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From: "Shane O'Donnell" <shane@www.opennms.org>
To: <general@opennms.org>
Subject: OpenNMS: OpenNMS Update v1.13
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 22:49:42 -0400

  OpenNMS Update
 Vol 1., Issue 13

In this week's installment...

  * Project Status
       - JSNMP 0.2.1 Released
       - JSNMP Licensing Change 
       - Bugzilla Up and Running
       - Coding Projects Underway
  * OV Forum:  Rollin' With the Homies
  * Tomorrow is P-Day
  * A European Appearance?!?

Project Status

JSNMP 0.2.1 Released:

We announced an incremental release of the JSNMP libraries late last week, JSNMP 0.2.1.

The changes include some minor fixes to a few of the methods, the inclusion of some 
additional documentation (a README), a "rebundling", which separates the source from
the compiled binaries, and we've broken out the JavaDoc into a separate file.

As before, the files are available via the web site, and the latest source is available
via CVS.  And the Freshmeat announcement is available at:

JSNMP Licensing Change:

Thanks to everyone for their feedback in the question of GPL vs. LGPL for the JSNMP
libraries.  Your opinions were unanimous:  it makes sense to release the JSNMP libraries
under the LGPL.  Watch this space for further announcements on the timing of this license

Bugzilla Up and Running:

Whilst it has never fought King Kong, Mothra or Rodan, Bugzilla has stormed the OpenNMS
web site and is positioned as our official bug-tracking tool.  This was quietly 
announced late last week on the "events" mailing list, and we hope to eliminate that mailing
list sometime over the next month.  We're going to allow Bugzilla a little "burn time"
before we pull the plug, though.

Check it out at your earliest convenience:  http://www.opennms.org/bugzilla

We're hoping that you will agree that Bugzilla puts a great face on the ugly task of bug
tracking and allows the world to see the state of the product, warts and all.

Our highest complements to the folks at Mozilla.org for building this killer tool.  Get it?
Killer tool?  Bugzilla?  Get it?  Oh never mind.

Coding Projects Underway:

  - Event Subsystem -- Underway.  Additional doc available later this week.
  - capsd -- Underway.  Currently focusing on integration stuff.

OV Forum:  Rolling With the Homies

Well, Steve and I are alive and well in sunny Orlando, FL for the OpenView Forum
User's Group conference.  We've run into a lot of you here at the show and have gotten
some great (and positive) feedback about Bluebird.  It seems everybody's looking forward
to this (maybe even as much as we are!).

But I think the most interesting news down here is coming from the vendor exhibits.  For 
the most part, there is nothing new and very little of interest.  It seems we are working
in a totally stagnant industry where the biggest challenge is how the marketing guys are
going to spin the "same ol' thing" so it seems new.

So is the timing right for an open source alternative?  Damn skippy.

Tomorrow is P-Day

For those of you getting nervous about urine tests, relax.  "P" is for presentations, as
in presentations at the OV Forum.

Steve presents "An Open Source Revolution:  The Bluebird Project" at 9:45am, and Shane
presents "Using Linux (and Open Source Tools) to Manage the Enterprise" at 3:15pm.  Both
presentations will be available at the OpenNMS web site later in the week.

Thursday is also a "P" day as well, as Shane trucks it on out to Overland Park, Kansas
(which I hear is beautiful this time of year) and presents "Leveraging Linux in 
Enterprise Management" at 2pm at LinuxFest 2000.

Stop by.  Listen in.  Feel free to do the "Wave" mid-presentation.  And if you're 
wondering what kind of yo-yos it takes to do something like this, we'll show you.

A European Appearance?!?

A little birdie has informed us that we've made the cut for a presentation slot at the
LinuxWorldExpo in Frankfort, Germany on Oct. 6.  And it appears that the kind folks at
LWE will also be helping out on the travel cost front as well.  Huge kudos to them!!

But what it also means, is that we'll be available for some of the local user group
presentations that we have yet to be able to help out with.  So check your calendars.
If your group would like to have us swing by and present on the Bluebird Project, drop
us a line.  Please note that our presentations are done in your choice of language: 
English or American.  

If you're interested, contact Luke "Flip-flops" Rindfuss at luke@opennms.org.

And until next week, keep on rockin' in the free world!

Shane O.
Shane O'Donnell
It's Revolution, not Evolution
at http://www.opennms.org !