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Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 09:47:28 -0400
From: Starr Hopkins 
To: letters@lwn.net
Subject: Press Release

LSNet to Host 2nd Annual LinuxFest

        LSNet, a local Internet Service Provider for the Twin Counties
and Alleghany County, NC, is hosting the second annual Linux Festival in
Independence, Virginia on Saturday, June 24, 2000.  
        The festival will celebrate the upstart of the operating system
community, Linux.  Like last year, LSNet will provide free food & drink,
prizes, and an eclectic selection of live musical entertainment
including local band Cryptameria (http://www.cryptameria.com).  
        "Originally, the festival was to be a May Day thing, but last
year was too cold - so we pushed it back so as to enjoy warmer weather,"
says LSNet Sales and Marketing Director, Starr Hopkins.  "We had a real
blast though.  Lots of live music; including Cryptameria, Fred Ross
(local violinist with tons of talent), Casey Hash.   People came from
India (via Georgia, of all places), Raleigh, NC and West Virginia."  
        Last year's LinuxFest was held on May 1 (to celebrate May Day)
and was
attended by many who braved the cold windy weather for free music, food,
and Linux related cameraderie.  Photos from last year's festival are
online at http://www.ls.net/~linuxfest/linuxfest99.html.  
        LSNet invites attendees to bring instruments and voices for a
new addition to the festival: open mike.  "We want to encourage local
talent whilst celebrating Linux," quips LSNet employee and musician,
Dennis Warren.    Another new addition is a vendor booth by local health
food store, Rainbow's End (http://www.ls.net/~rainbow).   
        More information is on the LinuxFest page at
        LSNet also sponsors the local Linux Users Group
(http://www.ls.net/linux/lslug/) which meets once a month in Downtown

Starr Hopkins
Sales/Marketing Director