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Date:	Wed, 14 Jun 2000 22:56:53 +0400
From:	"Yury Yu. Rupasov" <yura@yura.polnet.botik.ru>
To:	reiserfs@devlinux.com, linux-kernel@vger.rutgers.edu
Subject: Reiserfs-3.6.9 is avilable

Hello !

Reiserfs-3.6.9 is now availabe for download from:

 * The code was ported to linux-2.4.0test1-ac18,
 * r5_hash added

So, now you can use tea (default), rupasov and r5 hashes to sort file
names :
# mkreiserfs /dev/xxxx -h tea
# mkreiserfs /dev/xxxx -h rupasov
# mkreiserfs /dev/xxxx -h r5

R5 hash was created to solve collisions problem of rupasov hash in case
of file names with long identical tails. 

Both hashes (r5 and rupasov) make reiserfs faster when you need to work 
with really huge directories : 500 000 files or more in 1 dir.

Please try the patch, reiserfs-3.6.9 seems stable.


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