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From: Liz Stelte 
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Subject: TeamLinux to sponsor LinuxMall.com's "Ask Linus" Linus Torvalds
Online Forum 
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 11:44:24 -0400 


Terry MacEwen
						TeamLinux Corporation

				Jeff Hooper
				Ackermann Public Relations & Marketing

TeamLinux to sponsor LinuxMall.com's "Ask Linus" Linus Torvalds Online Forum
Professional services company first to sponsor Linux founder's online
communication with Linux community  
Austin, Texas, May 03, 2000 - TeamLinux Corporation today announced that it
is teaming with LinuxMall.com to sponsor a new "Ask Linus" online forum.
Via the forum, Linux community members can get answers from Linux founder
Linus Torvalds about hot Linux trends and other Linux issues.

TeamLinux is the inaugural sponsor of the new forum, which launches this

"Linus Torvalds literally revolutionized the IT world's thinking about open
source operating systems by founding and enabling a community-driven, viable
alternative to the status quo," says Dan Maher, TeamLinux chairman and chief
executive officer.  "Helping facilitate a community exchange with him is
consistent with our overall mission of helping people better understand and
use Linux and open source technologies."

Visitors to LinuxMall.com's community pages can submit questions to Torvalds
along with browsing an archive of questions and answers to date.  The
cumulative format will let both established and newer community members
learn about the progression of Linux and get a glimpse into future

"The hallmark of this new forum is that all community members, regardless of
Linux expertise level, can increase their knowledge base through online
sharing with the visionary who started it all," says Maher.  "As a Linux
community member who actively advocates and offers Linux training, TeamLinux
is sponsoring this forum to advance the Linux movement as a whole by helping
all interested participants become more educated."

Based in Austin, Texas, TeamLinux is a professional services organization
that provides customers completely integrated solutions enabled by Linux and
open source technologies.  
Across its national network the company offers consulting, design,
integration, migration, training and support services for many business
segments including: e-commerce, Internet-enabled business to business,
computer aided design (CAD), electronic design automation (EDA), embedded
systems and Internet appliance applications enabled by open source and Linux

TeamLinux offers a comprehensive national training program to meet the
growing demand for open source and Linux system administration skills.
Certified engineers (Linux, RHCE, CNE, MCSE) design and teach TeamLinux's

Visit TeamLinux on the Web at www.team-linux.com.
The new "Ask Linus" forum, sponsored by TeamLinux, debuts the first week of
May at www.linuxmall.com/forum/. 

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