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From: "WinLinux 2000 Press Release" <info@winlinux.net>
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Subject: PR: WinLinux 2000 Ready and Shipping
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 13:37:09 -0300

WinLinux 2000 Ready and Shipping

March 16, 2000 - WinLinux 2000, the first Linux for Windows(tm)
95/98 users, is ready and shipping to customers in the US and abroad.

The product was in beta testing by more than 20,000 registered
users from last September to this month and now it is available for
download or on CD-ROM, the CD version includes technical
support and additional packages.

Since its launch in September, the product has been one of the most
popular Linux system on CNET Download.com website, frequently
topping the list.

WinLinux 2000 key features include:
- Windows integration: WinLinux 2000 uses the latest technology available
in the industry to install as easily as any Windows application.

- Smart configuration: Thanks to the exclusive detection software
which combines Windows and Linux expertise, more than 1,000 hardware devices
are detected and automatically configured to reflect current settings and

- Safe installation: WinLinux 2000 performs a safe installation
because a risky operation (HD repartitioning) common to most Linux systems
is not needed to install it

- Easy troubleshooting: a Troubleshooting Utility is included to
simplify the request of Online Support

- Optimal Disk Usage: WinLinux 2000 shares free disk space with
Windows, i.e., one does not have to set two independent hard disk partitions
that do not share free disk space.

- Familiar look and feel: K Desktop Environment plus WinLinux
additions turn it into a familiar place to work with easy access to Windows
network drives and the Internet.

"WinLinux is real alternative for both Windows and Linux users" according
Jacob Hartmann, 52, CFO.

WinLinux 2000 uses the award winning K Desktop Environment as its graphical
user interface. It comes with Netscape Communicator, KOrganizer and support
for Debian, Slackware and Red Hat format packages, extending the range of
supported applications. This version also runs all program developed for the
latest version of GLIBC2, used by most Red Hat compatible systems.

As WinLinux 2000 bridges the gap that has been preventing Windows users from
installing and configuring a Linux system in the last years, it is expected
that more and more software vendors port their desktop applications, games
and utilities to this open platform.

New Linux products, like StarOffice(tm), an office suite from Sun
Microsystems, are being distributed free of charge and signaling
how different can be the future of software applications in the coming

According to Mr. Dinamerico Schwingel, 30, JRCP CTO, "Linux has already
matured to be used on desktop machines and, besides that, it is based on the
Open Source concept and that leverages the playing field for all software

During the installation process WinLinux 2000 does not change any of the
Windows settings and keeps users' data safe because it doesn't need to
partitioning the hard drive.

The product is being placed as an add-on to Microsoft Windows and it
is even  displayed as installed software in the Control Panel. Although
WinLinux 2000 installation is in English, support for German, French or
Spanish can be selected after installing it.

The full version of WinLinux 2000 can be ordered or downloaded from the
website http://www.winlinux.net.

Please address further contacts to info@winlinux.net

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