,
System Administration,  is  nearing  completion,  and  should  be
available  to  training  facilities  by March 31. Call your local
training facility for more information about the course.

Development of the next courses, Networking,  will begin in early
April. This course will be co-developed with the level two exams.

For more information about the program, or if  you  just  have  a
question to ask, please contact our office by sending an email to
questions@sairinc.com,   or   please   call   us    anytime    at
1.800.777.4210.   Also  we  would  like  to encourage everyone to
visit our website, www.linuxcertification.com, for  helpful  tips
on how to prepare for the exam.