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From: Nancy Edwards <Nancy.Edwards@amirix.com>
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Subject: AMIRIX Embedded Linux web site launched
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 16:00:28 -0300

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AMIRIX Embedded Linux web site launched

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, June 19, 2000 - AMIRIX Systems Inc. today launched
www.AMIRIXlinux.com, which features its latest offering, AMIRIX Embedded
Linux. Visitors to the site will learn more about AMIRIX Embedded Linux
and keep up-to-date on the company's linux activities.

As an international technology leader in integrated embedded systems
solutions, AMIRIX leverages proven technology with its strength in both
hardware and software design to develop, validate, document and support
its Linux offerings.

"AMIRIX's Embedded Linux is unique," says Vice President Andrew Reid.
"With our product, the operating system is totally integrated with the
vendor's board as opposed to 'shrink wrapped' generic software which
leaves the end user with the difficult task of integrating the operating
system with the hardware. Our client's products 'boot out of the box'."

The site also provides information on the benefits of Embedded Linux and
AMIRIX's Embedded Linux Strategic Alliance (ELSA) program. ELSA provides
a low cost entry vehicle into the Linux-based embedded systems market.
As well, links to the Linux community and the independent,
non-commercial "Embedded Debian Project" are featured.

AMIRIX will exhibit at the Embedded Linux World Expo in San Jose, CA on
June 22nd and Toronto, ON November 16th.

About AMIRIX Systems Inc.	
AMIRIX Systems Inc. is an international technology leader for embedded
systems solutions. Expertise in the areas of digital board design;
programmable logic design; real-time operating systems and board
software; system architectures and software; as well as digital signal
processing for motor control, allows AMIRIX to help companies build
their business through innovative technology solutions.

Technology leadership, flexible-partnering opportunities, dedicated
service and support -- that's the AMIRIX advantage.