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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 16:30:51 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Hans Schou <chlor@schou.dk>
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: LUG connected on a bridge

Report on SSLUG's trip on the Øresund Bridge
Saturday June 10th, 2000

Being the oldest IT-group spanning Øresund, it was perfectly
normal for the SSLUG to celebrate the opening of the Øresund Bridge, the
first fixed link between the regions of Skåne and Sjælland.

We celebrated the opening by walking on the bridge - the Danes from
Copenhagen and the Swedes from Malmoe - and by meeting at the middle of the
bridge and setting up a network of four PC's connected together as a
symbol for the fixed link.

We started from Copenhagen at 10 am. Actually this was our intention. But
due to some circumstances beyond our control - the busstop was a good
distance from our meeting point at the Copenhagen Main Station, we were
more than 10 people who had to find each other, and the bus departures were
(mildly said) chaotic - we could not reach the bridge until 11.05 am.
However we managed to keep our good mood - the penguins included.

Tux's huge cousin dominated the ceremony grounds on the Peberholm island -
and was bearing an ad for Penguin liquorice. But he was cute nevertheless.

We started our trek on the bridge, hauling Grand-Tux together with our
laptops, backpacks, food and drinks on a cart.

Morten Poulsen from Fyn GNU/Linux User Group (FLUG) represented the FLUG
at the opening of the bridge, as the bridge opens a direct route between
Fyn and Skåne and replaces the long winding route through Finland - the
homeland of Linus Torvalds.

Just as we started the Swedes called and told us that they had arrived at
the middle of the bridge...

They had started on time, but we couldn't do anyting about that...
Fortunately they waited for us. Skåne natives are known for their
patience... After a while we met at the coordinates:

 N 55°34'32.5"
 E 12°49'32.2"

...about 100 m from the middle of the bridge, where SSLUG had been
given a free booth.

Here the SSLUG members held the customary ceremonial photo session and
then the Danish and Swedish members exchanged gifts. The Swedes got a
pilsner beer bottle from the Danes and gave a bottle of Ramløse mineral water in
exchange. The main dish on the menu was salted herring, so that the
penguins could enjoy it too.

Denmark and Sweden were connected for the first time by a landbased
computer network when we set a network up with a battery-powered 8-port
hub and our laptops fitted with network interfaces.

A lot of people stopped at the SSLUG's booth on the bridge to ask
questions about Linux. Tux was recognized by many and conquered the hearts
of many bypassers.

We stayed on the middle of the bridge for a few hours, then most Danes
returned to Copenhagen, while the Swedes went back to Skåne. Four Danes
however went to Sweden, just to buy an icecream before returning - a trip of
about 20 km. Tux made many new friends on the way.

As the fixed link between Skåne and Sjælland is now a reality, SSLUG has
become more powerful and united than ever before.

See pictures from the trip on:
The bridge: http://www.sslug.dk/moede/hygge/2000-06-10/

Written by Hanne Munkholm.
Translated to english by Nick Sandru.