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Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 13:41:29 -0700
From: Crispin Cowan <crispin@wirex.com>
To: Kurt Seifried <seifried@seifried.org>,
Subject: Immunix OS 6.2 (StackGuarded Red Hat 6.2)

WireX is pleased to announce the release of Immunix OS 6.2.  Immunix OS
is a Linux distribution designed to be secure both now and in the
future:  the Immunix security tools (StackGuard, SubDomain, and
CryptoMark) provide security bug tolerance so that even if a security
vulnerability is found in one of the programs supplied with Immunix OS,
the vulnerability probably will not be exploitable by attackers.

Immunix OS 6.2 is the current release.  Immunix OS 6.2 is based on Red
Hat 6.2, but with all C source-available programs re-compiled with the
StackGuard compiler.  The result is a system that is fundamentally
compatible with Red Hat Linux, but is secured against a majority of all
Internet security attacks.

The other Immunix technologies (SubDomain and CryptoMark) are not yet
available.  They will be included in a future release of Immunix OS.

Immunix OS is available in a variety of forms from http://immunix.org

   * Download:
        o The StackGuard 2.0 compiler.  Now ported to EGCS/GCC 3.0,
          available as:
             + binary RPM
             + source RPM
             + source tar ball
             + patches to EGCS
        o Individual StackGuarded binary RPMs for x86 Linux systems.
        o The complete ISO 9660 CD-ROM image (650 MB)
   * In person:  come see us at USENIX, San Diego, June 21 and 22, where
     we will be giving out Immunix OS CDs (subject to availability)
   * Coming soon:  Mail order CDs.


Crispin Cowan, CTO, WireX Communications, Inc.    http://wirex.com
Free Hardened Linux Distribution:                 http://immunix.org