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From: Brian Lloyd <Brian@digicool.com>
To: "'zope@zope.org'" <zope@zope.org>,
Subject: [Zope] [ANNOUNCE] Zope 2.1.6 released...
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 16:19:37 -0500

Hi all,

Zope 2.1.6 has been released - you can download it from


This release fixes a few issues with Friday's 2.1.5 security
update release:

  o Some bits from the currently development branch got into
    the 2.1.x release branch, causing problems for folks using 
    certain database adapters - this has been fixed.

  o A fix to Acquisition that happened in 2.1.5 caused a problem
    with ZClasses, since some of the code in Factory.py previously
    worked around the problem and now no longer needed to. This has
    been fixed in 2.1.6.

Users of the SiteAccess product should note that the security 
changes in 2.1.5 necessarily require a change to the SiteAccess
product - as he noted in a previous email to the zope list, Evan 
will be releasing an updated SiteAccess shortly.

Also, the XMLDocument product has a buglet that was made effective
by a fix to a bug in Acquisition.  Prior to 2.1.5, there were cases
where acquisition-wrapped objects sometimes didn't have their full
acquisition context.  This was fixed in 2.1.5.  Unfortunately, 
some applications may depend on the old incomplete wrapping. :(

Currently, when you add an XML document, you will get a
WrongDocumentException. This can be fixed by changing:

        if document and ownerDocument and document != ownerDocument:


        if (document and ownerDocument and
            getattr(document,      'aq_base', document) is not
            getattr(ownerDocument, 'aq_base', ownerDocument)

in the appendChild method in class Node in file Node.py. A new 
rev of XMLDocument containing this fix will be available soon.

Note that we have also posted "diff" updates as .tgz files 
that will let you easily upgrade an existing 2.1.x site. 
These updates are available for those currently using the 
2.1.x source release or the 2.1.x binary releases for either 
solaris or linux.

To apply a differential update to your site:

  o download the appropriate .tgz file from zope.org
  o shutdown your Zope process
  o copy the .tgz to your Zope directory and extract it
  o run w_pcgi or wo_pcgi *if you are not using a binary release*
  o restart your process

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