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To:	linux-kernel@vger.rutgers.edu
Subject: Linux 2.4.0test1-ac18
From:	Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk>
Date:	Tue, 13 Jun 2000 20:08:12 +0100

These patches are versus 2.4.0-test1 from your favourite kernel mirror
(ftp.*.kernel.org:/pub/linux/kernel/v2.4.0). The patches are in 

James Cloos is maintaining diffs between -ac versions at

o	Rivafb compilation issues			(Ferenc Bakonyi)
o	Fix HGA docs					(Ferenc Bakonyi)
o	FIX IDE setup					(Petr Vandrovec)
o	Update Alpha to new ptrace stuff		(Ivan Kokshaysky)
o	BTTV init fixes					(Werner Almesberger)
o	Fix msp3400 early init crash			(Werner Almesberger)
o	Fix non SMP raid5 build				(me)
o	ATI fb driver fixes				(Paul Mackerras)
o	Fix ISAPnP unload bugs				(Ivan Kokshaysky)
o	CODA update					(Jan Harkes)
o	AWACS audio mixer fixup				(Ani Joshi)
o	First USB bandwidth stuff			(Randy Dunlap)
o	Use vmalloc for big fdsets			(me)
o	Resync with 2.2.16 part1
	- Minor doc updates, add sbc60xx wdt
	- girbil timeouts small driver fixes
	- ira driver fixes, megaraid, fix 4096 byte
	scsi disk support, new seagate signature,
	readv overrun fix. gcc 3.0 preparations
o	cm206 driver was broken by devfs - fixed	(me)	

o	Fix accidentally removed setsid/md fix		(Thorsten Kranzkowski)
o	Fix cdrom thinko. 				(Jens Axboe)
o	Sunrpc fixes (SMP races etc), ditto lockd	(Trond Myklebust)
o	Fix ptrace races				(Philipp Rumpf)
	| may need tweaks for non x86
o	Fix schedule_timeout race			(Philipp Rumpf)
o	'cc' clobber not needed on cpuid		(Philipp Rumpf)
o	Fix config.in : Microtek scanner needs SCSI (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o	i810 random number generator driver		(Jeff Garzik)
o	Remove mysterious 'x1' file that leaked into	(me)
	last diff
o	Update kernel parameters documentation		(John Levon)
o	Fix __setup returns that are wrong on		(John Levon)
	hd.c ide.c mac_esp.c mac_scsi.c 
o	USBfs ioctl support				(David Brownell)
o	Fix some bugs in the mousedrivers docs		(me)
	pointed out by Manfred
o	Make menuconfig work with more expr variants	(David Parsons)
o	Fix isdn_audio build on non intel		(Bernd Kischnick)
o	Fix dentry bug in nfsd exports			(Trond Myklebust)
o	One liner VM speed fix				(Zlatko Calusic)
o	Make put_unused_fd visible in includes		(John Boyd)
o	BTTV fixes for >4Gig RAM			(me)
	| Gert was right about the bug - the fix is
	| vmalloc_32 however

o	Squash PSN on the Transmeta CPU too		(me)
	| Not sure if its needed but..
o	Small shmiq driver optimisation			(Tigran Aivazian)
o	Updates for arch/arm				(Russell King)
o	Fix drivers/char/Makefile for arm		(Russell King)
o	Fix etherh driver for 8390 changes		(Russell King)
o	Update ARM docs/Configure.help			(Russell King)
o	Fix docs references in config.in files	(Andrzej M. Krzysztofowicz)
o	Bring UDF into line with the inode wait flags	(Jens Axboe)
o	Fix a couple of CD driver bugs			(Jens Axboe)
o	tdfxfb fixes for flicker and for cursor		(Alexander Lukyanov)
o	Update Changes file				(Chris Ricker)
o	Fix potential buffer handling overrun with
	512 byte blocks					(Ben LaHaise)
o	Fix a small glitch in an i2o timeout		(Steve Ralston)
o	Fix warnings in vesafb			(Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o	Large raid patch update				(Ingo Molnar)
o	Fix missing blk_cleanup_queue on loop		(Jens Axboe)
o	Fix races in exec handling			(Al Viro)

o	Revert del_timer_sync change			(David Woodhouse)
o	Assorted VFS cleaning				(Al Viro)
o	AF_UNIX cleanups 				(Alexey Kuznetsov,
							 Al Viro)
o	Remove unused mnt_dirname			(Al Viro)
o	Clean up .. handling in walk_path		(Al Viro)
o	Fix misleading documentation for NFS TCP opt	(Trond Myklebust)
o	Document why the FXSAVE stuff is safe		(Philipp Rumpf)
	| It took a bit of thinking to see why.. 
o	Fix callers of do_mmap without the sem held	(Al Viro)
o	Fix K7 cache reporting bug			(me)
o	Fix K7 cpuid flags				(me)

o	Clean up processor selection			(Niels Jensen)
o	Fix the potential schedule_timeout race		(David Woodhouse)
o	Update file locking to use slab and list funcs	(Matthew Wilcox)
o	Devpts cleanups					(Al Viro)
o	Fix chrp_pci config.in				(Niels Jensen)
o	Fix plip wrong kfree crashes			(Philip Blundell)
o	Clean up other write_inode warnings		(Keith Owens)
o	Fix displayed i2o block partition naming	(me)
o	Fix support for older RTL8139 devices		(Jeff Garzik)
o	Updated serial console docs		(Miquel van Smoorenburg)
o	Stop in2000 x86 specific stuff and sbni
	being built on non x86				(Philip Blundell)
o	Fix undefined symbols and stuff on ARM		(Philip Blundell)
o	Add Configure.help entries for stuff		(Philip Blundell)
o	Fix UHCI build bug on ia64/alpha		(Georg Acher)
o	Switch networking to a .o module		(Philip Blundell)
o	Add HP PhotoSmart C500 support			(David Brownell)
o	Updated CREDITS entry				(Philip Blundell)
o	Hopefully fix the annoying buffer oops in ac13	(Stephen Tweedie)
o	NM256 missed delay.h				(Philip Blundell)

o	IDE updates					(Andre Hedrick)
o	Set lockd to accept UDP only			(Trond Myklebust)
o	Epic100 fixes					(Francois Romieu)
o	Add CONFIG_PMAC_PBOOK help, keyboard timer, 	(Paul Mackerras)
	awacs audio timer, controlfb mode selection, macmode bug
	workaround, IBM firmware workaround, minor cleanups
o	Add power3 fixes and power4 support. 64bit chips(Paul Mackerras)
	now run in 32bit mode
o	Fix leak in set_personality			(Al Viro)
o	Fix O_FOLLOW|O_CREAT				(Al Viro)
o	Fix O_SYNC/fsync for some file systems		(Stephen Tweedie)
	| Some other file systems may need tweaking
o	Make i_count an atomic type to fix races	(Al Viro)
o	Add maintainer entry for Eicon ISDN		(Armin Schindler)
o	Fix return values on network drivers/PCI etc	(Jeff Garzik)
	sbni wavelan wd znet sk_g16 sk_mca smc-mca smc-ultra32
	sonic strip sunbmac sunlance sunqe a1700 atari_pamsnet
	atari_bionet atp cs89x0 de600 eepro eexpress eth16i
	fmv18x pi2 pt hp-pluys hplance mac89x0 myri_sbus 
	ptifddi seq8005
o	PCI clean up for aic5800			(Jeff Garzik)
o	PCI cleanups for				(Jeff Garzik)
	hysdn sedlbauer niccy netjet hfc_pci elsa	
o	Fix microcode driver bugs			(Philipp Rumpf)
o	Sparc updates					(Dave Miller)
o	Kill a procfs warning				(Paul Mackerras)
o	Fix irongate GART, add 2 level support		(Jeff Hartmann)
o	FIX FXSR support back compatibility issues	(Gareth Hughes)
o	Clean up a couple of config.h items		(Niels Jensen)
o	Fix resourceless serial card crash		(Dabvid Ford)
o	Make some via tables static			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix some stupid bugs in i2o_scsi		(me)
	| Should now work non modular

o	Remove a bit of bogus i2o code on setup		(me)
o	Update the microcode driver			(Tigran Aivazian)
o	Network merge (ipv6 netfilter etc)		(Dave Miller
							 Philip Blundell,..)
o	Fix hole creator in mkcramfs			(Claudio Fleiner &
							 Dan Quinlan)
o	Small MD driver bug fixes			(Neil Brown)
o	RPC svc check, xdr tidy				(Neil Brown)
o	NFS over TCP initial code set (developer only!)	(Neil Brown)
o	Update cyclom wan driver		(Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o	Remove unused ide_pmac function			(Ani Joshi)
o	Handle es1371 rev 8				(Thomas Sailer)
o	PAS rev D mixer fix				(Arthur Peters)
o	Don't do plugging on loop			(???)
o	Fix an undef error and prototype error in md	(Thorsten Kranzkowski)
o	Add ICH2 support to the 810 driver. Add code	(me)
	to handle misclocked AC97 busses
o	IBMtr lockup fix				(Mike Phillips)
o	Clean up the DocBook in the mousedrivers docs	(Telsa Gwynne)
o	Fix tulip compile on Alpha			(Ivan Kokshaysky)
o	Add more devices to the pegasus driver list	(Petko Manolov)
o	Revert netlink change - fix docs to match code	(Dave Jones)
	not mash code to match docs
o	Try to handle buggy hubs the way windows does	(Johannes Erdfelt)

o	Don't crash and burn on boot with new K7's	(me)
o	Digi acceleport USB updates			(Al Borchers &
							 Peter Berger)
o	Fix 3c905C problem with ac10			(Andrew Morton)
o	Fix aic7xxx problems (longer INQ timeout)	(Neil Brown)
o	Eject mac floppies for ramdisk loads		(via Cort Dougan)
o	Rest of the get/put module sym race fix		(David Woodhouse)
o	Document newer fdutils			(Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz)
o	Don't require __LIBRARY__ for syscall macros
		on Alpha				(Erik Troan)
o	VIA audio update				(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix return codes				(Jeff Garzik)
	lne390		ne2		e2100		ni52
	de620		hp		3c503		ac3200
o	PCI cleanups					(Jeff Garzik)
	avm_pci		eicon_pci	gazel		diva
	b1pci		bkm_a4t
o	Tidy up ac97 codec display			(Jeff Garzik)
o	clgenfb cleanups				(Jeff Garzik)
o	remove some escaped kdb bits that got into	(Keith Owens)
	| serial.c	
o	Tulip add debugging info			(Jeff Garzik)
o	USB printer driver updates 			(Randy Dunlap)
o	NTFS fixes					(Anton Altaparmakov)
o	Fix ohci asynchronous unlink			(Cyrille Chepelov)
o	Kill parport_enumerate use by plip		(Tim Waugh)
o	Turn hang on init death into a panic		(Philipp Rumpf)
o	Fix kill_fasync race in sg			(Manfred Spraul)
o	Remove accidentally double added pci_enable
	in lynx ieee1394 driver				(Andreas Bombe)
o	config include tidy ups				(Niels Jensen)
o	Add Andries Brouwer as the partition code	(Andries Brouwer)
o	Fix lo refcounting				(Andries Brouwer)
o	Add winchip series processors to the config	(Dave Jones)
o	Fix mremap crash				(Vladimir Roganov)
o	Fix RAID + PIII compile bug			(Brendon Humphrey)
o	CHRP and core99 ppc fixes			(Geert Uytterhoeven)
o	/proc l2cr decoding bugfix			(Michel Lanners)
o	Add SBC8260_memory_mapping.txt			(Jon Diekeman)
o	Fix netlink as module				(Dave Jones)
o	Fix signal queue overload mishandling		(Chuck Lever)
o	Tidy skbuff inlines to use static inline	(Jeff Garzik)

o	Fix the compatibility bug that bit db2		(Christoph Rohland)
o	Fix unlink/rename bugs, remove unneeded lock	(Petr Vandrovec)
o	Clear sin_zero on UDP sockets			(Frank van Maarseveen)
o	Switch paride/pd to wait_event			(Tim Waugh)
o	Correct parport console docs			(Tim Waugh)
o	netfilter: struct memcmp bogosity fix		(Russell King + Rusty)
o	netfilter: conntrack overload crash		(James Morris)
o	netfilter: REJECT when using nat fix		(Rusty)
o	netfilter: more extension misuse checks 	(Rusty)
o	netfilter: compat. w/o NETLINK_DEV		(Rusty)
o	netfilter: ip_queue fixes			(James Morris)
o	netfilter: wierd ftp server fix			(Rusty)
o	netfilter: recalc src IP only if NAT		(Rusty)
o	netfilter: iptables modcounts			(James Morris
							 + Aki M Laukkanen)
o	netfilter: ICMP errors timeout bug		(Rusty)
o	netfilter: generic & UDP timeouts		(Rusty)
o	netfilter: DoS flood fix			(Rusty)
o	netfilter: extra frag checks			(Rusty)
o	netfilter: 'Netstat -M' compat fix		(Rusty)
o	netfilter: client icmp errors NAT fix		(Rusty)
o	netfilter: icmp errors ipchains fix		(Rusty)
o	Export inetaddr notifiers			(Pekka Riikonen)
o	Tidy up config/includes on lan/a and microtek	(Niels Jensen)
o	Made radio names consistent as pointed out by	(Jan Willamowius)
o	Fix ambassador ATM driver			(Francois Romieu)
o	Kill parport_enumerate in ppdev			(Tim Waugh)
o	Fix mkraid oops on non SMP boxes		(Neil Brown)
o	Two liner vm improvement			(Rik Van Riel)
o	Update microcode driver to not require devfs	(Tigran Aivazian)
o	Update addresses etc for Tigran			(Tigran Aivazian)
o	DGRS update					(Rick Richardson)
o	Small network driver updates			(Andrew Morton)
	| 3c59x timer, pci ids, smc9194, 3c515 bits
o	Added mouse driver documentation		(me)

o	Fix config.in bugs				(Tigran Aivazian)
o	Fix DSBR100 sign extension problems		(Randy Dunlap,
							 Markus Demleitner)
o	SG updates					(Doug Gilbert)
o	Fix scsi hosts stuff				(Doug Gilbert)
o	Clean up races in use of load_8390_module	(David Woodhouse)
o	IDE updates					(Andre Hedrick)
o	Fix dentry leak in ELF loader			(Paul Campbell)
o	IBM Lan/A adapter driver			(Alfred Arnold)
o	SK/MCA update					(Alfred Arnold)
o	NFS bug fixes					(Trond Myklebust)
o	Updated Symbios and NCR53c8xx drivers		(Gerhard Roudier/LSI)
o	pci_enable for lynx iee1394			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix config.h dependancies			(Niels Jensen)
o	Make xconfig keybindings update			(Kip Macy)
o	Added yet another SB AWE gold variant		(Paul Laufer)
o	Bonding driver fixes				(Anton Blanchard)
o	Restore the updating of total blocks/old file
	format compatibility in /proc/stat		(Felix Braun)
o	Fix disabling RPC debug				(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Add USB microtek scanner support		(John Fremlin &
							 Oliver Neukum)
o	Add missing include to tuner.c			(Guus Sliepen)

o	Fix PPC TLB handling, serialize xtime and more	(Cort Dougan)
o	ARM include updates				(Russell King)
o	ARM arch/arm updates				(Russell King)
o	ARM driver updates				(Russell King)
o	Cyberpro FB updates				(Russell King)
o	David Woodhouse CREDITS entry update		(David Woodhouse)
o	Fix busmouse races				(Russell King)
o	Kernel locking docs changes			(Rusty Russell)
o	Reduce probe messages from uss720		(Randy Dunlap)
o	Fix console cursor re-entry			(Petr Vandrovec)
o	USB hub patches					(Johannes Erdfelt)
o	Clgenfb fixes for oopses			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix undefined ide_release_dma			(Niels Jensen)
o	Fix rom enable on Xircom cards			(Keith Owens)
o	YMF driver updates				(Daisuke Nagano)
o	Put MAINTAINERS all in the right format to parse(Riley Williams)
o	Fix sis5513 driver oops				(Tim Vanderleeuw)
o	Fix a missed FX/FXSR change			(Niels Jensen)
o	NCPfs updates					(Petr Vandrovec)
o	IEEE1394 updates				(Andreas Bombe)
o	Update bttv to rev 0.31				(Gerd Knorr &
							 Rui Sousa)
o	Tidy returns on 3c507 driver			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Tidy returns on 3c523 driver			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix ide config.in formatting			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Check ioremap return on stradis driver		(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix returns on apne driver			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix returns on arlan driver			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix dayn returns and module unload race		(Jeff Garzik & me)
o	pci_enable fixes for the avmb1			(Jeff Garzik)
o	t1pci pci_enable fixes				(Jeff Garzik)
o	teles pci_enable fixes				(Jeff Garzik)
o	w6692 pci_enable fixes				(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix amiga keyboard driver			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Stallion pci cleanup				(Jeff Garzik)
o	Minimal timer race stuff			(Andrew Morton)
o	Via audio doc typo fixes			(Jeff Garzik)
o	System 5 shared memory updates			(Christoph Rohland)
o	Remove the page->buffers case from t_i_p()	(Juan Quintela)
o	Fix free_proc_entry bug				(Andrew Morton)
o	Fix bdflush oops on boot race			(Russell King)
o	DABusb fixes					(Randy Dunlap)
o	HP100 tidyups					(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix mkcramfs bug				(Claudio Fleiner)
o	Cyclades driver updates				(Ivan Passos)
o	Various fs fixes/race cures			(Al Viro)
	| Should fix the floppy driver
o	ACPI clean ups					(Jeff Garzik)
o	VM algorithm updates				(Rik van Riel)
o	Fix 21143 tulip driver bug			(Jeff Garzik)
o	USB scanner updates				(David Nelson)
o	Update parport and doc howto			(Tim Waugh)

o	Change in paride maintainer			(Tim Waugh)
o	Fix AWE wavetable upload oops			(Takashi Iwai)


o	Fix the IDE damage done in ac6			(me, Jens Axboe)
o	Update the docbook on kernel locking		(Rusty)
o	Port ymf7xx driver to the 2.4.0test tree	(Jeff Garzik)
o	Bring capabilities more into line with Posix	(Andrew Morgan)
o	Netfilter site has moved, Rusty has moved	(Rusty)
o	-D__SMP__ and config.in cleanups		(Niels Jensen)
o	Put the ENOTTY on failed fasync fix into 2.3	(Rusty)
o	IDE driver update				(Andre Hedrick)
	| This may break PIIX3 USB, if so can Andre and the USB
	| folks figure it out between them
o	Further VM tuning				(Rik van Riel)
o	8139 driver updates				(Jeff Garzik)
o	List ALi in the docs/config for trident		(Ching Ling Lee)
o	Add key bindings to Make xconfig		(Kip Macy)
o	Do elevator accounting before queueing the I/O	(Leonard Zubkoff)
	| DAC960 probably works happily now
o	Stop open() on sockets 				(Chris Wedgewood)
o	Assorted minor cleanups (Statics etc)		(Philipp Rumpf)


o	Truncate_inode fixups				(Juan Quintela)
o	Olympic driver fixes for PowerPC		(Mike Phillips)
o	Restore old style mem= behaviour		(Hibino Kei)
o	Fix use of abs on loff_t			(Jakub Jelinek)
o	Fix x86 fpu code/new gcc incompatibility	(Jakub Jelinek)
o	Fix ambassador build with new gcc		(Jakub Jelinek)
o	Ext2 fixes for LFS and others			(Ted Tso)
o	Fix unused 'page_exception' prototype		(Jan Niehusmann)
o	shmfs doesnt needed to be mounted for sysv	(Michael Riepe)
o	VIA ide driver fixes			(Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz)
o	Fix ipx forwarding bugs			(Alexandr S. Agranovsky)
o	Remove obsolete CONFIG_PROFILE from S/390	(Gael Queri)
o	Serial driver update				(Ted T'so)
o	Add Supra 33.6i V+ Int modem to the serial pnp	(me)
o	EEpro100 updates				(Andrey Savochkin)
o	PCI resource cleanups for			(Francois Romieu)
	eni		nicstar		zatm		stradis
	aec62xx		ali15x3		amd7409		cs5530
	hpt34x		hpt366		ide-dma		pdc202xx
	piix		trm290		pcilynx		de4x5
	iph5526		rtl8129		skfddi		lanstreamer
	olympic		yenta		3ware		53c7,8xx
	AM53C974	buslogic	advansys	aic7xxx
	atp870u		eata_dma	eata_pio	fdomain
	ips		qlogicfc	qlogicisp	tmscsim
	cmpci		emu10k		trident		ixj
	usb-ohci	clgengfb	matroxfb	pm2fb
	riva fb		

	[A few haven't been merged. In paticular I belive it isnt required
	 to pci_enable_device the video card is it ? - can a PCI guy answer
	 that detail] 
o	Updated FXSR/SSE handling code. Can folks 	(Gareth Hughes)
	PIII crash on boot try this release
o	Make xconfig fix for old old tk		(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Add htmldocs target				(Paul Gortmaker)
o	Tulip updates					(Jeff Garzik)
o	Drop questionable ide change			(Andries Brouwer)
o	USB updates for input/hid devices		(Vojtech Pavlik)
o	USB updates for evdev				(Vojtech Pavlik)
o	Fix incorrect printk in sr.c			(me)


o	Page aging VM updates				(Rik van Riel)
o	Fix fasync races/SMP issues			(Manfred Spraul)
o	Handle menuconfig with on config.h		(Kurt Roeckx)
o	Fix ST-506 probing for IDE			(Paul Gortmaker)
o	VIA audio needs PCI				(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Config.in/Naming fixes				(David Weinehall)
o	Further sjcd compile fix			(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Libc5 build fixes				(Kurt Roeckx)
	(Modified by me)
o	Fix ide/makefile bug				(Jeff Garzik)
o	Devfs registration for isdn tty			(Christoph Hellwig)
o	Further devfs docs				(Thierry Vignaud)
o	Further rio makefile fixups			(Rogier Wolff)
o	Default config/link fixes			(Niels Jensen)
o	Fix cqcam colour format				(Claudio Matsuoka)
o	Shuffle mc146818 around for MIPS boxes		(Ralf Baechle)
o	IOC3 ethernet updatess				(Ralf Baechle)
o	Parport printk tidy up				(Gunther Mayer)
o	Make SOCK_ constants arch specific		(Ralf Baechle)
o	Parport author email updates			(Tim Waugh)
o	Fix daisy chain on parport bug			(Tim Waugh)
o	Thunderlan updates				(Torben Mathiasen)
o	Fix nbd to work with devfs			(David Carlson)
o	Remove escaped minixfs debugging printks	(Dave Cinege)
o	Parport locking fixes				(Tim Waugh)
o	Fix SCSI to follow the rules on INQUIRY v TUR	(Paul Gortmaker)
	| This fixes the ibmmca driver for one
o	Fix missing unregister in cqcam			(Claudio Matsuoka)
o	Quieten the APIC csum messages a bit		(Keith Owens)


	Correct release of ac3


o	Detect Intel Cascades				(Dragan Stancevic)
o	RIO build fix					(Arjan van de Ven)
o	VIA audio driver docs				(Jeff Garzik)
o	VIA audio update				(Jeff Garzik)
o	Add VGA16fb irq fix from 2.2			(Jeff Garzik)
o	PCI enable devices for				(Jeff Garzik)
	IXJ telephony	audio skeleton	serial_cb	rocketport
	mxser		pci joystick	cmpci		i2o
	epca		rio		clgfb
o	Fix toshboe dupe Makefile entries		(Jeff Garzik)
o	Tidy netdevice inlines				(Jeff Garzik)
o	ACPI fixup tidying				(Jeff Garzik)
o	Zab has moved					(Jeff Garzik)
o	Remove extra ifdefs on atm stuff		(Jeff Garzik)
o	Make menuconfig use HOSTCC everywhere		(Niels Jensen)
o	Make cpu types/docs consistent and correct	(Niels Jensen)
o	CD Door locking fix				(Jens Axboe)
o	Fix MSR build with gcc 2.7.2			(H Peter Anvin)
o	Small PCI and include changes			(Grant Grundler)
o	usbfs fixes					(Johannes Erdfelt)
o	quieten usb audio messages			(Pavel Machek)
o	pegasus updates					(Petko Manolov)
o	ACM fix						(Pavel Machek)
o	Fix maestro compile bug				(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Fix atm missing symbols				(Francois Romieu)
o	Poll fixes					(Manfred Spraul)
o	Convert ide to new format build files		(Pavel Machek)
o	Remove dead drivers/block comment		(Niels Jensen)
o	Fix module load/unload races			(Jeff Garzik)
	eni		agpgart		fore2000e	atmtcp
	aztcd		cm206		mcd		optcd
	sjcd		xd		z2ram		
o	NCR539x fixes for MCA. Random include fix	(Francois Romieu)
o	Remove dup md partition format fix		(Brian Kress)


o	Add yet another obscure SB variant to the	(Armin Groesslinger)
	PnP table
o	SiS7018/Trident updates				(Ollie Lho)
o	SiS900 update					(Ollie Lho)
o	I2O updates, fix SMP i2o lan			(Auvo Hakkinen)
o	USB audio fixes					(Thomas Sailer)
o	Further APM updates, fix SMP power off		(Stephen Rothwell)
o	Remove extra version.h from clgenfb	(Niels Kristian Bech Jensen)
o	Clean up wdt_pci driver				(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix config stuff further		(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Do PCI cleanup on SCSI				(Jeff Garzik)
	3w-xxxx		AM53C974	BusLogic 	Advansys
	AIC7xxx		DMX3191d	EATA		EATA-dma
	EATA-pio	FDomain		GDTH		Ini9100
	IniA100		IPS		MegaRAID	PCI2000
	PCI2200i	Qla1280		QlogicFC	QlogicISP

	Maintainers please double check changes to your drivers are ok

o	Do PCI cleanup on NET				(Jeff Garzik)
	Aironet4500	DEFXX		DMFE		IPH5526
	IOC3-Eth	Toshoboe	Lance		NE
	PCnet32		RCPCI45		Roadrunner	RTL8129
	SK98		Tlan		Lanstreamer	Olympic

	Maintainers please check likewise


o	Statically init the i2o config semaphore	(Juha Sievanen)
o	Fix the eth= command line and extend it		(Pekka Riikonen)
o	Rip out the 2.2 GHOST hack for DVD's		(Jens Axboe)
o	Fix VCD playing on some Plextor drives		(Jens Axboe)
o	Intel 840 GART support				(Tony Hoyle)
o	Clean up initio resource handling		(Thomas Graichen)
o	Fix COMX compile problems			(Francois Romieu)
o	Fix incorrect altstk over exec inheritence	(Bruno Haible)
o	Support etherexpress 10 isa (82595FX)		(Aristeu Filho)
o	Fix proc reporting of md			(Brian Kress)
o	Reorder fs/locks.c but no function changes	(Matthew Wilcox)
o	Come out of APM suspend with interrupts off	(Andy Henroid)
o	Fix procfs sysctl to use structs		(Tigran Aivazian)
o	CPUID/MSR fix					(H Peter Anvin)

Base point differences between Alan's tree and Linus

o	Newer sk98 docs
o	Ramdisk defaults to 8192 for S390 (needs cleanup)
o	Debugging reminder on adbmouse
o	Format changes only on atarimouse
o	/proc fixes on kcapi
o	/proc fixes on sg
o	Maestro init cleanup
o	Semaphore for ixj cards
o	Version.h used in clgenfb
o	PLX PCI ids
o	Revert initrd change
o	Ksym fixes for RAID
o	Proc tidyup for ip_chains

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