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Linux Hardware Database The Linux Hardware Database has announced its "Rated Linux Compatible" program for hardware resellers.

The RPM System A simple introduction to the RPM System is now available from LinuxPapers.

Italian Linux FAQ page Italian-speaking readers may want to bookmark the Italian Linux FAQ page, part of the ZioBudda news site. It contains over 500 FAQs and a search engine as well.


Protest against DMCA on May 2 A protest against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act has been announced by the New York Linux Users Group, the Washington DC Linux Users Group, and the Northern Virginia Linux Users Group. It will be held on May 2 in Washington DC. The protesters are targeting the law due to the power it gives to copyright holders to control technology, which results in messes like the DVD case.

Phillip W. Katz. An obituary for Phillip W. Katz lists his date of death as April 19th, 2000. Information can be found in this ABC News article". The Slashdot coverage contains more historical information on the creation of PKZIP. Age 37. Passed away unexpectedly on Fri., April 14, 2000. Beloved son of Hildegard and beloved brother of Cynthia. Also survived by other relatives and friends. Phil was a graduate of UWM Computer Science Engineering Program. He was the author of the PKZIP/PKUNZIP software and owner of PKWARE Inc. Co."

Web sites

LinuxLinks.com Announces New Search Engine LinuxLinks.com announced a new search engine based on MySQL and Perl DBI.

User Group News

Install Fest in Luxembourg The LUG in Luxembourg is having an Install Fest on May 13th. For more information email Thierry Coutelier at Thierry.Coutelier@linux.lu

April 27, 2000



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
5n0r7 1.0 A snort alert file parser.
abcde 1.1 A better CD encoder.
abook 0.4.5 An addressbook program.
ACS 0.5.6 GPL licensed multi-line voice response telephony platform
Aktivate 1.02 E-commerce software.
Anteater 0.3.4 A Sendmail log analyzer.
Apache::XPath::NotXSLT 0.02 XML Template Processor
Applixware 5.0 Integrated suite of desktop productivity tools.
apsfilter 5.4.0 Intelligent line printer input filter
arianne rpg A Role Playing Game project.
Armagetron 0.1.1 A Tron lightcycle game in 3D.
Audiogalaxy Satellite 0.516a real-time auto resume linux file transfer agent
avlmap 0.9.12 An AVL tree-based key:data mapping (associative array) library for C.
avrmon-stk200 0.5.0 Debug monitor system for Atmel AVR microcontrollers.
ax25-tools 0.0.6 Network Tools for AX.25 protocol
backuponcd 0.9.1 A set of shell scripts which make gzip'd, multi-volume backups on CD-RW.
Bahamut 1.4.2 An advanced IRC daemon.
Balsa 0.8.0-pre1 A GNOME mail client with support for local mailboxes, POP3, and IMAP
Bartleby 2.0 A system administration log utility and Web tool.
BASHISH DR6 A modular Bourne-shell theme engine.
bidwatcher 1.1.5 tool for eBay users - track and snipe auctions
Bind 8.2.3 T4B (RC2) Berkeley Internet Name Domain
BlueBoy What's New 1.0.1 A PHP What's New database application.
Bomb 1.26 automatic interactive visual stimulation
btn4ws.pl 0.3 A Gimp::Perl script to generate buttons for a Web site.
Bubbling Load Monitor Applet 0.9.4 Displays system load as a bubbling liquid.
bug-buddy 0.8 graphical bug-reporting utility for GNOME
BW whois 2.5a A whois in perl that works with the newly mangled whois system as of 1 Dec 1999.
bzip2 1.0pre7 Very high-quality data compression program
Cactus 4.0 Beta 7 A portable framework for developing parallel applications.
Caitoo 0.6.6 KDE app to get files from the internet
Cannon Smash 0.3.6 3D tabletennis game
Canvas 7.0b2.0 Technical Illustration, Bitmap editing, web design, and publishing app!
CarbonKernel 1.0 A real-time operating system simulator.
CCalc 0.2.0 A formula-parsing calculator for the command-line.
CD-ROM Control for Linux 2.5 CD-Rom control panel
cddump 0.3 A CD-R and CD-RW backup utility similar to dump/ufsdump.
cdinfo.sh 1.01 Bourne shell script to infer a title for a CD image.
cdrecord 1.8.1a09 Allows the creation of both audio and data CDs
cfe 0.7 Console font editor.
CGINews 1.0 Tool for remotely adding news entries to a site.
Chimmy's Yahoo client 0.15 A Yahoo Messenger client for the Linux console.
CiberTienda 0.9.1 A virtual shop system.
coco 0.1 Country code functions for PHP developers.
coda 5.3.6 Full featured network filesystem
CodeCommander 0.4.5 Multi language programming IDE.
ColorSearch 1.0 Color browser with name filter.
Coman 0.0.7 A fast and simple configuration library.
Common C++ 0.9.7 A portable environment for C++ threads, sockets, etc.
Common UNIX Printing System 1.1b3 Internet Printing System for UNIX
CONFIG:: 0.99.10 Cached and Pre-parsed file reading.
Cooledit 3.14.1 Full featured text editor for the X Window System
CoreLinux++ 0.4.17 A set of C++ class libraries to support common patterns in software development.
cpp2html 1.0 Convert C/C++ source to syntax-highlighted HTML.
crypt_l 1.3 A simple, small, fast cryptographic utility.
cvsIndent 0.0.2 A tool to allow automatic formatting of files when checked into CVS.
Cybozu Office Full-featured, Web-based groupware.
DACT 0.3.10 Dynamic Compression Routines
Deadman's Redirect 2.0 A feature-added PHP redirect script.
dewrapster 0.1 Decoder for Wrapster files.
dhcp-dns 0.2.3 Update DNS with data from DHCPD
Disc-Cover 1.0.1 Generate covers for audio cds non-interactively using cddb
DNSMan 0.31 Web-based DNS zone administrator.
Downloader for X 1.15 Downloads files from the Internet via both FTP and HTTP
drbd 0.5.5 Block device for online mirroring via a network.
dvgrab 0.7 A utility to save video data from a Mini-DV Video Camcorder.
E-LogMonitor 1.0 Enlightenment Epplet to monitor log files for occurence of specified keywords.
E-monitor 0.1 A multi-monitor epplet.
E-Notes 0.3 A sticky-notes manager epplet for Enlightenment.
easy-updater 0.0.1b2 A bash script for updating dyndns entries.
Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge Provides JDBC Access for Java Applets/Applications to ODBC Data Sources
Easysoft Oracle Driver 0.0.1 An Open Source Oracle ODBC driver.
Emacs JDE 2.1.5 A complete Java development environment for Emacs.
emelFM 0.7.0 Two-Window File Manager
Emenu 1.1 Menu Configuration Editor for Enlightenment WM
EPIC 4pre2.508 An ANSI-capable textmode IRC client.
EPIpage3 0.4 page3.com women download perl script
EtherApe 0.5.5 An etherman clone that graphs net activity in real time.
Etherboot 4.6.0 Source code for making TCP/IP boot ROMs to boot Linux and other OSes.
Ethernet TAP driver 0.3 Ethernet TAP driver for FreeBSD
Everybuddy 0.1.2 Universal Instant Messaging Client
eXtace 1.2.22 ESD FFT visual plugin, eye-candy
Exult 0.25 Ultima 7 world viewer.
Eye of Gnome 0.3 The GNOME image viewing and cataloging program
FAQ-U 0.8 A database driven online FAQ engine.
fetchmail 5.3.8 A free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail retrieval utility.
FidoGate 4.4.1 A Fido-Internet gateway and a Fido tosser.
Final Fantasy Tactics Utilities 11 A program to convert Final Fantasy Tactics graphics into common graphics formats
Form 0.2 A JSP 1.1 tag library for building forms.
fortunelock 0.1.2 A small terminal locker with fortune support.
Freemed-YiRC Beta0.07 A PHP-based Youth in Residential Care package.
frgpasswd 0.1 A utility to set both the Samba and shadow passwords.
FTP Mirror Tracker 0.9.7 FTP mirror-handling software.
fulogin 1.1.1 ANSI login frontend
gaim 0.9.14 GTK based AOL Instant Messenger
gbook.cgi 1.1 Perl CGI guestbook script
gcardinfo_applet 0.1 A PCMCIA card monitor applet for GNOME.
GCardScheme 0.99.0 A GNOME applet to change PCMCIA schemes.
GCD 2.94 A CD player with a GTK+ interface.
GDBC 0.9.3 A generic database connector.
gdbm_primitive 1.01 Shell primitives for working with GDBMs.
gdcalc 2.6 An RPN calculator for X.
get-pictures .8.6 A script that uses gphoto to grab images off of a digital camera.
gheadlines 0.7 Web site news in your GNOME panel.
Gifsicle 1.19 Command-line tool for creating, editing, and optimizing GIFs and animations
gimp-print 3.1.3 Print plug-in for the GIMP and GhostScript driver for Epson printers.
gjiten 0.5 GTK-based Japanese dictionary
GKrellM 0.9.8 System monitor package
Glide Voodoo2 drivers 2.53-6 Glide 2.53 for Voodoo 2
Glitter Newsreader 0.9 An interactive GUI program for extracting binaries from newsgroups.
gmessage+ 0.9 An xmessage clone.
gnewt 0.05 A Newt-compatible, GTK+-based library.
Gnome UPS Monitor 0.3.1 A GNOME client for the Network UPS Tools.
gnome-applets 1.1.9 A collection of applets for the GNOME panel.
gnome-core 1.1.9 GNU Network Object Model Environment
gnomerar 0.3.2 A GUI frontend to rar.
gnotepad+ 1.2.1 An easy-to-use and feature-rich text editor.
GNU Denemo 0.5.3 A GTK+ musical score editor.
GNU Gaming Zone 0.0.2 An online gaming center with multiple rooms and game modules.
GnuCash 1.3.6 A program to keep track of your finances
gnut 0.3.26 Console-based Gnutella clone.
Gnutella Monitor 0.1.0 A console monitor for the Gnutella network .
go-moku 0.6 Console based Networked GO-MOKU aka Five in row game.
GOGO 2.30f Fast, open source MP3 encoder based on LAME
GQview 0.8.1 X11 image viewer for the Linux operating system
Graphico 1.10 A system for rendering graphics with Java and C++.
Grecord 0.3.4 Simple sound player and recorder
Groovy Java Genetic Programming 1.1.2 A genetic programming experimentation platform in Java.
Groundwork 1.0 C++ class library for writing web-based applications.
gSculpt 0.2.2 3D modeller
GTK Comic 0.1.1 An application for managing your comic book collection.
Gtk+HS 0.7.1 A Haskell binding to the GTK+ GUI toolkit.
Gtkfxp 0.5 An FXP client for GTK.
GtkHx 0.3 A GTK+ Hotline client.
GtkRecover 0.2 A GTK version of the recover utility.
GTS (gnome) GNOME Task Scheduler 0.1 A GUI to at and cron.
Guava 1.0.2 C-like preprocessing for HTML
Guimaker 0.0.1 A little program that produces simple GUIs in GTK+ for use in scripts.
Half-life Admin MOD 0.82 A plugin mod to Half-Life.
HB 1.9.19 Simple language to create dynamic web content
Hearts 0.0.9 A hearts cardgame for KDE.
Heck Hex Editor 1.1 The greatest hex-editor in the world.
Hollywood Plus/DXR3 Linux Drivers 0.5 Linux drivers for the Hollywood Plus and DXR3 DVD decoder boards.
HP HOWTO 0.88 A utilisation and configuration guide of HP products under Linux.
html2latex 0.7 Convert HTML to LaTeX.
HTML::Embperl 1.3b3 Embed Perl into HTML Pages with a lot of features especialy for dynamic webpage
Hypercosm Player 1.3.2 A plugin and player for 3D interactive Web content.
icecast 1.3.5 MP3 Audio Broadcasting System
id3lib 3.7.3 An ID3v1/ID3v2 tagging library.
id3v2 0.1.3 An ID3v2 tagger.
infested/x 0.95a3 A script for x-chat.
InSite 2.02 An ultra-fast Web site management tool.
Instant ASP 1.0.5 Java-based implementation of the MS Active Server Pages framework.
interceptty 0.1b A TTY/serial port interceptor/logger.
International Components for Unicode (C/C++) 1.4.2 IBM Classes for Unicode (ICU) enable you to write fully cross-platform programs
IP Filter 3.3.13 TCP/IP packet filter
IPWatch 1.1 Restores network connectivity when there is a loss or change of IP.
IRMP3 0.4.3-pre2 Multimedia Audio (mp3) Jukebox; optional IR remote control, LCDisplay, keypad
j 0.2.4 A programmer's editor written in Java.
J.O.O.D.A. 0.3.18.Easter Java-IDE with nice features
jbofihe 0.30 Parses Lojban text and provides rough English translation
jEdit 2.4.2 Powerful text editor
Jellybean 0.06 A Perl Object Web server.
Jetty 2.4.2 HTTP/1.1 Servlet server written in Java
JFS for Linux 0.0.6 The IBM JFS source code.
joyd 0.2.0 Execute programs via joystick.
JTuxEyes Java Applet 1.0 Applet of Tux whose eyes follow the mouse pointer.
juice 0.03c User friendly dialog-based frontend for mpg123 and other players.
Kannel 0.8 An Open Source WAP & SMS gateway.
kinst 0.1.22 Application Installer for KDE
knetstart 1.0 Simple Ethernet card setup with network map
Komba 0.2.2 Samba share browser
konnekt4 1.0 A C implementation of the famous game with a TCL/Tk GUI.
KSnuffle 0.6 A packet sniffer for KDE.
Larbin 1.0.1 A fast Web-crawler.
launch 0.3 A simple X program launcher.
Lazarus 0.5 Lazarus Object Pascal IDE
LEGO::RCX.pm 1.00 A Perl module to communicate with a Lego MindStorms RCX.
Leon 0.1.1 Curve plotter.
Lexmark 5000 printer driver 1.41 Lexmark 5000 driver for Ghostscript
libmaterial 0.1 A texture management library with OpenGL support.
libole2 0.1.2 A library to access OLE2 streams.
Libsafe 1.3 A library which defends against buffer overflow attacks.
libshout 1.0.2 A library for streaming to icecast.
libsndfile 0.0.18 A library for reading and writing sound files.
Lilo Linux boot loader
LineControl Server 1.0.0 A remotecontrol for internet connections.
Linux HamRadio AX.25 patches and tools 2.2.14 Release 5 A patch to add better Linux AX.25 support.
Linux Intrusion Detection System 0.9 Linux Kernel-Based Intrusion Detect System
Linuxconf 1.18 Sophisticated administrative tool
LogDog 0.94.4 A daemon for monitoring system log files and emailing administrators.
LsdlDoom A portable SDL-based version of Doom with network support.
lvm-viewer 0.2 Graphical viewer for Linux Logical Volume Management
Lynx 2.8.3rel.1 Fully-featured, text-based World Wide Web browser.
Lynx SSL Patch 1.4.1 Enables secure use of the Lynx Web browser.
LyX 1.1.4fix3 Advanced LaTeX-based typesetting and text-editing program for X11
maildrop 0.99.2 maildrop mail filter/mail delivery agent
mail_log 0.0.3 Logs email statistics in a common/combined log file format.
MAMECAT 0.40 A MAME emulator front-end.
mars_nwe 0.99.pl18 Martin Stovers Netware Emulator
MathMap 0.11 A very generic GIMP plug-in.
Me3D 0.1.1 OpenGL 3D vector-based modeling tool
Medicine-HOWTO 1.1 Pointers to Linux software (mostly GPLed) for medical science.
Merchant Empires .1 A Web-based game of combat, strategy, and role-playing.
Mesa 3.2 3-D graphics library which uses the OpenGL API
Metaphrast 0.2 XML/Postscript report engine.
MFMail 0.2 A command-line multiple file mail in Python.
MHonarc 2.4.5 Perl mail-to-HTML converter.
mifluz 0.15.0 Full text indexing C++ library
MiniGUI 0.2.32 A mini-GUI support library on the Linux console for embedded systems.
MIT Scheme 7.5.7 A programming environment for Scheme.
mkautosmb 0.8.8 A script that makes the local SMB network browsable.
mminstance 1.13 Makes single-master PostScript fonts from multiple master fonts
ModLogAn 0.0.4 A modular logfile analyzer.
modutils 2.3.11 Linux module utilities
mod_dav 0.9.17-1.3.6 DAV protocol extensions for Apache
mod_layout 1.6 Layout module for Apache.
mod_ntlm 0.3 An NTLM authentication module for Apache 1.3.9 / Unix.
mod_perl 1.23 Brings together the fullpower of Perl and the Apache HTTP server
moodss 8.17 Modular Object Oriented Dynamic SpreadSheet
moon-buggy 0.5 A game in which you drive a car across the moon.
Moonshine 1.1.1 An application development environment for Linux.
MPI-Povray 1.0 Patch to Povray 3.1g to do MPI distributed rendering.
mrtg-misc-probe 0.1.2 A miscellaneous system parameter monitor probe for mrtg.
MTX 1.2.5 program for controlling the robotic mechanism of DDS autoloaders
mu 000422 An OpenGL/Mesa geometry viewer.
Muddleftpd 1.3.2 A small, fast configurable ftp server that can run without root.
MUSIC 0.0.6 A MUD-like text-based virtual reality server.
Mutt 1.1.12 Small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operatingsystems
mwForum 1.1.2 Web-based discussion forum
MyODBC 2.50.31 ODBC for MySQL
NAMG 0.2.3 Downloads mail from a NetAddress account and forwards it locally
nano 0.9.4 Pico editor clone with enhancements.
NeoMail 0.81 A Web-based interface to user mail spools on a system.
netcomics 0.12 A perl script that downloads today's comics from the Web
netplot 0.4 A network management Web tool.
ngEat 0.3.0 An ngLog parser for Unreal Tournament.
Nightfall 0.18 Eclipsing binary star program
NJAMD 0.6.1 Not Just Another Malloc Debugger.
nmap 2.30BETA21 Full featured, robust port scanner
note 1.0.0 commandline note tool
nportredird 0.4 A TCP/IP networks port redirector.
NTP 4.0.99i A time synchronization daemon which keeps your system time accurate.
nVidia XFree86_40 Drivers 0.9-1 nVidia XFree86 4.0 Drivers.
OCaml 3.00 Objective Caml is the latest implementation of the Caml dialect of ML
OMTA 0.51 Offline mail handler
oops 1.4 An HTTP/FTP proxy.
Open CASCADE 3.0 A generic C++ graphic modeling object library.
OpenMuscat 0.1.3 High performance probabalistic search engine library.
OpenTicket 1.0b1 A Web-based trouble ticketing/problem tracking system.
Oracletool 1.04 A web based tool for Oracle DBA's written in Perl.
Pan 0.8.0 beta 6 Gnome/GTK Newsreader
PCI Utilities 2.1.7 Utilities for diagnostics and cofiguration of PCI devices
pcmcia-cs 3.1.14 A complete PCMCIA support package for Linux.
pgp-gui 0.0.3 A PGP frontend written in Perl.
pgpenvelope 2.8.4 GPG/PGP5 filter for Pine
pgpforwarder 0.9.1 Encrypts incoming e-mail and forwards them to the real receiver.
PgWebForum 0.5 A Web forum that uses Postgresql and PHP.
phpLang 0.1.1 Easy multi-language support for your Web site.
phpMyChat 0.10.1 chat system based on PHP and MySQL
phpNewsCenter 0.6 A news admin tool.
phpODP 1.0UF2 A PHP class that allows you to use ODP data on your Web site.
phpSurvey 20000421 An easy-to-use, Web-administratable, PHP/MySQL-based survey engine.
PicMonger 0.9.5a Scans Usenet newsgroups for UU- or MIME-encoded binaries and decodes them.
pidentd+randid patch 1.0 Patch for pidentd to allow for random ident query response.
PIKT 1.10.0pre4 An innovative new systems administration paradigm
Planetary Hoppers 0.21.0 A networked strategy game for Java.
PMesa 0.8beta2 A free OpenGL work-alikelibrary with multiprocessor geometry transformations.
pngcrush 1.4.3 An optimizer for PNG files that can also insert or delete specified chunks.
PointerLite 3.1 An easy-to-use optimization framework.
PPresenter 1.07 Program presentations in Perl/Tk.
printerdb-utils 1.2-2 Editing functions for RedHat's printerdb configuration file.
prips 0.9.4 Print IP addresses in a given range
ProcMan 2.0 An automatic process manager.
Promisance 2.21 A web-based strategy game.
PS-HTTPD 1.3 A web server written in Postscript.
PTlink ircd 3.8.1 New featured ircd with a great services integration
py-bsddb3 2.0.5 A Python interface to BerkeleyDB 3.0.55.
PyNcurses 0.3 A Python binding for ncurses.
PySDL 0.0.4 A Python SDL module.
PySol-Cardsets 4.20 A collection of free cardsets for use with PySol
Qpopper 3.0.1b1 POP3 server
quickedit 0.0.8 Simple sound editor for KDE.
Quicktime for Linux 1.1.9 Low level Quicktime library for *NIX
reverse release-3 A C++-based backup suite for Linux.
Rio 500 0.6 Linux support for Diamond's Rio 500 MP3 player.
Rip_Shout 0.04 An easy-to-use front-end for streamripper.
RMC 0.54 A MUD client for X.
rmm 0.9.8 rm improved -- trashbin for bash.
Root-Portal 0.4.3 Background Desktop System Logger
Roxen WebServer 2.0 Platform independent webserver featuring strong encryption and SSL3
Rudiments 0.4 C++ foundation classes.
Samba 2.0.7 Allows clients to access to a server's filespace and printers via SMB
Scoop 0.5-pre2 A weblog management system
Script Editor 0.2 Mozilla-based editor for HTML, Javascript, PHP, XUL, etc.
Seawall 2.7 An easy-to-configure, ipchains-based firewall/gateway.
sendEmail 1.00 A tool for sending SMTP email from a command prompt.
setup 1.2.2 Graphical installer for Unix applications based on GTK and XML
shout 0.8.0 A supplying and a receiving client for the shoutcast streaming mp3 system.
Shoutstats 0.2 A fast, free Shoutcast server log file analysis program.
SICKnotes 0.6d A Web-based inventory, configuration, and knowledge base.
Simple Library Circulation System 0.0.0 Tracks circulation at a small library.
SimpleSite 0.60 A simple, non-interactive Web site generator.
simscomputing.Test Bed 0.20 Tool for writing unit tests for your Java code
Sing Along Disc Player 3.1.2 CD player with spectrum analyser, oscillator, mixer and remote DB support
Site in a Can 0.2 A PHP- and MySQL-based news backend.
Sjeng 7.2 A chess- and chess variants-playing program.
Slashdot Quickies 0.3 A program to download Slashdot Quickies.
SMS.pm 0.2beta2 A Perl module for sending SMS through Free SMS providers (like quios).
snmpstatd 1.2e A monitoring system designed for ISPs.
SNTS 1.0.1 Simple Network Time Sync.
sortdemo 0.2 Tool for sorting algorithm demonstrations.
spellutils 0.7 Run a program on the body of a mail or news message
spiprog 1.0 A programmer for SPI EEPROMs using parallel printer port.
Spruce 0.7.0 Simple email client coded for X with the Gtk widget set
SQL Relay 0.5 Oracle database connection daemon and API.
Squash 0.4 A simple Web-based news system with a search engine.
srm 0.7.0 A secure rm(1).
ssh-control 1.0 Two scripts for performing SSH account management.
Studio FrameWork 1.0.0 A C++ class library and application framework.
Sunshine Commander 0.2.0pre2 Crossplatform, consolebased FileManager
Sweep 0.0.5 A sound wave editor.
Swift Generator 0.13 Dynamic Flash content generator.
syslog-ng 1.4.3 A portable syslogd replacement with enhanced, flexible configuration scheme.
SysOrb Milestone III A network and server monitoring system.
Tcl-GDBI 20000420 Tcl extention for accessing mysql database.
TeleGNOME 0.9 Program to view 'Teletekst'-pages over the Internet
Temperature.app 0.4 A Window Maker applet that will display the local temperature.
TemplateFactory 1.0.0 A little template system based on SFW.
Textbiff 0.1 A small X program to monitor mail.
The Gimp 1.1.20 segfault patch The GNU Image Manipulation Program
The GrID 3 0.1.0 A GTK+ frontend to ID3.
thumbfunc 0.1 PHP function collection for creating jpg thumbnails.
TiK 0.84 Tcl/Tk version of AOL Instant Messenger
Timer_q 1.0.2 Shared C library for creating timed events (doesn't use alarm()).
TJFinger 1.0.2 A site-wide finger package.
TkNap 0.4.21 A barebones Napster client written in Tcl/Tk.
TkSmb 0.9.0 TclTk X11 shell for smbclient
tmetric 0.2 A tool useful for determining the available bandwidth in a route to a host.
Toaster 0.8.7 C program testing tool for working with gdb.
toolame 0.2g Optimized MPEG 1/2 Layer II audio encoder
TORCS 0.0.19 A 3D open racing car simulator.
Tornado 1.0pre3 A clone of the original C64 game.
TradeClient 0.20 A graphical email/calendar application for Linux.
TreeDoc 0.4 PHP functions for opening and closing links inside the same page.
Trestlemail 0.7 Automatically redistributes multi-drop Fetchmail
TSE3 0.0.2 TSE3 is a powerful open source sequencer engine written in C++.
Tumbling Dice! 2.11 Tumbling Dice! is a dice game written in JAVA
UdmSearch 3.0.12 Fast WWW search engine for your site
UltimateIRCd 2.8.0-ArcticTiger Advanced IRC daemon based off the DAL DreamForge daemon with many new features.
unwrap 0.1 Unwraps wrapster'd files in mp3s.
UW-IMAP/Linuxconf VDM 4.7c WU-IMAP with support for Linuxconf Virtual Domain Mail
VCDpad 0.2 Pad VCD MPEGs to be usable with vcdtools.
ViBRA 0.3 ViBRA16 Sound Blaster kernal sound support.
Vide 0.2.5 File manager with vi keybindings
VLAN 0.0.11 802.1Q VLAN implementation for Linux
Vorbize 0.1 An enhanced encoder for the Vorbis music compression format
vphotoalb 0.94 aA Web-based virtual photo album.
W3Mail 0.9.5 A Web gateway to POP3 eMail.
wakeonlan 0.1 Remote powerup script for a PC with a Wake-on-Lan ethernet adapter.
Watchlink 0.3 Implementation of the Timex Datalink protocol.
Web Designer 0.1.5 An HTML editor built in C with GTK
Webalizer 2.00-12 Web server log analysis program
webbase 5.11 Internet crawler C library and program
WebBBS 4.22 A Web-based bulletin board.
WebEvent Calendar 3.3b7 WebEvent is web calendar software for your web site.
WebRestore 0.1 A CGI program to simplify restoring backed-up files.
Webtools 0.4 Useful CGIs, C++ classes, Javascripts, and images for Web-based apps.
webtrace 0.5 A Perl script that generates a graphical output of traceroute.
Winux 2.0 Graphical configuration interface for LOADLIN
wmamp 1.0.0 A media player designed for the Window Maker dock.
WMAnsiEd 0.3 An ANSI/ASCII editor.
wmisdn 1.5 Window Maker-dockable ISDN monitor.
wmScoreBoard 0.30 Shows sports scores on the WindowMaker Dock.
WMSysMon 0.6.0 System monitor dock app for WindowMaker/AfterStep
WPC 0.2 web password security checker
wradio 1.0 A no-nonsense graphical radio.
X-Chat 1.5.0 GTK+ based IRC client, similar to AmIRC (Amiga).
XDBM 1.1.6 Database Manager designed specifically to hold XML data
xdevtree 1.0 Graphically browses device tree. For NetBSD only.
Xdialog 1.2.2 An X11 version of cdialog.
xmars 1.0 Just like 'xearth', but for the Red Planet, not the Blue Planet!
XML::XPath 0.24 An XPath parser and evaluator.
xpsgraph 1.0 Graphically browses process groups. For NetBSD only.
xxdiff 1.5 A graphical file comparator and merge tool.
Yacas 1.0.32 Yet Another Computer Algebra System
YAMP 1.16 Mp3 player written with GTK+
YAWMc 1.0 A PHP Web mail client.
Yet Another News Fetcher 0.1a News fetcher.
Yggdrasill Frej Tileable wallpapers
YIFF Sound Server 2.07 Sound server with multi-client and network-transparent io library.
ZClock 1.0 A highly configurable GNOME clock applet.

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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