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From: "Nathan Appleton" <appleton@datapower.com>
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Subject: Press Release: LhD: Linux Hardware Database's Driver Database Contains Over 800 Drivers 
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 08:22:29 -0700

LhD: Linux Hardware Database's Driver Database Contains Over 800 Drivers

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts -- July 29, 2000 -- Linux Hardware Database (LhD)
(www.linhardware.com) announced that its Linux device driver database now
contains over 800 drivers. LhD's device driver database is the largest
single source for Linux device drivers, and the only database which links
drivers with a database of supported products. LhD's driver database
contains a comprehensive listing of both open source and commercial Linux
device drivers.

LhD's driver database makes finding drivers and supported products simple.
Using the LhD Driver Search (www.linhardware.com/driversearch.html) a user
can pull up a driver and view a list all hardware devices supported by that
driver. In addition to removing the uncertainty from determining which
hardware components are supported by a driver, LhD also links driver
information to its comprehensive Linux hardware database. LhD provides
hardware compatibility ratings, workarounds, user comments, how-to's and
resource information.

To insure that driver information is kept current, LhD has introduced
several administrative tools for driver maintainers. These tools allow
driver maintainers to keep the Linux community updated on driver information
and supported devices. Driver maintainers are encouraged to contact LhD
(lhdweb@datapower.com) to receive maintainer access.

About The Linux Hardware Database

LhD is the leading Linux hardware support resource, providing hardware
ratings, drivers, specifications, user reports, workarounds and links to
related resources. LhD provides users with a comprehensive resource for,
deciding what to buy for use under Linux, configuring existing hardware for
Linux and sharing their experiences using hardware with Linux. LhD removes
the frustration and guess-work from Linux hardware support.

For more information about The Linux Hardware Database please visit
(www.linhardware.com or e-mail lhdweb@datapower.com.