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Fighting Font Frustration. Steve Coile finally got fed up with font problems using Netscape and other tools on his Red Hat Linux System. "If you use Netscape for Red Hat Linux to visit as many Web sites as I do in a day, you've probably found yourself frequently frustrated with how Netscape renders many of them. In some cases, sites are almost unusable because of the horrible appearance and size of fonts. Well, I delved into the matter last weekend and managed to find solutions to most of these problems."

Here is the extremely valuable result of his efforts. Most of the information in his three-part article is fairly portable between distributions.

Dual Booting (DukeOfURL). There is a tutorial on setting up dual-boot systems on the DukeOfURL site. "When dealing with Windows, there's always one thing that must be followed. Install Windows first."


Registration open for yapc::Europe. Registration has opened for yapc::Europe, a "Yet Another Perl Conference" being held in London on September 22 to 24, 2000. The call for participation is also still out there, with abstracts being due on August 11.

The Linux Business Solutions Demo Day Event. The Cerritos Linux Users Group (CLUG) has announced the Linux Business Solutions Demo Day Event, to be held Sunday, August 27th, 2000, in Los Alamitos, CA, USA. "Following up on our successful Linux Demo Day I, Cerritos LUG will be holding a Linux Business Solutions Demo Day for Professional Services to include real estate professionals, attorneys, dentists, doctors, accountants, small to medium sized companies interested in harnessing the power of Linux and learning what the Linux buzz is all about!"

Major Events, July/August.
Date Event Location
July 30-August 6, . Linux Beer Hike 2000 Coniston, Lake District, UK.
August 14-17, 2000. LinuxWorld San Jose, CA, USA.
August 14-17, 2000. Usenix Security Symposium Denver, CO, USA.
Additional events, including local LUG events, can be found in the LWN Event Calendar. Event submissions should be sent to lwn@lwn.net (plain text only, please).

Web sites

Kuro5hin off the net. The news site Kuro5hin, which had been attracting an increasing number of readers with its user-selected news stream, has been forced off the net by a sustained series of denial of service attacks. Kuro5hin was an interesting place, LWN is sad to see it go. We encourage Rusty and the others to make another shot at it, and not let this sort of vandalism succeed. You are missed. (Thanks to Lenz Grimmer).

July 27, 2000



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
0verkill 0.1 A bloody action 2D deathmatch game in ASCII art.
3DSE patch for XMMS 8 3DSE support for XMMS.
a2ps 4.13 Any to PostScript filter
About Me A system for recording and sharing preferences, questionnaire answers, etc.
advanced-gtkfilesel An improved file selector widget for GTK+.
aewm 0.9.13 A minimalistic window manager for X
AFT 5.05b A simple documentation markup language for HTML/LaTeX/etc.
Aglaophone 072400 System for real-time audio processing and analysis
Alzabo Perl data modelling tool and RDBMS-OO mapper.
Angband 2.9.1 A rogue-like roleplaying game.
Apache-SSL 1.3.12+ssl_1.40 Secure Webserver (using SSLeay)
Apache::ASP 2.01 Active Server Pages port to Apache, using Perl.
Apartia Free Auction System A free auction system with mod_perl, Postgresql, and HTML::Mason.
Armed 0.1 An intrusion detection and real-life event logging tool suite.
asdf 0.5.1 Directory tree synchronization.
asmem 1.8 Memory utilization monitor for X.
asmon 0.61 Afterstep or Window Maker CPU/Load/Mem/etc Meter
Aspell .32 Intelligent Spell Checker
Audiogalaxy Satellite real-time auto resume linux file transfer agent
auto nice daemon Tool to renice jobs according to CPU usage and priority database.
Autojot 0.0.2 Makes a searchable index of everything you browse.
beancounter Perl module for stock market databasing and analysis.
BibleTime 0.3 A bible study program for KDE
Big Sister System and network monitor.
bigloo Scheme compiler
Bind 8.2.3-T6B Berkeley Internet Name Domain
BlackArts arts is a system for creating quick knowledge bases from email messages
Blender Extremely fast and versatile 3D rendering package.
BlueDrekar A protocol driver middleware for Bluetooth wireless devices.
BMConf A Linux configuration tool for the Smart Boot Manager.
bnuview 1.2 Binary file tile viewer
BoboMail 0.4 A Web mailer in Python.
BoolTool 0.3 A Boolean function tool.
Broadcast 2000a Non linear audio and video editor
Bubbling Load Monitor Applet 0.9.9 Displays system load as a bubbling liquid.
BUGS Private key algorithm and applications
CALAMAR 0.1 Accounting software for small companies.
Cannon Smash 0.4.3 3D tabletennis game
capsel 1.5.5 A Linux kernel 2.2.x security module.
CardInfo 1.2 A replacement for the cardinfo application from the pcmcia package.
CDCollectorPHP A Web-based interface to adding CDs to a database.
CDDB / CDDB_get A module to get the CDDB info for an audio CD.
cdrecord 1.9 Allows the creation of both audio and data CDs
CGI::Application 1.2 Framework for building reusable CGI web-applications in Perl
checkout 2.1 Allows checking in/out from your desk with a reason.
Chemtool X11/GTK-based chemical formula drawing program.
Colors.cgi A tool to assist Web and graphics designers in picking colors.
Common UNIX Printing System 1.1.1 Internet Printing System for UNIX
CompWork 1.1d TCL compiler.
Cons 2.1.1 A Perl-based software construction tool (i.e., make replacement).
Content Management System Perl-based Web application for sharing files.
CVS Manual Translation Project An effort to translate the CVS Manual into other languages.
Cvslogtransponat Sort a CVS log after date/comment instaed of after files.
Cyrus SASL 1.5.24 generic client/server library for SASL authentication
DACT 0.4.1 Dynamic Compression Routines
DeadFTP A Graphical FTP Client
DemoLinux 2.0 A Linux OS demonstration CD.
Devel::Modlist 0.4 A Perl extension to collect module use information.
Dial2Net 0.01Alpha A ppp menu for selecting an ISP from a list.
doxygen 1.2.0 A documentation system for C and C++
DragonFlyMail 0.8 A Webmail client.
dvipdfm Dvipdfm is a DVI to PDF translator.
Easysoft SQLEngine Provides heterogeneous access to multiple local and remote data sources.
efone 20000723 Distributed internet phone system.
eggdrop 1.4.4 IRC bot, written in C
electricsheep 0.3 Collaborative screensaver.
Email Security through Procmail Email filter to remove remote security exploits of email clients
ENBD 2.2.24 An enhanced network block device for Linux 2.2.
Environ 1.0.0 An interface for manipulating your UNIX environment variables.
EnzymeTemplates 0.6.2 EnzymeTemplates are late-binding, database-backed, and object-oriented.
EPIC 0.9.1 An ANSI-capable textmode IRC client.
EscAniA PortScanner 0.3 A simple port scanner.
etach 1.1.4 An Emacs extension for MIME email attachments.
Exim 3.16 A Message Transfer Agent for Unix systems.
Explore2fs A win32 explorer for Linux ext2 partitions.
ez-ipupdate 2.6.0 utility for updating the dynamic DNS service offered at http://www.ez-ip.net
faqprocessor.cgi Simple but powerful tool for posting FAQs on the Web.
Fast Rendering Toolkit 0.1 A fast rendering toolkit.
FCE Ultra 0.22 A portable NES/Famicon emulator.
fetchmail 5.4.4 A free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail retrieval utility.
Finance::Quote 1.01 Perl module to fetch stock quotes from American, European and Australian markets
Firestarter 0.3.1 Firewall creation/monitoring tool
fortune-fgump Some quotes from the movie Forrest Gump.
fortune-mod-russian_anecdotes 0.1 Russian Anecdotes for fortune-mod.
fortune-simpsons-chalkboard A quote collection of Bart Simpson's chalkboard-writings.
fortune-starwars A collection of mod-fortune quotes from Star Wars.
fortune-xfiles Various quotes from the X-Files TV episodes for the fortune program.
FOX Control Center 0.0.3 FOX Control Center
Freeciv 1.11.4 Implementation of Civilization II for UNIX/X released under the GPL
Freemed-YiRC Beta0.12 A PHP-based Youth in Residential Care package.
Freetype A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
FreeWRL 0.25 Free VRML browser for Linux
freshupdate 01.c Display freshmeat news in the root window
ftpcopy FTP mirror software
Funbot 2.0.0 Modular Perl bot for IRC
Fusion GS 2.0 Telnet BBS-like system.
G-Star A clone of the TI-8x calculator game D-Star.
Galeon A GNOME Web browser.
Game Boy Catalog / Launcher 0.5 An application to handle Gameboy ROMs and configure/run VGB for any of these.
gcdb 0.3 A PHP graphical frontend to a MySQL database.
GCompris 0.2.3 An educational simple game to learn the mouse and keyboard.
gdpc 2.00pre2 Visualisation tools for molecular dynamic simulations.
GeekLog 0.4.1 A PHP and MySQL weblog.
Gentry 0.1.6 GTK application for data entry into a MySQL database
gfilesplit 0.1 A simple gnome app to split and join (binary) files.
gFTP 2.07a A multithreaded ftp client for X Windows
GHX 3.55.05 GTK clone of the Hotline software
GimmeCookie Script to protect a site behind a disclaimer.
GKrellm SNMP Monitor A GKrellM plugin that lets you monitor SNMP vars.
GlobeCom Jukebox Music jukebox with integrated CDDB aware ripping and groupware functionality
GLocate 1.0 A GNOME frontend for the GNU locate utility.
gnomerar A GUI frontend to rar.
GNU Oleo Free spreadsheet application
GNU xhippo 2.3 A GTK-based playlist manager for various UNIX sound players.
GNUSearch A Perl search engine.
GOB 1.0.4 Preprocessor for building GTK+ Object
GProc-Applet 0.6.0-pre2 GNOME process manager
Grand Unified Toolkit Portable low-level C++ game development API.
GRN An NNTP client written in GTK.
gspy 0.1.2 A Gnome V4L Security Camera Application
gt:taglib A small library of flow-control tags for JSP.
GTC 0.12 Game Programming Library
Gtk Theme Switch 0.3 A GTK theme-switching utility.
GtkAda 1.2.8 Ada95 toolkit based on GTK+
GtkCanvas 0.1 Gtk Canvas Widget
GtkHx 0.7 A GTK+ Hotline client.
GtkSpell 0.2 A GtkText addon for MSWord-style spell checking.
GtkZephyr 0.3.2 A graphical client for the Zephyr Notification Service.
GTransferManager 0.4.5 GNOME frontend and more for wget
GTuxNES 0.2.0 GTK based GUI lanuncher for TuxNES emulator
hacker's calculator 1.0 A calculator for programmers.
Half-life Admin MOD 2.03 A plugin mod to Half-Life.
HASAS 1.0.0 A passive sonar signal analysis system.
Hermes 1.3.2 An optimized pixel format conversion library with other tricks
Heroes 0.5 Nibbles-like game, just better.
HLmaps A Perl/CGI script for Half-Life servers to present a list of loaded maps
Homework Reporting System A PHP/MySQL-driven educational application for Web-based homework reporting.
hotboot 0.1a A Linux hot reboot patch.
HP HOWTO 0.89 A utilisation and configuration guide of HP products under Linux.
HSX 3.34 Hotline Server clone for Unix
hypersrc 1.2.1 A GTK+ program for browsing source code.
i810/i815 TCO watchdog driver TCO watchdog Linux driver for Intel i810/i815 chipsets.
ICRADIUS 0.16 Powerful cross platform radius server
ImageMagick 5.2.2 Package for display and interactivemanipulation of images for X11
ImPress 1.1 beta WYWIWYG publishing and presentation tool
Inflex 0.1.5c In/Outbound email virus/file/text scanner.
inn 2.2.3 Complete and full-featured Usenet System
Innovation3D A 3D modeling program.
Intelligent Image Format 1.1beta9 32-bit animated, lossless image compression.
interdiff Create incremental patch from two against a common source.
Inti A C++ GUI and utility library.
Ionax 0.3 Webpage sizer.
irmctl Control daemon for non IRDA ir receivers
iVote 0.03 A Web-based visual poll/image voting system.
JabberBeans 0.8.1 Java interface for the Jabber Instant Messaging System.
Jack's FormMail.php 1.1a A PHP version of the popular FormMail.pl.
jaim 0.8 A Perl console AIM client.
JDxpc 0.0.5 dxpc, written in pure Java.
jEdit Powerful text editor
jegl 0.1.1 An Eiffel interface to SDL.
Jetty 3.0.A98 HTTP/1.1 Servlet server written in Java
JHTML A Java-based HTML editor
jinj 0.02 A Web-based pager/cell phone text information service.
JLogAn 1.01 A Java Quake3 log analyzer.
jpilot-Mail A mail plugin for jpilot.
Jungle Monkey A distributed file-sharing program.
Junkbuster Javascript Popup Patch 2.0 Junkbuster -- updated to filter Javascript popups.
k 0.8 A friendly wrapper script for kfmclient.
kaffe Complete, PersonalJava 1.1 compliant Java environment
KAM2 0.2 K Answering Machine for ISDN lines.
KAppTemplate 0.7 The KDE Application Generator.
KIllustrator 0.7.2 A vector drawing program for KDE.
KIsdnmon Monitoring tool for ISDN users.
KLevel 0.2.0 Tool for working interactively with heightfields
KMameRun 1.0.0pre1 KDE frontend for M.A.M.E.
konspire Searchable, distributed file-sharing system.
Krusader 0.60 Twin-panel file manger for KDE 2.
KSnes9x 1.9.1 KDE frontend for Snes9x
KUPS KUPS is a CUPS administrator for KDE.
KWC 0.2 A key width calculator.
KYahoo 0.2.1 KDE port of Yahoo Messenger.
larswm A tiling window manager built on 9wm.
libaudiooss 0.9.1 An OSS audio emulation on top of NAS.
libCIM A basis for an implementation of CIM (Common Information Model).
libGLOOP 0.8.1b An implicit surface rendering library for games and scientific visulization
libmng 0.9.0 The reference library for the MNG image format.
libole2 0.1.6 A library to access OLE2 streams.
libpng 1.0.8
librep 0.12.4 A lightweight, embeddable Lisp system.
libsmb Enables access to SMB shares in any C++ program under Unix
libstocks 0.3.0 A library for fetching stock quotes.
LibWeb 0.02 A vanilla Web site back-end.
libxml 2.2.1 The libXML library.
LinD&D Tools 2.5 A set of AD&D tools.
Linux FreeS/WAN 1.5 Build secure VPN's with Linux FreeS/WAN's IPSEC and IKE implementation
LinuxMagic VPN Firewall 1.1b A Firewall configuration package.
lirc 0.6.1 Linux Infra-red Remote Control
LISC 1.2.3 A lightweight Scheme interpreter in Java, with useful extensions.
Lotomatic 0.0.1 Automatically plays to a French free Internet lottery.
lpe 1.2.5 Small, fast console mode programming editor
lsh 1.0.1 GPL'd implementation of SSH.
lwmenu 1.2 An application menu for X written in TCL/Tk.
mab 1.1 A simple address book in Perl.
man-pages 1.30 The Linux manpages collection
masqidentd 1.2.1 Ident daemon for Linux systems that use IP Masquerade
mifluz 0.19 Full text indexing C++ library
Ming 0.0.2c SWF (flash) output library / PHP module
MinML A small XML parser.
Mkisofs 1.13 A premaster tool for iso9660 filesystems.
ModLogAn 0.4.5 A modular logfile analyzer.
mod_filter 1.0 Provides filtering between handlers in Apache.
mod_roaming 1.0.2 With mod_roaming you can use Apache as a Netscape Roaming Access server
mod_xslt 1.0 An XSLT Apache module.
Mount Linux Olympus 0.5 An advanced graphical administration system.
MoxQuizz 0.5.23-beta A quizbot for IRC.
MP3Organizer 0.1beta An MP3 collection manager.
mp4h 1.1.0 A macro processor for HTML documents.
mtsms.pl 0.20 A Perl script that can send sms messages through the mtnsms.com web service.
MTX program for controlling the robotic mechanism of DDS autoloaders
MultUnil 0.5.0 A script for Multilingual documentation support.
MyCodePage A page to ease the maintenance of index pages for one's programming work.
nano 0.9.13 Pico editor clone with enhancements.
NanoXML A very small XML parser for Java.
ndustrix Tools for fractal analysis of industrial markets.
Nessus 1.0.3 A free, open-sourced and easy-to-use security auditing tool
NetSaint A relatively simple active network monitor
News Clipper 1.23 Integrate dynamic information into your web page, in your own style.
neXtaw 0.9 Xaw replacement with N*XTSTEP look and feel.
Nicq A new clone of the popular ICQ messaging system for Linux.
Nightfall 0.19 Eclipsing binary star program
noffle News server optimized for low speed dial-up connections to the Internet
NukeUser Removes a user from your system, including their domains and sendmail setup.
Number Theoretic bc A fast prototyping scripting language for use in number-theoretic applications.
OBM Intranet application to help manage a company or a contact database.
Offline HTMLHelp.com Validator 0.9 An offline syntax checker for HTML and XHTML documents.
OLIGOMAP A tool for engineering restriction sites into oligonucleotides.
OpaL Repository Maintainer 0.0.17 A repository maintainence tool.
opennap 0.35 An open source Napster server.
OracleDump Dumps an Oracle database out to an SQL script.
ORBit Thin/fast CORBA ORB
Pad 1.0.3 Command-line utility to perform PAD encryption/decryption.
Panda PDF Generator 0.1 A PDF generator in the form of a C library.
PatentMailer 20-Jul-2000 Scripts for Retrieving and E-mailing Patents in PDF Format (CGI)
PaulA 0.1 Administration system for Linux.
pcwd 1.27 Berkshire Products PC Watchdog Card Linux Kernel Driver
PERL Birthday Reminder 1.0 A birthday reminder tool.
PerlBoard A threaded messageboard written in Perl.
pgpenvelope GPG/PGP5 filter for Pine
photoarchive 1.1 A personal RDBMS-backed photo archive.
PHP Cached Fast Template 1.0.1 Classes which add caching support to PHP's popular FastTemplate class.
PHP-Nuke 2.01 PHP Interactive Web Portal System
phpDistributedPortScanner 1.0pre1 Web-based distributed port scanner written in PHP.
phpMyChat 0.13.1 chat system based on PHP and MySQL
PHPoll PHP script to run polls on websites with a custom look.
phpSGVote 0.5.1 A blind and secure student voting system designed for Student Governments.
phpSybaseAdmin A hack on phpMyAdmin to allow support for Sybase.
PIDPort Shows which PIDs are binding to which ports. Can run as CGI.
PIKT 1.11.0pre2 An innovative new systems administration paradigm
PIMPPA 0.4.4 Automate binary newsgroup leeching and postprocessing.
Piranha 0.4.16-2 A high-availability clustering package for IP service failover and load-balancin
pngcrush 1.5.0 An optimizer for PNG files that can also insert or delete specified chunks.
POSIX 1003.1b clock/timer patch Kernel patch to provide POSIX 1003.1b clocks and timers
Postaci A POP3 Webmail application with multilanguage and multidomain support.
PostgreSQL Session Handler for PHP 1.0 A PostgreSQL session save handler for PHP4.
PowerDoom 0.50 A port of Doom to the PowerPak GSDK.
PowerPak 1.41 An attempt at a high-level game SDK
ProLite.pm Perl Library 0.01 A Perl Module for ProLite LED Sign Communication
Pronto! 1.2.3 A full-featured Perl/GTK+ mail client.
PScan 1.2 A limited problem scanner for 'printf' security holes in C source files.
PTlink ircd 5.3.1 New featured ircd with a great services integration
PTlink Services 2.9.2 IRC Registration Services
py-bsddb3 A Python interface to BerkeleyDB 3.0.55.
PyBiff 0.2.1 Extensible email monitor.
pynap 0 Short script to query Napster servers.
QextMDI 1.0beta3 cross-platform GUI library extending Qt with MDI functionality
Qpopper A POP3 server.
QTCUPS CUPS front-end and development library for Qt.
Quick and Dirty Packet Forwarder 1.01 A TCP packet forwarding proxy.
Quick and NASTY 0.01 Allows non root users to increase the priority of certain approved tasks
Quick Image Viewer A very small and pretty fast GDK/Imlibimage viewer
QVV 0.10 A Qt-based image viewer and browser.
recycle-logs 1.04 A log file recycling/rotation manager.
rfbproxy A VNC session record/playback program.
rh-errata 1.0.1 Red Hat Linux update package maintenance tool
rmake 2k0723 An easy-to-use replacement for makefiles including auto-dependency checking.
routeplanner Highway trip planner
Rover Search Server 1.4.4 Personal Web Server for searching many search engines and more.
ROX-Filer 0.1.25 Drag-and-drop based filemanager.
rp-pppoe 2.1 A user-mode PPPoE client.
RPM Explorer 0.0.6 Explore your computer through the RPM database.
RRDtool 1.0.25 time-series data logging and graphing
rxvt 2.6.3 A VT102 emulator for the X window system
S10sh 0.1.9 Software for the Canon S10 digital camera.
Sablotron 0.42 XSLT processor
safecat 1.3 Copies stdin to a qmail-style maildir
Saint 2.1.1 Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool
sawfish.el 1.20 Emacs mode for editing sawmill code and interacting with sawmill
scheduler 0.5 A course schedule tool.
Scout 1.3 This CGI script displays information about client's browser, host name, etc.
SCREEM 0.2.9 Site CReating & Editing EnvironMent
ScriptBasic Cross-platform BASIC scripting language.
ScriptWriter 0.2.1 A package for developing TV and movie scripts.
SDSC/GT Secure FTP 1.0b4 A Java-based secure FTP client.
Simple Mathematics Helper A simple program to help with basic math, especially Algebra.
simple network top 1.1.4 A curses-based utility that polls network hosts to determine connectivity.
Sjeng 7.3.1 A chess- and chess variants-playing program.
SkinLF 0.3 A skin "Look And Feel" for Java Swing
SML/NJ 110.29 Compiler, development environment, and libraries for Standard ML
SMS Server Tools 1.0.2 SMS send and receive tools for GSM modems.
Snort 1.6.3 Libpcap packet sniffer/logger/lightweight IDS
snortstart 0.12 a wrapper to snort that aims at install snort in a chroot jail
Sony PCG-C1XS Picturebook Camera Capture Program 0.0 Make photos/films using the camera in your SONY Vaio C1XS.
Sort-of-pronounceable-password generator A simple script that generates easy-to-remember passwords.
SoulQuotes 1.0 A package of CGI and HTML files to create a changeable Quotes Page.
Source-Navigator 4.5.1 An IDE with source code comprehension features.
Spaceball 3000 0.11 A TCL top-down networked game.
ssh 1.2.30 Remote Login Program
ssh2 2.2.0 Remote Login Program
StartUpLinux Server Slacknet Linux 7.0 An easy Internet-sharing server.
State Threads 1.0 A small library for designing scalable Internet applications.
SteelBlue 2.0b2 An HTML-embedded Web application language.
strutilsxx 0.6 Useful additional C++ string processing functions
SubNetwork Explorer 0.0.1BETA A network analyzer tool.
Sugar Adds indentation-sensitive syntax to Scheme.
SUMUS 0.2.2 A Mus card game server (and client).
SwiftMQ 1.0 A JMS enterprise messaging system.
Table Export 1.0 Tool for moving HTML table data from a browser to an application.
tabmergehtml 1.0 A tool for pre-populating HTML forms with data.
TalkBack.cgi Allows visitors to give online feedback on articles.
tcpstat 1.3pre Displays network interface statistics.
TEG 0.3.9 Yet another RISK clone.
Template A PHP3/PHP4 template system.
Terminality 1.2 (build 12) A cross-platform terminal manipulation library.
Terraform 0.7.2 Interactive digital terrain (height field) editor/viewer
TeXmacs 0.2.5-10 W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. technical text editor
Text::iPerl 0.6 Bring any document to life by embedding Perl.
the Anomy mail sanitizer 1.21 An efficient filter for sanitizing email messages.
The Nebula Device A free, portable game engine.
The PING Utility Library 1.2.1 A C library for UNIX systems software development.
TiK Tcl/Tk version of AOL Instant Messenger
timbot 1.4 A simple C++ factoid-storing IRCbot.
TinyLIB Tiny game development library
tk_Brief GUI for writing letters with LaTeX
TODD 0.6-pre3 Dynamic DNS server with a CGI frontend
ToolBot 0.3.0 An IRC bot for providing the features that IRC should've had in the first place.
TSE3 0.0.7 TSE3 is a powerful open source sequencer engine written in C++.
TWUMenu 0.98 Makes creating and maintaining mouseover menus a snap.
UdmSearch Fast WWW search engine for your site
Ultramaster RS-101 1.0 A pattern-based sequencer for Linux, with synth modules and effects.
Universe 0.13 An Open Source Master Of Orion-like game.
unmaintained 0.5 The software that drives unmaintained.sourceforge.net.
VAMP Webmail Flexible PHP-based Web mail.
VeryNice 0.5 A dynamic process re-nicing tool.
VideoLAN 0.1.99e A software MPEG2 and DVD player.
ViewCVS Tool for viewing CVS repositories using a Web browser
Virtual FTPD Virtual FTD 6.4 A super-secure FTP daemon that allows virtual users.
Virtual X68000 1.1.1 X68000 emulator
VisualPulse 1.5a Automated network latency and packet loss reporting.
VMWare 2.0.2 (Release Candidate) Allows you to run multiple x86 OSes at the same time.
vtgrab A utility for monitoring another machine's console.
WaddleSoft Message Board 1.0 A message board system with polls.
WAP Mailbox 0.1 pop3 mail reader for WAP phones.
wapstat Monitors a server and generates WML pages for WAP mobile phones.
wApua.pl A WAP WML browser written in Perl/Tk.
Watch me Work 0.1 A PHP-based project logging package.
WebCalendar 0.9.17 A multi-user PHP/MySQL-based calendar.
WebEvent Calendar WebEvent is web calendar software for your web site.
WebMacro Servlet Framework 19-07-2000 Java server-side web template engine and servletdevelopment framework
Webwatcher 0.1.4 A tool for helping to manage web content.
Wedit for Linux 0.9.2 An IDE for Linux.
WeirdX A pure Java X Window System server
WideMP3 1.0-beta1 A client-server distributed MP3 encoder.
WMixer 2.03 Neat ALSA Mixer for Window Maker with a digital on-screen display
WMND 0.0.2 Network device traffic monitoring dock app for WindowMaker
WreckedNet IRC Services 1.1.6 Channel, nick, memo, and oper services for IRC Networks
X Printing Panel 0.3 A graphical printing frontend for CUPS.
xconvers 0.5-alpha2 GTK+ client for amateur radio convers
XDBM 1.1.13 Database Manager designed specifically to hold XML data
xIrc 2.4pre1
XMail 0.57 An SMTP/POP3/popsync/finger server.
XML::OCS 0.02 Perl Module for Online Content Syndication (OCS) data.
XMLBoard Solo 1.2.0 XMLBoard alternative
xscorch 0.1.8 Annihilate enemy tanks using overpowered guns.
XShipWars 1.33h Space oriented highly graphical network game system.
xtell 2.1 Simple messaging client and server, kind of networked write
yank 0.1.4 Yet another notekeeper.
Ybos BBoards 0.9.2 Web Based Discussion Groups with administrative support.
Ybos Content Management 0.2.5 Full featured database-backed content management tool.
Zapping 0.5.2 A TV viewer program for GNOME.
Zdisk 1.71 Create a boot/rescue floppy with any kernel.
ZMailer 2.99.53 Mail transfer agent for gateways or mailservers or other large site environments

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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