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Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 22:34:58 -0500
From: Greg Palmer <greg@linuxfest.net>
Subject: LinuxFest LinuxForum adds content

     Dell Added to Participants At LinuxFest LinuxForum Conference
                     During Kansas City June Event.

One of the worlds leading computer companies will be represented during
LinuxFest conference track.
Reza Rooholamini, Manager of the Advanced Technology and the Cluster
Product Development
and Rick Hoffman,  DWS Software Solution Development have been added to
the high content LinuxForum.

Mr. Rooholamini will present the latest on Beowulf clusters Using the
Linux OS. This tutorial will focus on the commodity nature of Beowulf
components, Dellís Scalable Enterprise Computing (SEC) architectural
strategy, and Dellís direct marketing model.  These strategies provide
an efficient and cost effective way of developing and deploying Beowulf
clusters, a concept for building highly parallel computing clusters from
commodity off the self (COTS) components.  Beowulf is emerging as a cost
effective alternative infrastructure solution for technical and
engineering computations

Rick Hoffman will expand on the Dell - Linux strategy.  His presentation
will discuss how customers and the Linux community are benefiting from
Dell's involvement with Linux.  It will discuss Dell's participation in
the areas of improved reliability, improved capability with systems
management and storage products and improved customer experience with
build to order factory install of Linux servers.

LinuxFest and the LinuxForum is a major event,  demonstrating widely
varied business solutions based on the incredible power of Linux and
Open Source Software for IT and business owners across the US and
specifically the heartland of America."

Major international companies have committed to Linux, however most
people are exposed to Linux on a daily basis, because Linux powers much
of the World Wide Web.

Most of the established Linux companies will be represented, plus many
startups and cutting edge companies will also be in attendance.

For additional information contact:

Greg Palmer
Mobius Marketing
(785) 234 3226