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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 09:37:45 -0600
From: "Anthony Benedetti" <abenedetti@johnstonwells.com>
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: New Open Source Marketplace Launches (Denver Company)


	Vendor-neutral site reaching out to the Open Source vendor and
technical communities for content. 

DENVER (June 14, 2000) -- Kaivo, Inc., today performed the initial launch
of  the first vendor-neutral marketplace for Open Source products and
services. Located at kaivo.com, the Kaivo site is the only service designed
to connect IT executives interested in the Open Source revolution with
vendors who can design, build, and maintain Open Source solutions.

The initial launch of the Open Source Marketplace is targeted to the vendor community. Kaivo is putting a call out to Open Source vendors * informing them of the opportunity to register their products and services with the site. 

A broader campaign to reach the site's anticipated end-user base -- IT management * is planned for early July.

The Kaivo.com Marketplace is a response to a rapidly evolving market for Open Source software and solutions and the growing acceptance among IT executives for these technologies.  Though active for nearly 20 years, the Open Source movement has exploded over the past two years, with Open Source products such as the Linux operating system, the Apache Web server, and the Sendmail e-mail engine leading the way.

The Kaivo.com Open Source Marketplace features three primary elements:

			Solutions Locator: a catalog of products and services allowing customers to find the perfect Open Source solution to specific business problems. 
	Provider Locator:  a resource for buyers in search of the right solution provider, and a tool for partners to find complementary technologies and providers.
	Opencyclopedia[TM]: an encyclopedia of topics relevant to Open Source, written specifically for the business community.

"The mission of Kaivo is to help CIOs and IT managers understand and embrace the benefits of Open Source," said Brian Cabral, president and founder of Kaivo, Inc. "We are translating the wealth of achievement by the technical community into solutions for real world business problems.  We're doing that by bringing together the buyers and sellers in one place--so that they can exchange information about what is needed and what is available--and by helping them do business."


Kaivo.com, the Open Source Marketplace, offers IT executives an opportunity to engage with a network of highly qualified Open Source solutions providers. Through the Marketplace, Kaivo offers support to Open Source vendors (and those vendors who would like to move into the Open Source arena) with education, training, business development, marketing, and sales support services. 

In addition to its Open Source Marketplace, Kaivo will deliver professional services consulting and education and training programs to users of Open Source solutions.


Founded in 1984 as a UNIX/Open Systems educator, software developer, and consultancy, the company-formerly known as Information Foundation-was rebranded this year as Kaivo, Inc. (Kaivo is the ancient Finnish word for "source".) The company is focused on creating the infrastructure necessary to accelerate the sales and delivery of Open Source solutions to business and government.  Kaivo is on the web at http://www.kaivo.com.


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