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From: "Shane O'Donnell" <shane@www.opennms.org>
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Subject: OpenNMS: OpenNMS Update v1.19
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 17:30:27 -0400

 OpenNMS Update
Vol 1., Issue 19

In this week's installment...

  - Project Status
    * New Specs Released
    * jSNMP Update
    * Coding Projects Underway
  - Bizarre Speaking Engagements
  - The Wish List

 Project Status

New Specs Released:

This is the hallmark event in what should be several successive weeks of new
programming specs. Knock wood.

This week's release is the "Service Control Manager" spec, and the 50,000
ft. view has this as the master process which starts, manages and stops
other sub-processes. It has the ability to calculate a starting/stopping
order based on process dependencies and is extensible to allow the inclusion
of user programs or other custom code. It is also extensible for use outside
of the Bluebird project altogether, but this is just a handy by-product and
is obviously not our core motivation.

This spec is available in several formats at

 - scm.doc -- Word 2000
 - scm.doc -- Word 6.0/95
 - scm.rtf -- Rich Text Format
 - scm.zip -- HTML (WinZip 7.0 format)
 - scm.tar.gz -- HTML (G-zipped TAR format)

Download early and often. This will be a great project for anyone not
wanting to do "network management" code, but with more of an eye toward
communications between multiple processes. Enjoy!

jSNMP Update:

We've received a number of bug-fixes as well as feature-enhancements from
you over the past few weeks. I've got Weave buried in plenty of new work, so
these aren't all getting applied as quickly as you might like. However, they
are getting into CVS.

So the gist is this: If you want the latest and greatest, the CVS code has
the patches applied, is downloadable, and is buildable. If you want it in a
jar file (or some other easy-to-swallow format), you're going to have to
wait a week of so. We'll follow up with a revision announcement on
Freshmeat, for those of you keeping score.

Coding Projects Underway:

 - Eventd & Event Correlation Spec -- Word from the troops is that we're
bug-fixing eventd and on the verge of completing the Correlation spec.
 - discovery/capsd -- Internal testing is complete. We are now back-filling
some of the JavaDoc entries and we should have a functional drop by late
this week/early next.
 - AWT <-> SWING Conversion -- Still in preliminary phases. Currently
working out the master schedule for delivery.
 - icmpd/Perl -- The porting team spent the weekend at DefCon and as of this
writing, were not yet sober enough to respond.

  Bizarre Speaking Engagements

Oh, for the days of simple fire-breathing...

OpenNMS made a stop at this year's DefCon conference in "Sin City", Las
Vegas, or as translated, "The City of Vegas".

For the uninitiated, this conference is a trip. A smaller, non-gambling
hotel is taken over for three days by a convention of hackers. And these
people are serious about this hacking stuff. These are the types that spend
23 hours a day trying to get into systems that they shouldn't, and 1 hour a
day dying their hair.

Judging by technical ability, this was one of the "smartest" groups you'll
ever get to talk to. We spoke on the overlapping technologies between the
network management and security disciplines, a nd had a pretty good response
(about 150 sat in on the session).

Now one must wonder, are any of those folks the same ones that hacked the
computer control for the hotel's lawn sprinkler system, causing it to go off
once every 15 minutes or so? Let's hope so.

 The Wish List

These are exciting days around here, and our efforts to expand our
development team are beginning to bear fruit.

For those of you interested in getting fruity with us, might I suggest the

 - Java/XML Middleware folks needed to help hammer out our MS-to-DP
 - Swing coders needed to convert some of the existing AWT-based code to
full-blown Swing
 - Java coders needed to implement the SCM spec (referenced at the top of
the Update)

Now I can get back to writing a little code and watching the jam-packed
thrills and spills excitement of the Republican National Convention.

NOTE: The prior paragraph does not intend to endorse any political party.
OpenNMS has absolutely no political affiliation, nor contributes to the
candidacies of any candidates.

Shane O.
Shane O'Donnell
Vote Harry Browne!  Info
at http://www.lp.org !!

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