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From: Sebastian Hetze <she@lunetix.de>
Subject: CONFERENCE: Call For Papers: Linux Kongress 2000
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 21:22:09 GMT

                   Announcement and Call For Papers:
                 7th International Linux Kongress 2000

The 7th International Linux Kongress 2000 will take place at the
University of Erlangen from September 20 to September 22. It follows
the tradition of the Linux conference series (Heidelberg '94, Berlin '95
and '96, Wuerzburg '97, Cologne '98 and Augsburg '99) which has evolved
into the most important meeting for Linux experts and developers in Europe.

You are invited to participate in this famous Linux community event by giving
a presentation of your work and future plans. The Linux Kongress will be the
best opportunity for Open Source developers to meet in Europe and exchange
ideas about current and upcoming Open Source projects.

The conference will include up to 25 talks during two days (September 21-22)
in two parallel tracks. Both tracks will focus on Linux kernel and
general Open Source development issues, possibly accompanied by talks on
the underlying software technologies and Open Source philosophy. 
Each presentation will be 40 minutes (including discussions, when applicable).
Due to the international character of this conference, presentations will
be given in English.

The two tracks will consist of a combination of invited talks and
refereed papers. The 2000 Linux Kongress Program Committee is looking
for original and innovative papers about the current Linux kernel
development and more generally about Open Source development projects.

Some particularly interesting Linux development topics are:
 - Filesystems
 - Device drivers
 - Networking and packet filtering
 - Architectures
 - High availibility
 - Clustering
 - SMP
 - Linux in extreme environments

Interesting Open Source development topics include but are not limited to:
 - Cross development
 - Porting commercial software to the Open Source environment
 - Standards in Open Source environments
 - Managing Open Source development
In addition to the talks, there will be tutorials on September 20.
Proposals are welcome. Topics will be announced later.

To address the fast evolving nature of Linux, new topics not covered
by the conference talks can be discussed during informal gatherings,
called Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions. BoFs may be scheduled at the
conference or in advance by mailing the program chair.

In order to provide the best possible talk offerings, we are soliciting
proposals for new talks. Questions regarding a topic's relevance to the
conference may be addressed to the program chair via email to
chair@linux-kongress.de.  An abstract (at least 1 full page) is required
for the selection process. The preferred form of submission is via
electronic mail to the program chair.

Submissions must be received by May 31, 2000 latest. We encourage
everybody interested in giving a talk to let us know about the
subject immediately.

An extended abstract or a full paper for distribution to conference
participants must be submitted by August 31, 2000. Papers must not
have been previously published.

In order to enable presenters to attend the conference, the Linux Kongress
organization can pay for travel expenses and accomodation.

The conference will be organized by GUUG (German UNIX Users Group),
NLUUG (UNIX Users Group - The Netherlands) and LIVE (Linux-Verband),
Any profits from this event will be used to support free software projects.

The complete program and registration information will be available in
June 2000. If you like to receive registration material, please
contact the
        GUUG office, Ms. Bester
        Rheinsteinstrasse 1
        D-81375 Muenchen,
        Tel. +49-89-5707-697, Fax +49-89-7101-9582,
        email: info@linux-kongress.de

You can find further information about the conference on the WEB:

Program Committee

     Sebastian Hetze, Linux Information Systems <s.hetze@linux-ag.com>

     Jos Vos,         NLUUG, X/OS               <jos@xos.nl>
     Ralf Flaxa,      Caldera                   <rf@caldera.de>
     Markus Rex,      SuSE                      <msrex@suse.de>
     Gert Doering,                              <gert@greenie.muc.de>
     Harald Milz,     Linux Magazin             <hm@linux-magazin.de>