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Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 09:12:39 -0600
From: Victor Yodaiken <yodaiken@fsmlabs.com>
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: RTLinux release

FSMLabs releases RTLinux V3.0beta

(Socorro, New Mexico, St. Petersberg Russia, Vienna Austria, June 17, 2000)
FSMLabs  released the V3.0  version of RTLinux hard realtime linux in 
developer beta today. RTLinux features a POSIX 1003.13 API, hard realtime
functionality and the ability to take full advantage of the Linux kernel 
which runs under RTLinux as a non realtime thread. V3 runs on Intel IA32
(x86) compatible processors, Alpha processors, and on a variety of PowerPC 
systems. SMP is supported on x86.  New features of this release
- supports Alpha (uniprocessor), PowerPC (uniprocessor) and x86 (SMP and uniprocessor)
- based on Linux-2.4.0test1
- performance improvements
- mutex priority ceiling support
- spinlock mutexes
- updated mbuff driver
- usleep
- signal interface for real-time interrupts
- x86 SMP interrupt focus.:
- conditional variables
- mixing v1 and v2 APIs is now possible
FSMLabs is sevice of VJY Associates LLC, a privately held
company, started by the original developers of RTLinux
to work on realtime and embedded kernels. The technical
leads for FSMLabs are Victor Yodaiken, 
Cort Dougan and Michael Barabanov. Version 3.0pre under the
GPL is available for download from http://www.fsmlabs.com.
Business inquiries should be directed to business@fsmlabs.com. 

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
RTLinux is a trademark of VJY Associates LLC  and our non-exclusive
use of "Linux" within RTLinux is by explicit permission of the
Linux Mark Institute. 

All other trademarks are property of their holders.