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To:	linux-kernel@vger.rutgers.edu
Subject:  Updated 2.3.x job list (its getting shorter)
From:	Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk>
Date:	Fri, 28 Jan 2000 17:31:32 +0000

Truncate races (Debian apt shows it nicely)
Restore O_SYNC functionality
Merge the network fixes - there is a ton of backed up stuff to do asap
vmalloc(GFP_DMA) is needed for DMA drivers
VM needs rebalancing
Fix eth= command line
Check O_APPEND atomicity bug fixing is complete
Protection on isize  (sct)
Merge 2.2.13/14 changes 
Get RAID 0.90 in
PAE36 failures
Mikulas claims we need to fix the getblk/mark_buffer_uptodate thing for
	2.3.x as well
PIII/Athlon/MMX/etc acceleration merge from 2.2.x-ac
Fix SPX socket code
NCR5380 isnt smp safe
Finish 64bit vfs merges (lockf64 and friends missing)
Make syncppp use new ppp code
Fbcon races
Fix all remaining PCI code to use new resources and enable_Device
Stackable fs ?? (Erez)
Get the Emu10K merged
Test PMC code on Athlon
Fix module remove race bug (-- not in open so why did I see crashes ??? --)
Per Process rtsigio
Maybe merge the ibcs emulation code
VFS?VM - mmap/write deadlock
initrd is bust
msync fails on NFS
rw sempahores on page faults (mmap_sem)
kiobuf seperate lock functions/bounce/page_address fixes
per super block write_super needs an async flag
addres_space needs a VM pressure/flush callback
per file_op rw_kiovec
enhanced disk statistics
Fix routing by fwmark
put_user appears to be broken for i386 machines
Some FB drivers check the A000 area and find it busy then bomb out
SCSI needs allocate/free functions to fix the gdth stuff
NTFS needs updating/binning or something
ACPI hangs on boot for some systems
rw semaphores on inodes to fix read/truncate races ?
Not all device drivers are safe now the write inode lock isnt taken on write
File locking needs checking for races
Multiwrite IDE breaks on a disk error

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