Omnis Software today announced the signing of a distribution agreement with
Tribeka, the producers of the unique SoftWide in-store production system
which is currently being deployed into WH Smith and HMV stores all over the
United Kingdom. FNAC and Tribeka will launch SoftWide in France in July,
with other countries including the United States and Japan, currently being
negotiated. The system will allow users to buy the Omnis Studio Rapid
Application Development tool for Linux right on their own High Street. 

"Over the last six months we have been driving an aggressive distribution
policy, including reducing the price of the full development product to
just 90, as part of a focussed attempt to introduce Omnis Studio to more
developers." said Gwyneth Gibbs, Omnis Software's President. "This
agreement fits perfectly with that policy. At this price, developers can
afford to wander in at the weekend and buy the complete product for quick
and easy evaluation. Even if they don't want to ditch their favourite
development products completely, they will find it hard to resist some of
the very powerful features included in Studio. In particular, they'll find
prototyping very fast and efficient compared to virtually any other
development tool, and the simplicity of data access to various SQL data
sources has to be seen to be believed. Finally, Tribeka has a very clear
strategy for international expansion, and as our product is used all around
the world, we wanted to be part of that expansion and ensure that this
innovative retail distribution method had the best possible fit with our
activities in many other countries." 

Daniel Doll-Steinberg, CEO of SoftWide said "This is an excellent
arrangement for everyone. Omnis has access to markets via the High Street,
and customers can quickly get their hands on one of the most powerful
software development tools currently available. It proves that the SoftWide
system is not just for games and office products, but has a real role to
perform supplying a huge range of  professional software quickly and
easily, right where users live and shop." 

About Omnis Studio

Omnis Technology's flagship product, Omnis Studio is a high-performance
visual RAD tool that provides a component-based environment for building
GUI interfaces within e-commerce, database and client/server
applications. When used with the company's WebClient plug-in technology,
Omnis Studio allows the development of client/server relationships over the
Internet using popular web-browsers, giving fast, secure, scalable
solutions in a minimum of development time. Development and deployment of
Omnis Studio applications can occur simultaneously in Linux, Windows, and
Mac OS environments without changing the application code. This portability
is achieved because Omnis utilises a highly optimised interpreter engine to
execute the object-oriented application at runtime. Omnis Studio
applications support native data access to Oracle, Sybase, DB2/UDB,
Informix and ODBC-compliant data sources including MySQL. The Omnis Web
Client allows the developer to create client interfaces that either utilise
forms or a highly secure plug-in. Using Omnis Studio cuts application
development time by as much as 75% compared to 3GL environments (C++,
Java), while allowing the developer to use objects developed in 3GL
environments as components in Omnis applications. 

About Tribeka

Tribeka has developed a revolutionary new method of software distribution -
the SoftWide system. SoftWide is now in commercial use in both HMV and W H
Smith stores around the UK. The customer chooses from the widest and most
up-to-date range of titles then, utilising the latest Apple iMacs and
touch-screen technology, a CD is pressed and a manual is printed in-store
in minutes. CDs can be personalised for gifts and the customised packaging
is designed to allow efficient durable storage and easy product type

For the retailer there are important benefits: display space requirements
are reduced (only 3m of wall space is required for SoftWide) and there are
no stock costs, no lost sales, no obsolescence nor deep discounting, no
unsold returns, no physical distribution costs and no theft.

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