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Date:   Thu, 27 Jul 2000 20:48:55 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Jean-Marc Saffroy <saffroy@enserb.fr>
To: netfilter@samba.org
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] New project based on netfilter : IP Personality

Hello folks,

The IP Personality project is a patch to 2.4 kernels that adds a new
netfilter target module, thus enabling emulation of different OSes at the
network level, so as to fool nmap's "-O" option and similar OS
fingerprinting tools. For example, a Linux box with our patch can be
configured to look like an Amiga or a Cray. :-)

If you feel like playing with it, we strongly encourage you to do so:
visit the project homepage at http://ippersonality.sourceforge.net and
download our first public release (more instructions on the website and in
the released tarball).

Please note that this is still alpha software though, and there are
certainly bugs and things that have not been implemented the Right Way, so
your comments and bug reports are gladly welcome.

If you want to help us, a mailing list is ready to receive your questions
and contributions: ippersonality-devel@lists.sourceforge.net.

Thank you for your help.

Gaël Roualland <gael.roualland@iname.com>
and Jean-Marc Saffroy <saffroy@mail.com>

Jean-Marc Saffroy -- Ingénieur Informatique ENSERB
"Speed is subsittute fo accurancy." -- Slashdot fortune