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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 06:14:26 -0600
From: ethan mindlace fremen <mindlace@digicool.com>
To: zope-announce@zope.org, editor@lwn.net,
Subject: Zope Weekly News June 14th

LinuxTag, the Open Source Convention, Launch of Zope 2.2.0b1,
a Docs Wiki and much Documentation work, PTK gains steam,
Guido's time machine stolen, Improved Products page
and more!

The opinions expressed in Zope Weekly news are solely the authors',
and not the opinions of Digital Creations, The Zope Community
at-large, or the Spanish Inquisition.

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And Now For Something Completely Different:

Coming Events


    There will be a Zope booth at the "LinuxTag",
    in Stuttgart, Germany from June 29th to July 2nd.
    In addition to the booth that will be there for the 
    whole conference, there will be 2 rooms available 
    for talks and discussions on the business day, 
    Thursday 29th.  There will not be an additional charge
    for the two rooms on buisness day.

    We are still looking for people who want help 
    organizing the conference, give some talks and 
    attend the booth. Generally, it would also be great
    to know who is planning to be at the conference.
    Please send feedback to "Stephan Richter",
    See "Zope at Linuxtag",
    for the most up-to-date information.
  The Open Source Convention

   This "enormous convention",
   hosted by O'reilly, is shaping up to be pretty
   interesting.  Aside from the State of Python,
   given by Guido von Rossum, there's also going
   to be a "talk on the CERT Advisory",
   about cross-site scripting, a web-wide security 
   issue that the Zope Community was among the first
   to begin implementing security policies for: they'll
   land with zope 2.2.
   Zope is going to be at the conference in force,
     - Paul "opening eyes to the Zope-Mozilla initiative",
     - Ryan telling the world "you can have web
       IMAP and collaboration",

     - Christopher, as always, concentrating
       on the "edification of the community",


   -- by Amos Lattier

  This Week

    * We've released the Docs Wiki


      This is your source for information on official
      Zope documentation. You can find out about all
      our projects including their status and timelines.
      You can also see what Amos, Michel and Stephan are
      doing each week. Plus, since it's a wiki you can
      add your comments.

    * The bulk of this week's work will be spent trying to
      get the online docs ship shape for Zope 2.2 final. Mike
      is finishing up the API docs, Amos is working on the
      help system framework and tutorial and Stephan is working
      on the management help content.

    * Mike is working with O'Reilly this week to clarify the
      status of his book. If all goes well we should have a
      definitive answer on making it official Zope documentation
      by the end of the week.

  Next Week

    * Next week will be spent finishing any bits that need finalizing
      for Zope 2.2 that we don't finish this week.

    * Hopefully next week we can begin making Mike's book public.

Zope Status

  -- by Brian Lloyd


  We finally beat the todo list and got the 2.2 beta 1 release 
  "out the door",
  (and there was much rejoicing!).

Last week highlights

7 more collector issues were closed last week, and the remaining 
items on the todo list for 2.2 beta 1 were knocked out. The needed 
hooks for non-invasive virtual hosting support were added, as well 
as better Undo handling, several catalog fixes and some long overdue 
fixes to the way that HTTP HEAD requests are handled that should 
make Zope more friendly to various spidering tools. This week's 

  o Chris Withers and others for forcing some action on the HEAD

  o Toby Dickenson and Butch Landingin contributed fixes for ZCatalog

  o tazzzzz sent a patch to un-screw what I screwed up last time 
    I worked on MailHost :^)

Next week

Next week we'll be absorbing feedback on the beta release and planning 
for final. More importantly, work will begin in earnest on the "opening 
the development process" initiative. I hope to get a basic "Zope core 
development"- focused area set up, publish the draft Zope roadmap for 
comment and start working out some post-2.2 plans.

This week in the PTK Community
  -- by Tres Seaver

 * David Brown, author of 
   "Zope Fish":http://zopefish.weblogs.com/ZopeFishRelease,
   agreed to join TeamPTK.  Welcome!

 * We arrived at protocol for gaining consensus on proposed changes:

   - Create a tracker issue embodying the proposal (which then
     emails the list).

   - Discuss the proposal in email, copying significant arguments to
     the tracker.

   - Finally, one TeamPTK member accepts the item, makes the changes,
     and posts the patch/update.

   - After a final "speak now or forever hold your peace" interval,
     TeamPTK member checks in changes.

 * Bill Anderson found a workaround for the problem of DTML methods
   "losing" other methods inside the portal:

    <URL http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-ptk/2000-June/000940.html>

 * Dan Pierson checked in his patches integrating the PTK with the
   new LoginManager:

    <URL http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-ptk/2000-June/000937.html>

 * Dan also proposed fixing "Discussable" items such that they *always*
   display their discussion:

    <URL http://www.zope.org/Products/PTK/Tracker/93>

 * Dan Pierson posted a tracker issue describing the difficulty of
   customizing the display of PortalContent objects:

    <URL http://www.zope.org/Products/PTK/Tracker/94>

 * Tres Seaver created a somewhat terse How-To on creating PortalContent
   classes as ZClasses:

    <URL http://yyy.zope.org/Products/PTK/ZWiki/CreatingAPortalContentZClass>

 * Tres also wrapped up the "vision" statement for the PTK-NG:

    <URL http://www.zope.org/Products/PTK/ZWiki/OnceAndFuturePTK>

 * Phillip Eby delivered a wonderful "motivation" piece for the
   ZPatterns meta-framework he and Ty Sarna have been building
   (and which underlies LoginManager):

    <URL http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-dev/2000-June/005323.html>

 * Shane Hathaway replied with a nice "file clerk" analogy for the

    <URL http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-dev/2000-June/005352.html>

 * Kevin Dangoor released a new Membership product, which packages the
   LoginManager in a more "friendly" bundle:


   He is asking for testers, with the goal of re-integrating the package
   with the PTK after a shakeout.

 * A new discussion on refactoring some of the dependencies between
   PTKBase and PTKDemo:

    <URL http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-ptk/2000-June/000962.html>

   yielded two Tracker issues:

    <URL http://www.zope.org/Products/PTK/Tracker/96>

    <URL http://www.zope.org/Products/PTK/Tracker/97>

Looking Ahead

 * Re-integrate Kevin Dangoor's Membership product

 * Land proposed refactoring of concrete PortalContent and of

 * Discuss integrating ZPatterns more closely into PortalContent.

PTK Tracker Vitals, WE 2000/06/13

Type / Status   New     Closed     Current

  Bug Reports    4         0          19

     Requests    1         0          15


Zope Studio

  Martijn has stolen Guido's time machine in order to complete
  a year long class in a mere two weeks. We cannot recieve
  this week's Zope Studio information, lest we be sucked into
  a temporal anomaly.

Zope Web

  -- by Ethan Fremen

 This Week:

  o AlexR's "All howto's" & all tips, both HTML & PDF,
    have been integrated into their respective pages.
    Thanks, Alex!

  o While the Members page remains in abeyance, the
    Products page recieved a "lot of work", 
    with descriptions and sorting added, the
    "disappearance" of Digital Creations Products
    when asking for more Members Products,
    with more to come!

  o Paul Everitt had some interesting ideas on the future
    of the "Documentation section",
    How do *you* think it should look?
    Weigh in on "zope-web@zope.org",

  o There's between 10-20 people regularly on #zope
    these days!  The internet just isn't real without
    the "real time interaction",

  o The cataloguing bug "was squished",

 Zope Mail

  o All the zope mailing lists had a net gain of 45 members.

  o Zope had a lot of churn, with only 5 net (52 gross)
    subscribers and 47 unsubscribers.

  o Zope-announce is more popular, with a net 13 gain.

  o Zope-dev was still proving rough going for many folks,
    with a net unsubscription of one.

  o Zope-ptk is still in the radar, with a net gain of 7.

  o Zope-mozilla held on with a net rise of one subscriber.

  o And ZDP was even for the week.

 Next Week

  o I'm going to be in Virginia (finally) so the rumblings
    of Zope-Web Geddon should begin!  Lots of good ideas
    coming from the folks in the "Zope Documentation Project",
    Like every project, it too has its "own wiki",