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Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 15:14:51 -0400
From: Meghan Thueme <meghan@rave.com>
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Subject: Powerful Storage and Server in One

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                      Immediate Press Announcement

Contact:  Bev LeBoeuf, director of marketing
Voice:      810-939-8230 ext. 337
E-mail:     marketing@rave.com

   Rave Computer Association, Inc., Announces a 6U Rackmount Chassis
                   for the Sun Ultra™ AXmp Motherboard

(Sterling Heights, Michigan – May 31, 2000)  Rave Computer Association,
Inc., an authorized Sun Master value-added System Integrator announces a
new 6U Rackmount chassis for the Ultra AXmp.

Rave Computer Association, Inc. integrates Sun’s Ultra AXmp motherboard
into a 6U 19-inch rackmountable chassis.  The Ultra AXmp is a scalable
64-bit Ultra SPARC™ multi-processing motherboard with a unique Ultra
Port Architecture (UPA) that enables the CPU bus bandwidth to be
increased to 3.2GB per second via a custom cross bar switch.  This large
processor bandwidth enables scaling of up to four UltraSPARC-II
microprocessor modules (currently shipping 450MHz with 4MB cache).  The
motherboard supports up to 4GB of memory and features integrated
dual-channel Ultra Wide SCSI, six PCI slots, four at 33MHz and two at
66MHz.  The 6U standard chassis includes three hot swap 400-Watt power
supplies, two 3.5-inch upper drive bays, two 5.25-inch upper bays, nine
5.25-inch lower bays, and three 93 CFM cage fan modules.  Optional
features are CD-Rom, 1.44MB Floppy Drive, up to 73GB HardDisk Drive, 4mm
or 8mm tape drives, and a lower locking front panel.

The 6U-AXmp can be pre-installed with Solaris™ 7 and is binary
compatible with the broad array of current SPARC applications.  Linux
6.1 is offered as an optional operating system for the Ultra AXmp.  All
of Rave Computer’s integrated systems feature a two-year warranty.

The powerful multiprocessing features found in the Ultra AXmp provides
ideal solutions for communication servers, data warehousing
applications, or specialized commercial and financial applications.

About Rave Computer Association, Inc.

Rave Computer Association, Inc. provides quality-configured systems
around Sun's SPARC technology with software, compatible peripherals and
other exceptional value-added services. Rave’s custom-built systems
offer robust processing performance, flexibility, and reliability.  Rave
Computer’s UL test facility and ISO-9002 procedures ensure quality
products and services.  More information about Rave Computer
Association, Inc., and its integration services can be found on their
web site at: www.rave.net or by calling 1-800-966-7283.  E-mail
inquiries may be sent to info@rave.com.

Meghan Thueme
Marketing Administrative Assistant

Rave Computer Association, Inc.
Rave Financial Services, Inc.

Voice: 1-800-966-7283, ext 336
Fax: 810-939-7431
E-mail: meghan@rave.net