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Subject: Re: Miracle Linux, Oracle's new company in Japan 
From: "Maya TAMIYA" <editor@ChangeLog.net>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 17:32:34 +0900

Oracle Japan Establishes Linux Company
To Develop and Promote Linux for Business

Oracle Corporation Japan (Headquarters: 4-1, Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
Representative Director and President: Chikara Sano) announces the
establishment of Linux-specialized company with joint management of major
companies in various industries in Japan.  Linux is rapidly spreading in
enterprise systems all over the world because of its excellent reliability and
stability.  It is the first case for Oracle Japan to make investment as the
primary stockholder and establish a new company.

The new Linux-specialized company, "Miracle Linux Corporation," will have its
headquarters in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.  Having Oracle Japan as a sponsor, the
company will be established with its initial capital of 220 Million Yen, and
will increase its capital to 400 Million Yen in the near future in getting
investments from the following four companies.  After that, investment
breakdown will be as follows:

 - Oracle Japan : 55%  - Primary Stockholder
 - NEC (Representative Director and President: Koji Nishigaki):  14%
 - TurboLinux Japan, K.K. (President: Kuniteru Kojima):  14%
 - SUNBRIDGE Corporation (Representative Director and President: Allen Miner): 4%
 - OBIC Business Consultant (Representative Director and President:  Seiji Wada): 3%

Miracle Linux Corporation will deal with various businesses including
development and sales of Linux OS, marketing of Linux version of Oracle
software, offering Linux-related support services such as consulting,
education and maintenance.  Especially, in the development activities of
the Linux OS, the company will integrate excellent technologies from three
major companies in computer industry, namely, Linux technology from
TurboLinux Japan, PC server technology from NEC and database technology
from Oracle Japan, to produce a powerful Linux distribution, which
addresses high-end database servers.

With full support of both LSB (Linux Standard Base: a committee to develop and
promote Linux for the purpose of improving distribution compatibility to offer
easy interoperability of Linux software) and LPI (The Linux Professional
Institute: a committee to create universal certification system for Linux
engineers), Miracle Linux will promote open standarization of Linux.  Further,
the company will try to establish support systems of excellent technical
levels, with which a company needs no support from other company having Linux
experiences, and  create and maintain Linux kernels by itself.

Kouichi Yano, who is currently Senior Manager of Business Development
Division of Oracle Japan and has been leading Linux business, will be the
Representative Director and President of the new company.  Having other
directors and staffs from each sponsoring company, it will start its
business on June 1, with approximately 20 members in total.

This summer, Miracle Linux is planning to offer a server OS which is
specialized for Oracle8i, and proceed to development of high quality Linux
OS which addresses demands from mission critical high-end market.  Also, it
is planning to expand its distribution channels with cooperation from its
sponsors and Linux-related companies to increase sales, which are expected
to be profitable in three years.  Further, not restricted in Japanese
domestic market, it hopes to expand its business globally to become a
worldwide Linux company with its initial establishment in Japan.