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From: Rusty Russell <rusty@linuxcare.com.au>
To: Multiple recipients of list NETFILTER <netfilter@samba.org>
Subject: [CORE TEAM] New Member Announce
Date:   Thu, 8 Jun 2000 18:47:28 +1000

Canberra, Australia
Copyright (C) 2000 KRTBN Knight Ridder Tribune Business News; Source:
World Reporter (TM)

CANBERRA, AU--Netfilter's meteoric rise continues internationally,
with a major new addition on Thursday.

James Morris, long considered a candidate for inclusion in the
Netfilter Core Team, finally had his eternal soul committed to the
netfilter CVS tree, binding him to his code until the end of time (or
until Linux 2.4 is released, whichever comes first).

"There's definitely a value proposition there," said Stacy Quandt, an
analyst who follows Linux for Giga Information Group.  "It would
definitely be a counterpoint to Microsoft and Sun," Quandt said.
Unfortunately, none of the netfilter core would comment on these
remarks, claiming that the words seemed to be standard English, they
were joined in a semantically void manner.

Netfilter Core Team