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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 07:06:48 -0700
From: Len Fernandes <lencom@earthlink.net>
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: Acer taps Coollogic for Linux OS


Coollogic Contacts:

Len Fernandes
Hill Communications

Cate Brennan Lisak
Coollogic Inc.

Acer America Contact:
Bruce Brough
Acer America Corp.

Coollinux Operating System Increases Flexibility of Leading Internet

Dallas, Texas (June 13, 2000) – Coollogic Inc. today announced today it
will license its Java-based, embedded Linux operating system to Acer for

its family of Internet Appliance (IA) products.

“Developing this strategic partnership with Coollogic strengthens our
overall IA strategy from a software-enabling perspective,” said Max Wu,
president of Acer America Corp.  “Because of Coollogic’s expertise in
Java-based applications and embedded Linux operating systems, Coollinux
is specifically designed for IA products and is an end-to-end software
solution, both of which benefit our prospective customers.”

In sync with Acer America’s current IA strategy to build devices for OEM

customers in North America, partnerships with companies such as
Coollogic further enable Acer to meet its goal in providing “universal
access” to information and entertainment content.  Incorporating
customized user interface and localized content solutions from Acer’s
various strategic partnerships, resulting OEM products can be expected
to hit the market in late Q2 or early Q3.

Coollinux operates in a small memory footprint and utilizes Java-based
technologies.  The software will give consumers of Acer devices a
consistent look and feel across current and future lines of wireless,
set-top-box, smart phone, home gateway, handheld and other
Internet-enabled devices.  The Coollinux solution is customized for
Acer, allowing for secure e-commerce and e-marketing activities.  The
software supports multiple languages including Chinese, Japanese and
other Asian languages, enabling Acer to move quickly into the global IA

“As the worldwide market for information appliances unfolds, vendors
need the ability to create device software that meets the needs of local

markets,” said Bryan Ma, an analyst following information appliances for

market researcher IDC.  IDC projects the worldwide information appliance

market will grow to 89 million units with a value of $17.4 billion.
“Furthermore, the ability to manage and upgrade the devices will be an
important factor for service providers,” added Ma.

 “We are pleased that Acer America Corp. has selected the Coollinux
embedded solution for integration into its innovative IA designs,” said
Edward Ghafari, senior vice president of marketing for Coollogic.  “We
believe that our strategic relationship with Acer will provide the users

of IAs with a useful tool for accessing the Internet and e-mail, and
securely conducting e-commerce.  Our software technology is specifically

developed for IAs, and Acer is a respected technology leader providing
visually attractive and highly competitive designs.”

About Coollogic Inc.:
Coollogic Inc. is a leading developer of Linux/Java-based Internet
appliance software.  The Coollinux™ embedded software solutions offer
Original Equipment Manufacturers powerful and highly flexible operating
systems and applications, which enable them to provide their customers
with simple and affordable Internet access devices in the post-PC era.
Coollogic also offers Vertical Market Integrators and Service Providers
turnkey packages including powerful software, reliable hardware and
services. The company was founded in April 1997 in Dallas, Texas.  For
more information, see www.coollogic.com

Coollogic and Coollinux are trademarks of Coollogic Inc.  Linux is a
registered trademark owned by Linus Torvalds.  All other brand names and

trademarks are held by their respective companies.

About Acer America Corp.:
Established in 1977 as a subsidiary of the Acer Group, Acer America
Corp. designs, builds and markets client and server solutions for
professionals who require reliable, enhanced productivity and greater
value of ownership.  Acer America’s product offerings include PCs,
notebooks, servers, Internet appliances and networking solutions for
business, government, education and home users.  The Acer Group employs
more than 34,000 people in 120 enterprises spanning 37 countries
worldwide, and supporting dealers and distributors in more than 100