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From: "Shane O'Donnell" <shane@www.opennms.org>
To: <general@opennms.org>
Subject: OpenNMS: OpenNMS Update v1.12
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 23:38:53 -0400

 OpenNMS Update
   Vol 1., Issue 12

In this week's installment...
  * Project Status
       - JSNMP 0.2 Released!
       - Coding Projects Underway
  * Licensing Strategies: Looking for input
  * N.I.T.T.F.A.G.P.T.C.T.T.A.O.T.F.O.S.P.
  * Fire-breathing and other Open Source topics
  * Hooking up in Orlando/Overland Park

Project Status

JSNMP 0.2 Released:

If you've been watching FreshMeat, then this is old news. But regardless,
this is significant news from a couple perspectives:

  - How can folks use jsnmp? Well, let me count the ways...
  - The jsnmp library is standards-based and has no OpenNMS/Bluebird
specific dependencies, so it can be used to construct anything that relies
on SNMP: a suite of platform-independent GET/SET-type tools, an SNMP agent,
a router configuration manager--you name it!
  - For those of you that missed the initial announcement, check

Coding Projects Underway:

  - Event Subsystem -- Underway.
  - capsd -- Integration work discovery & persistence underway.

Licensing Strategies: Looking for Input

Here's the scoop: If we keep jsnmp under the GPL, it cannot be used a
development library in a commercial project. This keeps folks leveraging our
work in "closed source" ventures, but it also them from reviewing the code
and contributing back to the effort.

We have the option of releasing jsnmp under the LGPL (Lesser GPL, designed
for libraries like this) that should encourage wider adoption, at the "cost"
of having it leveraged in commercial products.

Philosophically, we have no problems with this, but as with anything, the
more eyes reviewing something, the shallower the bugs seems to be. We're
interested in your experiences with the LGPL, how it might apply in our
case, and what you think about potentially using it for jsnmp.

Feel free to reply to me directly, or to post to the "general" mailing list.
Whilst I don't encourage random ramblings on the open airwaves, I think this
is a legitimate topic that deserves "more eyes".

Let me know what you think. A summary of those ideas will appear in next
weeks Update.

...or "Now it the time for all good people to come to the aid of their
favorite open source project"

Looking for something to do? Here's how you can help!
  - The JSNMP libraries need mo' betta documentation. The JavaDoc is good,
but a better introduction and even a tutorial document would be a nice
addition. If you are a Java/Doc kinda geek, this may be for you.
  - Are you a Java-type with a tools focus? There are plenty of
opportunities for integration and data-gathering efforts. Sound appealing?
Of course it does, so drop me an email.
  - Were you born to parse? In Java, nonetheless? If so, let me know.  I see
great things in your future. Great things like ASN.1 parsers, XML chompers,
and who knows what else!

Fire-breathing and other Open Source topics

     "I have no eyebrows." - Anonymous Participant (immediately following
first-ever fire-breathing attempt).

I don't know what to say. I'm still in awe. Perhaps it's shock. Either way,
I still occasionally have to ask around to make sure I really saw what I
thought I saw.

For those of you in the Northern Virginia area, there are some cool things
going on in your neck of the woods. NOVALUG rocks, but you knew that. But I
don't know how many of you know about the Linux BBQ...

Here's the skinny: Karl Pena (great guy and excellent host) and folks from
Yellowbrix, MCI/Worldcom, WorldWeb, Motley Fool, and others get together on
a semi-regular basis, toss a few burgers and dogs on the ol' grill and talk
Linux & related open source topics (a la OpenNMS--tell your friends!).
Anyway, Karl & Co. were good enough to send an invite our way, and not being
ones to pass up food, Luke and I make the trek northward.

So we're there and things are great. Outstanding location with a great view
of the Potomac, good food, local brewpub beverages served right from the
growler, and of course, fire-breathing. Not to mention the fire-eating, once
the wind died down, but yes, fire-breathing.

As it turns out, one of the Yellowbrix guys (name withheld to protect the
pyromaniacal) is a fire-breather/eater and showed up with the pre-requisite
gear to not only showcase his talent, but allow other amateur fire-breathers
to get their moment in the spotlight (or is that "flame"?) as well.

Sound surreal? You shoulda been there.

Anyway, a hearty thanks to all organizers, attendees, and
fire-eaters/breathers. It was great fun, a great story to tell my grandkids,
and it's always great to meet folks in the OpenNMS community. You guys

Hooking up in Orlando/Overland Park

Are you going to OV Forum in Orlando? How about Linuxfest in Overland Park?
Want a chance to say "Hey!" to Steve or I? Hear us speak? Let us know. Drop
us a line. We'll be around and will make time for anyone that wants to catch
up with us, the project, or anything in general.

We'll be in Orlando next Monday-Wednesday and in Overland Park on Thursday.
If you like us via the web, you'll love us in person.

Anyway, less talk, more rock! See you in Orlando, Overland Park, or later!

Shane O.
Shane O'Donnell
It's Revolution, not Evolution
at http://www.opennms.org !

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