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To: nelson@monkey.org (Nelson Minar)
Subject: Re: JavaOne report - Linux support!
From: Juergen Kreileder <jk@blackdown.de>
Date: 12 Jun 2000 11:01:19 +0200

>>>>> "Nelson" == Nelson Minar <nelson@monkey.org> writes:

    Nelson> There's a AWT on GTK port on the SCSL site, but they don't
    Nelson> intend to do anything with it.

The port is incomplete and has been on the site for a long time.  We
always were and still are interested in replacing Motif with QT or GTK
but we didn't have enough resources to do it in the past.  If somebody
wants to help with this feel free to contact me.

    Nelson> Java 3D API is forthcoming from Blackdown.

We've already made a final Java3D 1.1.3 release some weeks ago.  The
version mentioned at JavaOne was Java3D 1.2, we'll release it after
some further testing.

    Nelson> A FreeBSD port is in the works! Not official yet.

See http://www.bsdi.com/news/press/20000607

    Nelson> Caldera is a Java source licensee and is doing their own
    Nelson> ports.

Caldera is working with Sun and Blackdown.

    Nelson> Plenty of props and respect paid to Blackdown.

Btw, we received the Java Technology Achievement Award for outstanding
team contribution to the Java community:


Juergen Kreileder, Blackdown Java-Linux Team
JVM'01: http://www.usenix.org/events/jvm01/